Preposterous Conspiracy Theories That Were Eventually Proven Right


At the time, these ideas and theories are way too 'out there'. The facts don't exactly line up, and it's tough to believe the people who always cry foul when most of the time, they turn out to be a wrong. A real 'boy who cries Wolf' stigma attaches to a lot of conspiracies.

But, now and then, one of those wild conspiracy theories actually turns out to be true. And when they do, it' rocks everyone's world.

Below are 25 conspiracy theories that actually were proven to be true. Check them out. A source to even more can be found on the last page.

In the 70s, Scientologists infiltrated the government with a goal of destroying documents that made them look bad.

They were able to cause the largest government infiltration in American history. In all, 136 agencies, organizations and foreign embassies were infiltrated and hundreds of documents destroyed.

Submitted by: B_U_F_U

The CIA actually DID introduce crack cocaine to the ghettos. Jeremy Renner recently starred in a movie about the journalist who was discredited for breaking the story.

Submitted by: Sirgeeeo

John Lennon's assertion that the US government was spying on him and tapping his phone lines.

Years after his death, the Freedom of Information revealed that he was completely correct. Nixon was afraid of his political influence, and was looking for any reason to deport him.

Submitted by: Scrappy_Larue

Harry Dexter White, the (now) obscure US treasury official largely responsible for the activities that set up the IMF, World Bank, and pegging the world's currencies to the U.S. dollar, was accused of being a Soviet spy during the McCarthy era.

It was a sensational hearing; the treasury wonk, who had just ushered in a new era of US economic domination, was extremely popular at the time... and the accusations were extremely silly sounding.

For instance, a plumber by the same name (Harry White) was brought up to the stand to claim that a large slavic man in a literal fur hat had shown up at his door with two crates of vodka and cigars, winked conspiratorially, and thanked him for his service ... and that an incensed Harry Dexter White had later called the plumber on the phone to demand that he bring him the misdelivered Russian bribe.

White showed up to the hearing, delivered a retort filled with the indignation of a righteous man, and immediately died of a rage-induced heart attack on the train ride home. It was long decried as one of the most ridiculous excesses of the McCarthy era.

Submitted by: badass_panda

MK ULTRA happened.

Gerald Ford and the congress actually took action against the CIA after MK ULTRA came out in the wash. They created standards that intelligence services and doctors have to follow. The only reason there werent charges filed against anyone is that the files were destroyed by the head of the CIA himself he then resigned. Heads would have rolled but the director destroyed all the records. He testified as such before congress. What Im trying to say here is that the president and congress had the American peoples best interest in mind, the CIA didnt. The senate didnt know about it at all and the president knew very little as well.

Submitted by: TropoMJ

I remember first hearing about PRISM on Coast to coast AM, which is a popular late night talk radio show famous for conspiracies, ghosts, ghouls, and spirits.


William Randolph Hearst published propaganda throughout all of his publications and even went as far as making "Reefer Madness" which he claimed to be fact based. One of his publications said that "Negros and Mexicans are smoking a new drug "marijuana" and it makes them abuse white women". 

This was all because he owned major newspaper publications when hemp was making it self a name all over due to it being easier and cheaper to grow and process. Hemp was used in everything from homes (hempcrete, which insulates a home much better than fiberglass) to clothing and where it became an issue for him was when they tried to convert from paper to hemp paper; rather than converting his printing press and paper processing machinery, he printed propaganda to convince everyone marijuana was evil.

Submitted by: Nathan_Mediocre

Fixing of the 1919 World Series aka the Black Sox Scandal:

On October 9, 1919, the Cincinnati Reds defeated the heavily favored Chicago White Sox 10-5 to clinch an unlikely World Series win. Rumors of a fix had swirled around the championship matchup before the first pitch was ever thrown, and in the months after the upset, it came to light that gamblers had paid several White Sox players to intentionally lose games. Eight so-called Black Sox—including the great Shoeless Joe Jackson—were later put on trial for conspiracy and banned from baseball for life.

Submitted by: b8le

London traders were gaming the LIBOR rate, which basically meant they were manipulating the overall health of the economy for personal gain. This one directly affected almost everyone in this thread personally. The LIBOR rate is often used as a stand in on adjustable rate contracts.

Submitted by: IlluminatusUIUC

I remember as a kid probably 15-20 years ago hearing about how the CIA was involved in overthrowing the democratically elected prime minister of Iran because of oil. A few years ago it was confirmed.

Submitted by: iamaspacepizza

USA possessing an atomic bomb was considered just USA propaganda prior to its first use, to the extent that the Japan government did not believe the US threats.

Submitted by: ainosunshine

Pharma companies selling knowingly unsafe hemophilia medication, which caused hundreds of people to contract HIV. They discovered that it was unsafe so they remedied it, but continued to sell the unsafe product in Latin America and Asia.

Submitted by: MrDurden93

US military leaders devised a plan to kill innocent people and put the blame on Cuba.

It's said that the only human casualties would be people getting beat up by CIA thugs. Other aspects of the plan were to stage hijackings in the US, have an unmanned plane go down and pin it on the Cubans, have an unmanned boat blow up etc. The plan was also rejected by the JFK administration.

Submitted by: DerJagger

The CIA funded the Dalai Lama a six figure salary in the 60's during Tibetan resistance. The declassified government department read,

"The purpose of the program … is to keep the political concept of an autonomous Tibet alive within Tibet and among foreign nations, principally India, and to build a capability for resistance against possible political developments inside Communist China."

