People Explain Which Professions Attract The Worst Types Of People
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To be fair, there are awful people, everywhere. But it does sometimes feel like certain careers and jobs do tend to be brimming with the dregs of humanity; or there are people with next to no humanity. As someone who worked many years in the food service industry I can attest that it seems to be overrun with morons and malicious ne'er-do-wells. And that is just management.

Redditor u/Tatumisgod1022 wanted to know about some career-wise choices by asking... Which professions have the worstpeople?

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Can you imagine having to work day in and out with evil? I've lost track of the amount of times I would've rathered gone home with an ornery customer than be saddled with some of the co-workers I had. I don't like to gossip, well that's true. And they deserve hurt feelings. Let's see who can compare notes...

hate u...

Phaedra Parks Bye Felicia GIFGiphy

Collections. I worked in IT at a collection agency. People would start out normal but after a while they would forget to turn off the crap-mode they used on the phone when dealing with other people. After a few years, they treated everyone like a deadbeat.


The Abyss...

Some of the most broken people I've ever met were mental health workers.


Can concur. There's something to Nietzsche's thoughts on staring into the Abyss. It's not easy to leave the things you see and know at the office.

Source: am a psych nurse practitioner.


The Hill

MLM marketers, or at least, those who are actually successful with MLMs.


Can confirm. My cousin does one of the beauty ones, and all I see on her facebook page is this crap. She used to be cool and fun to hang out with, then she got into the rodan fields crap and it all went down hill.



Television Evangelists.


This is the best answer. Other jobs I can think of at least one good example, even if they're in a crap organization. I can't think of any televangelist who isn't a grifting sack of crap.


Industry Issues...

miami vice ok GIFGiphy

Restaurant and bar owners usually suck. There are exceptions, I've known a couple that were cool but most of them are horrible idiots with weird God complexes. I think because most of the staff is easily replaceable and it's an industry where its easy to take advantage of people. I've just met some real crap heads working in bars.


Exactly. Especially that last one. I told you. And it's a bit disappointing that our mental health professionals aren't all decent human beings. That seems like it should be a professional requirement but alas, people are people.

In Florida...

I was a correctional officer for a year in Florida. I cannot say if this profession has the absolute worst people, but it is really bad. Maybe you could imagine what it would be like going into a locked down facility day after day, coming face to face with some of the worst people imaginable, receiving death threats on a daily basis, dodging manipulation and dealing with some of the absolute insanity that goes on. I have minor PTSD from my year there.

The energy in a place like that affects everyone there unfortunately. The officers there can sometimes take on the energy of the inmates, and some may be just as manipulative, angry, and sometimes insane as the prisoners themselves. This could be a highly subjective thing. Some prisons may be different or better.

But I honestly believe that no place like that can harbor a completely good person for long without fundamentally changing who they are. I left because I did not like what the environment was doing to me. I give my absolute full respect to the men and women who do that job as lifelong careers though. There are good people that do the job, don't get me wrong. It is just incredibly hard to keep it up in the midst of such conditions.


For the Healthy

Mental health. Some excellent people. Some I would turn and run from if I saw them on the street.


In my experience as a life-long patient (early onset schizo), nursing assistants in psychiatry are the worst. They're burnt out & bitter at best, usually just straight up cruel and give zero f*cks about patients' emotional wellbeing.

People seem to get a power trip from degrading us, especially the young ones. Constant drama and in-fighting in most institutions too from what you can overhear. They tend to scream all the time at everything. I've met a few decent ones.



I was watching some dating reality show at a friend's place and one of the girls said she can make like 100k off one Instagram post IIRC.

They may suck and not add much to society but if I could make a simple post and make more than I normally would in a year I'd be doing it.


Silicon Issues

People in tech can make so much money, at such a young age, with so little education and certification, that it naturally attracts some of the worst peeps you've ever wanted to strangle with a mouse cord. The egos are in the stratosphere but the social skills can be down somewhere in the Mariana Trench.



Oscars Hollywood GIF by The Academy AwardsGiphy

Apparently showbiz.


