During the first day of his Senate impeachment trial, President Donald Trump tweeted from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, imploring people back in the U.S. to:


It turns out, many people have and, unfortunately for Trump, it doesn't do much to help him.

Most who had read the "transcripts" (actually a summary memoranda) released by the White House knew they were incriminating.

Several people even pointed out the sections in which Trump appears to be pressuring Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden.

Those transcripts are literally the first reason President Trump is being impeached.

It seems unclear whether or not many of Trump's supporters have actually read the transcripts, however.

But, for the President's critics, reading them again serves as a reminder to keep on as we've been doing.

While we're making strange demands of each other, there are a few other things American citizens would love for you to do, Mr. President.

Sometimes, it feels like President Trump is trying to convince us we're insane and he's the only person we can trust.

For once, President Trump and his critics seem to agree: everyone should read the transcripts.

The amount of frivolous personal complaints seems to have hit new levels.

Whether it's complaints from co-workers or customers, nonsense is nonsense. The things I've heard people complain about in the workplace boggles my mind.

"Your smile isn't bright enough."

"I didn't feel appreciated."

"The color of your shirt is too loud."

"Your name is offensive."

Redditor InfiniteCalendar1 wanted to hear about some of the drama that's been thrown people's way, so they asked:

"What is the most ridiculous thing someone has filed a complaint against you or someone you know about?"
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Photo by That's Her Business on Unsplash

Death is coming for all of us.

I hate that fact about life, so I do my best to ignore it. But I know it's there. So every once in a while I can't help but wonder about it.

My biggest hope is the end is quick and painless, but some warning would be nice, so I have time to do a few things.

I often ponder what that list of "things" would entail if I was given a warning.

And what if that ending was coming fast? How do you sufficiently spend a few hours wrapping up a life?

Redditor Valleygawd wanted to hear about how we would spend those final, precious moments by asking:

"You have 24 hours left alive, what do you do for your last day on earth?"
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You never really know the people you meet.

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Humans can connect with everything.

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