Some things in life are not meant for everybody.

That is totally fine.

But somethings just feel like a representation of the worst of a person in their design.

We may be taking it personally, but maybe not.

Redditor egirlfoodie wanted to compare notes on what specific things are designed for the less than admirable. They asked:

"What is a product made for a**holes?"

So Smooth

Silence Of The Lambs Skin GIF by Death Wish CoffeeGiphy

"Preparation H."


"Why don’t you just call it operation butt cream?"



"Aftermarket headlights that blind all the other drivers."


"People were b**ching about retrofit HID 20 years ago, and retrofit Halogen 20 years before that. The 'aren't designed' problem really disappeared with the advent of HID, as they all are properly masked for a high intensity point source."

"The problem, really, is the kind of people who do DIY conversions tend to be the kind of people who don't bother to adjust them, and too many inspections tend to skip verifying headlight adjustment. (In 30+ years of getting probably north of 100 inspections in a half dozen states, I've only seen them checked once -- and that was in an initial inspection on a custom vehicle to get a VIN issued)."


Oh Calvin

"Those truck decals of Calvin peeing on something."


"That's also technically illegal, because they don't have the rights to do that. Watterson didn't give any permission for his Calvin and Hobbes comics to be used as merch."


"Exactly. It spreads the idea that he would, so people think Calvin is evil or something. Grr..."


For when you go...

Toilet Paper Poop GIF by Paper PooGiphy

"Survey says! 'Toilet Paper!'"


"That explains the hoarding when covid started!"


TP is the lifesaver. That's why people hoard it.

Money Waste

Earth Nft GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsGiphy

"NFT's. You can't convince me otherwise."


"I’ve tried to understand it many times and all I get out of it is 'what? I’m paying money for nothing?'"


Dirty Roll

"Kits that enable coal-rolling."


"Modern diesel trucks produce less particulates than comparable gasoline engines thanks to new technology. Nitrogen oxide output has been reduced by upwards of 95% and 90% for particulate emissions."

"The problem is the chugnuts who tamper with the filters and modify engines to dump sooty emissions. Coal roller clowns make up a very small number of diesel owners. The vast majority of us value a well running clean work truck and consider diesels that have been tampered with to be ruined."


Sounds Fun?



"I was once waiting in line at the pharmacy and the clerk was giving a partially deaf older man a clear bag with suppositories in it and explaining loudly 'Remember, you have to take the plastic shell off before you use it.' You know if they have to tell everyone, multiple people have made that painful mistake."


Any other colors?

GIF by Late Night with Seth MeyersGiphy

"White dodge pickups apparently. They are statistically more likely to be involved in road rage incidents."


Bad Apparel

"Any store bought MMA apparel. Extra if it happens to be the Affliction brand. Never known a guy to wear Affliction and not be a total tool bag."


"I haven’t seen that as much as I used to. Maybe it’s just that it went out of style. Or it could be that a lot of the people who dressed like that had their clothes taken away by the state, and replaced with orange jumpsuits."


"salt life"

"Salt Life sticker."


"It’s just a fashion brand primarily for fishing enthusiast correct? Why do you think it’s worse than having a sticker for a surfing brand like billabong or skating brand like Vans?"


"Every time I see a car with that sticker I uncontrollably start yelling 'salt life' in the most d**chey way possible. It's just so cringe."



exhaust fail GIF by America's Funniest Home VideosGiphy

"Loud exhausts, can hear them crappin' from a mile away."


Craps Everywhere

"EXLAX. Back in college 2 guys on our dorm floor took two larger built girls out for dinner at one of the most expensive places around WVU. Guys snuck out and left them owing a huge bill. A couple of weeks later the girls cane to our dorm and had a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for them. ALL made of Exlax. Thank goodness the guys did not share as one of them laid in the floor of the bathroom for about 12 hours or so crying from the pain and embarrassment of crapping all over himself."


Drink Water

"My controversial take: Starbucks! The vast majority of Starbucks are in competition with local coffee shops which act as genuine community centers. For MOST (not all) people that choose to go to such Starbucks instead of the local shop, there is no legitimate reason why."



"Incredibly loud speakers."


"As someone who was into car audio for 10 years I can provide some context for you, for why some people like incredibly loud speakers."

"Most of those people aren’t a**holes at all, and don’t intend to bother anyone else with their hobby. It’s just an unintended consequence. For these people their happy place is when the music is so loud and bass hitting so hard you can’t hear your own thoughts. It’s like what Dominic said about drag racing. For those ten seconds you’re free. But apply that to loud bass."


Blown Away

"I was going to say a**hole shaped chocolates but those are from pictures of a**holes. But everyone else already has given the good answered so I'll give two people don't think about, leaf blowers and snow blowers. People love just pushing leaves and snow off their yards/driveways and onto either the road or their neighbors property. Yes I know it makes dealing with yard work take less time but people are assholes and love just making a mess that ends up becoming their neighbors problem."


How Meta

Shouting The Goldbergs GIF by ABC NetworkGiphy

"Alpha males course. You know the guy that do podcasts tell you to buy to become an alpha."


Well that quite an eclectic list. So many options, in so many ways...

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