And also the industry is so cutthroat even the ones at the bottom have to be so competitive it bleeds into their personality to a fault.


Wicked Witches

As a receptionist, I have to say it — receptionists. I have met so many countless vapid, witchy, disrespectful, downright awful receptionists, especially medical receptionists. Every single day I do my best to be the complete opposite of that. Yes, there are definitely aspects of the job that can make you feel bitter as hell, but in the end, it's a matter of choosing kindness.



Every nurse I've ever met has been either a total sweetheart or an overgrown high school bully.


I work at a university that offers a degree in nursing. We basically get three types - Great people, good at their studies, will be good at the job. Bullies who will pass and go on to be no nonsense harda** nurses which are sometimes needed, and then the people who should not finish the degree but probably will because getting it right 50% of the time is good enough.


Woof Prople

Dog training. I always wanted to work with animals. Had a few jobs working at training facilities that promoted using great methods, said all the right things. Saw some horrific things happen behind the scenes when the customers left their loved pets in their care.

Quit after my conscience got the better of me and I couldn't live with the burden of the sheer amount of stress it caused knowing I was complicit in working with those people. They can have a beautiful boarding facility, say all the right things, but you really never know what happens to your pet when you leave them there.



military looney tunes GIFGiphy

Private Security/Military Contractors. Some of those companies are top tier on the level, but more than a few are filled with guys who couldn't hack it in the military/police force but still want to carry guns and tell people what to do.



I've never worked in hospitality but know a lot of people who do/used to. They rarely have anything nice to say about managers in hospitality.


I think being a manager in hospitality is often a position you kind of "fail into." You start out in the hospitality industry when you're young, you're good at it, it pays the bills alright, but you don't really grow as a person or have any goals.

Next thing you know, you realize you're kind of too old to have the job you have forever, but you don't really have any skills outside of the hospitality industry, so you move on up to management. Not because "hospitality management" was ever a goal of yours, or that you have a passion for that sort of thing, it's just that that working in hospitality is all you know and you don't want to wait tables/work the front desk/whatever anymore.


10:1 Grillers



Chefs are either arrogant d**kheads or awesome people, there's basically no in between.

Used to deliver to restaurants, I had the morons that would tell me they're too busy to sign an invoice, the morons that would open up canned crab products and then send it back after opening it (you ordered canned crab you freaking idiot, what did you expect).

The d**kheads who would expect me to maneuver 400 pounds of product around the line where like 7 people were prepping, to get to the walk in upstairs, the idiots who would yell at me if something they "ordered" wasn't in the order, even though it wasn't on the invoice.

Then there were the guys who had like 8 pans and a griddletop going, would come over to check the freshness of everything personally, give me a bite of whatever they were making and cold water and then jump back in without missing a beat and just be basically chill as hell.

The buttheads outnumbered the cool ones like 10:1.


Land Looking Karens


Realtors are a bunch of backstabbing Karens.


A good realtor is worth their weight in gold though. It just has a fairly low bar for entry, and the financial upside if you're decent at it is huge, so it attracts a lot of garbage people.


LSAT Hate!

I took the LSAT twice, preparing to get into patent law.

Then two patent lawyers from a big firm in Detroit did a meet/greet at our school. Complete self-absorbed narcissistic d***hebags. I remained a software engineer and am glad I did. That culture would have made me regret having been born.


Don't be Snotty...

I'm a programmer myself but I have to say software design. Not everyone in the profession is like this at all, but there are a lot of people who are really snotty about...

  • your university alma mater
  • relative inexperience with programming or a particular language
  • their knowledge about comp sci and/or programming.

Computer Science is really not always that welcoming a field, unfortunately. That probably goes double or triple if you're a """feeemale""" and either get creeped on or have to deal with resentment when you know more than the nerds.


Oh Hollywood, the land of dreams and sorrow, and home to some of the lowest of the low. But what are we gonna do? I guess we can just try to be our best selves and hope it spreads. Although I'm sure a few people have a thing or two to preach about me. Oh well.

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