People Break Down Which Professions Hollywood Gets Completely Wrong
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More often than not, what gets us to keep tuning in to our favorite TV shows, or drawn to certain movies, is to get a glimpse into various professions which fascinate us, but which we wouldn't ever want to work ourselves.

Needless to say, there aren't many people who find the Indiana Jones films to be a remotely accurate depiction of archaeology, or that the Jurassic Park films show what paleontology is really like.

But many people tend to watch iconic procedurals like Grey's Anatomy and Law & Order under the notion that they both give an accurate depiction of the medical field and the legal world.

Only, how accurate are they?

Redditor Just_Surround_2108 was curious to learn which professions have been documented on screen without as much research as one might expect, leading them to ask:

"What profession does Hollywood get completely wrong in films and TV?"

In case you had any doubts about hacking...


"Don't nobody code that fast lol."- lmoore0621

The better question is, what does Hollywood get right?


"Just about anything medical, including deaths."

"Just about anything dealing with space."

"Just about anything dealing with natural disasters."

"Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think Hollywood really gets anything right about anything."- Xyrus2000


"Big-shot lawyers."

"Especially in big firms, it’s a lot of just endless hours in front of a desk doing doc review."

"Sincerely, someone studying to do endless hours in front of a desk doing doc review."- geeeeeetar

Season 2 Nbc GIF by Law & OrderGiphy

The irony...

"Acting."- passingshrew

For better or worse...

"Cops."- Mr_man67

Don't let them in the operating room...

"Nursing."- buhzkill

Wake Up Coffee GIF by FOX TVGiphy

Drop that baton!


"Oh my god just take a lesson or two and learn how to hold the instrument right."- soysaucemmm

Crunching those numbers... incorrectly...

Accountants. I'm sorry, but the action Thriller "The Accountant" starring Ben Aff-lack, was in no way a true representation of my job. - User Deleted

Defying all laws of motion...


"It's hilarious how they act!."- Prestigious-Order-62

back to the future 121 gigawatts GIFGiphy

At least depending on where you went to school...

"Teaching."- sarahaudley

If we're being honest, most people tune in to watch films or television shows to escape from reality, and aren't usually looking for a documentary on these professions.

Though, for anyone thinking they want to be a scientist after watching Back To The Future... you might want to really think that one over...

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