Submitted by: cjrun

It's easy to forget it now, but at the time Watergate was considered very much a fringe theory. During the summer of 1972, the Washington Post really was just about the only place that was covering it, until Walter Cronkite got involved in October and news started to spread. From Benjamin Bradlee, editor of the Post at the time:

You had a lot of Cuban or Spanish-speaking guys in masks and rubber gloves, with walkie-talkies, arrested in the Democratic National Committee Headquarters at 2 in the morning. What the hell were they in there for? What were they doing? The follow-up story was based primarily on their arraignment in court, and it was based on information given our police reporter, Al Lewis, by the cops, showing them an address book that one of the burglars had in his pocket, and in the address book was the name 'Hunt,' H-u-n-t, and the phone number was the White House phone number, which Al Lewis and every reporter worth his salt knew. And when, the next day, Woodward—this is probably Sunday or maybe Monday, because the burglary was Saturday morning early—called the number and asked to speak to Mr. Hunt, and the operator said, 'Well, he's not here now; he's over at' such-and-such a place, gave him another number, and Woodward called him up, and Hunt answered the phone, and Woodward said, 'We want to know why your name was in the address book of the Watergate burglars.' And there is this long, deathly hush, and Hunt said, 'Oh my God!' and hung up. So you had the White House. You have Hunt saying 'Oh my God!' At a later arraignment, one of the guys whispered to a judge. The judge said, 'What do you do?' and Woodward overheard the words 'CIA.' So if your interest isn't whetted by this time, you're not a journalist.

Tell me that doesn't sound like a whackadoo conspiracy theory.

(Keep in mind, of course, that Nixon was reelected in November by a landslide, months after the first rumblings of what would become the Watergate story had been reported.)

Submitted by: Portarossa

Mass-surveillance of private citizens before Snowden was considered tin hattery.

Submitted by: Munninnu

The Katyn Massacre of 1940, in which over 20,000 Polish military officials were mass murdered, was originally pinned on the Nazis but was actually Stalin's doing. It wasn't officially stated until 2010 but Gorbachev admitted to it in 1990. 

Submitted by: Weegemeister

In his later years, Ernest Hemmingway was convinced that the FBI was spying on him because of his connections to Cuba. People just chalked it up to depression-induced paranoia. Hemingway eventually killed himself. Years later, it comes to light that the FBI really DID have an open file on him and that their surveilance on him may have been what drove him to suicide.

Submitted by: KittyCatOmaniac

Operation Gladio had all the markings of a great conspiracy theory.

It started as a joint NATO-CIA operation after WWII to set up resistance networks (terror cells) throughout most countries in Europe that could activate in the event of a Soviet invasion and begin training guerilla forces to resist or impede such an invasion.

However, at some point it was decided that these plan was too reactionary. They didn't want these cells to sit idle planning for the failure of the European blockade, so they moved into using something called The Strategy of Tension

It was around the time of adopting this strategy that the whole thing turned into a total shit show.

Using a freemason lodge (which was also implicated in a conspiracy around the supposed assassination of Pope John Paul I) named Propaganda Due as their headquarters, a deep state with crypto-fascist and fervent anti-communist mentality run by Italian politicians, industrialists, financiers, and CIA operatives took root.

And what good is a secret government if you don't have a secret army that's been funded and trained by NATO and the CIA?

Eventually these networks began to utilize the strategy of tension by carrying out bombing and assassination attempts throughout Italy for the better part of 30 odd years killing hundreds of people.

All of these attacks were blamed on communists even though they were carried out by the CIA / NATO operatives.

Submitted by: Just_us_trees_here

Sinead O'Connor called out the church abusing children and she got so much backlash and it was even worse because it was dealing with the sensitive topic of religion.

You shouldve see the shock when it was proven right years later.

Submitted by: marvelers

The involuntary/forced sterilization of up to 70,000 Native American women in the 1970's by the government.

Submitted by: Heackature

The American drug scheduling system, the basis for the international drug war, has almost nothing to do with the danger of an individual drug and EVERYTHING to do with what race/creed of people tend to do them.

Nixon was recorded saying that marijuana was made schedule 1 to persecute hippies, as was heroin more severely punished to persecute the black community. He's also on tape saying that abortion should be allowed only in the event of abuse, or when one of the parents is black and the other is white.

Submitted by: Flail_of_the_Lord

Russian Apartment Buildings almost definitely orchestrated and were how Putin got to power.

This was addressed on a Frontline episode. There was actually another attack that was identified and stopped by someone before it exploded in another apartment complex. It was all explosives that were traced back to the military. It was all a false flag where blame was placed on the Chechyans rebels and portrayed Putin as "tough on terrorists", which got him "elected."

Submitted by: Bioman2222

CIA admitted in Congressional Hearings to infiltrating and influencing all media and news organizations.

AKA Propaganda.

Submitted by: yeaokbb

One of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time is often not recognized as having been one; The Holocaust.

The whole world was a Holocaust denier until there was no denying it. I mean, until there was incontrovertible proof to be seen, people generally thought that the events that had been rumored were isolated events that were an unavoidable consequence of war. There was also a prevailing sense of distrust in the media due to fabricated reports of mass murder during WWI.

This link has some great information about the spread of information through the world at the time. If you use the arrow at the top to navigate to previous reading, it discusses the subject more.

A very good article about early efforts to raise awareness of the Holocaust.

Submitted by: kalanthepimp


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