The Aftermath For People Who Proposed And Were Turned Down

A man proposes
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Asking someone to marry you is meant to be the best thing in the world.

Two people are finally going to take that leap into the best part of their lives.

But, once and awhile the plan goes completely awry.

So what does one do when yes isn't the immediate response?

Let's find out.

Redditor jagaraujo wanted to hear about the times asking for a hand in marriage didn't go as planned:

"Men of reddit who proposed and she said no, what happened afterwards with your life?"

Sometimes not getting a yes is the worst.

Sometimes it's the best.


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"As a woman who was engaged and the proposal was later revoked, it still stings a little 11 years later. When you're sure you're with the love of your life, losing them can really pop a hole in your life plans."


Three Times

"My mother told my father no three times. On the third time he got wasted at a local bar and basically started pouring his heart out to any one who’d listen. Mind you, it’s a very small village in the Italian alps and my father barely spoke Italian and no one in the village spoke English, including my mother."

"Word got back to my mom about this sad American at the bar so she went to find him and she told him she’d marry him. My parents celebrated their 44th anniversary last month."



"She was an Art Major and I had just joined the Army. We had been lovers since high school. I asked, she said no. She wanted to get her Masters. We were friends for a while but we don’t talk anymore. She works as a bartender I think now. I ended up getting married to my best friend. We’ve been married for more than a decade and have a five year old son."


When in Peru

"Oh I have a story about this."

"My friend A had been with his girlfriend B for years, so he decided he wanted to propose. What he didn't know, is that B was also thinking about proposing to him."

"A proposed first, and B freaked out because she had already set her proposal and bought a ring, so she said no. Over the next week, B freaked out more and more, and refused to answer A's calls and messages."

"A then decided to use the money he had saved up to buy a plane ticket to Europe. What was supposed to be a 3 month trip through western Europe turned out to be a year long trip around the world."

"One day, A says that he's coming back and B decides to go and wait for him at the airport and propose to him there. It turns out that while being in Peru, A met a girl and they fell in love almost immediately, and got married in Peru."

"Cue 5 years later, A and his Peruvian wife are still happily married and recently had a baby, while B hasn't still quite forgiven herself for ruining her relationship with A."



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"I never saw her again. Less than a year later I met my wife. We've been together 15 years."


Peace out and goodbye.

Next time Wendy's...

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"My husband asked 3 times in the span of a couple months. We had dated for 3 years. He was ready, i wanted to graduate college first."

"Also: don't 'propose' by handing your SO a ring while you're both in the car on the way to Burger King. I'm low maintenance, but put some thought into it."



"We met in her home country of Germany while I was traveling. I knew I was in love. We dated long distance for a while. Me flying to Europe. Her flying to the US. I suggested marriage so we could be together. She said no a few times. I didn't press. But I was patient and not being pushy. I knew she was worth the wait."

"Then it hit her that's how we could be together. If we got married, we could live in a country together. The difficulties of being born on a different patch of dirt. A few years later, I'm still married to my best friend and living with her in Germany. Not all no's stay no. Life goes on."


25 years later

"My dad proposed to a woman who said no. My dad was a violent alcoholic and she said she couldn’t be with him unless he got clean. Took him a little while, but he did it. He wound up meeting my mom through a match maker and they’ve been married 25 years."

"If that woman never said no to him, he never would have gotten clean. It was the lowest point in his life. But it all brought him to my mom who makes him happier than ever."

"My dad talks to her sometimes. She got married to someone else and they had a son who died from a medical condition."



"Dated a woman for over two years and popped the question. First time she said 'I don’t know.' A couple months later I asked her again, she said 'Maybe.' I was pretty bent out of shape. But then I found out she was sleeping with several of my friends so I dodged a bullet there really."


"Damn dude I’m sorry about your 'friends.' Genuine sh*t bags of people to knowingly sleep with your girl. I hope you find better friends."


Happily Ever After

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"We lived together for another six years until she changed her mind and told me that I should ask again. We were engaged for over a year and got married in 1991. We are still married, have three children, and are both still very much in love."


Sometimes love is not meant to be.

What will be will be.

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