People Break Down The Professions That Were Highly Respected But Are Now A Complete Joke
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Do you ever sit back and ponder just how much the world has changed?

It's astonishing. Things we thought we'd never be able to live without are now obsolete.

Does anyone even own a cassette tape anymore?

Do we still have home landlines?

If I call 411... do people still answer? And what about all of the jobs that went along with them?

If anyone is answering at 411, now they're basically looked at as a failed telemarketer.

So many jobs that were seen as thriving and a legacy have really taken a hit.

Everything from bus drivers to pilots and waiters.

Why is society so disrespectful?

Redditor jaysmith007wanted to talk about the careers that used to be lauded that are now a big laugh.

They asked:

"What profession was once highly respected, but is now a complete joke?"

Salespeople have really taken a hit. Car dealers use to be revered, now we know they're thieves trying to fleece us. I'm exaggerating, but you know what I mean.


"The town crier."


"We actually have one where I live, he appointed himself in the early 90s and still “announces” town events while wearing a silly hat and ringing a bell. It’s kind of amazing."




"My friend's Dad was a pretty successful ad salesman for yellowpages. After no one needed phone books anymore and he cheated on his wife and had 2 divorces, and bought a purple Harley with a dragon on it, he then became a seller of funeral packages."


Bye Guys

"Milkman, now they are just everyones secret father."


"The mailman had taken over that responsibility. Now we've got the Uber Eats people doing that in the 21st century."


"Milkmen are still a thing! They just are more truckers than like the 50’s style milkman everyone thinks of. My family has a long line of milkmen (yes yes hilarious) who deliver milk commercially like to grocery stores etc. But my grandfather started out as the traditional 'delivers milk to your house type.'"


Opinions are like...

"Critic, for the most part. It used to be that to be taken seriously as a critic, you had to have some accomplishments in the field you were critiquing, to show that your opinion on the subject was worth some value. Somewhere along the way, the position devolved to 'any a**hole with an opinion is a critic.' It has fallen even further in the internet age, with 'critics' giving obviously stupid 'hot takes' just so their name can be spread out among the media."



"Teaching. They get completely crapped on by the kids and the parents."



I feel so bad for teachers. They deserve all of our support.


"Philosopher. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle. Now if someone tells you they are a philosopher you probably assume they don’t have a job and do a lot of drugs."



World Planner

"Travel agent."


"Travel agents are still worth it if you live in a non major city. They can book multiple non associated airlines on one ticket, something you can't do yourself. If you book two different airlines yourself, and the first flight is late, your second flight will be cancelled and you'll lose your money. Travel agent can just rebook you."


Zero Experience

"Chef. My dad was a chef and in his day you could have your pick of jobs. Literally walk out of a restaurant and into another by the end of the day. People respected them and allowed creative and financial freedom. Now I work as a chef and I constantly have to answer to people (managers, waitresses etc) who have absolutely 0 culinary experience."

"The pay is sh**ty, the hours are ridiculous it's about 3 decades behind in terms of workers rights. This goes double for smaller places like non-chain bars and restaurants. They know that theirs always another chef looking for a new gig and often have no problems treating chefs like absolute dogsh*t."


Fabulous Air

"Air hostess- Once the symbol of glamor now it's like a joke."


"I’ve been flying for 14 years and even in that short amount for time, I’ve seen quite a change in the level of respect. When I started it was 'oh that’s so cool' to now it’s like, 'wow that really sucks.' I still love it (most days) but yea."


Fallen Gods

"Journalist. It used to be a respected and necessary career, now, for more than one reason, it's lost almost all the respect it had."



Walter Cronkite must be turning over in his grave. We need our principled journalists now more than ever.

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