People Who've Had A Premonition About Something Terrible And It Actually Came True Share Their Story


Am i a witch?

We all have those witchy abilities. We try to ignore them, but we're all in tune. Those who listen aren't heretics, just smart. The Universe speaks to us and sends us red flags and warnings but most of the time we chose to ignore them.

How many of us knew something "off" was about to occur, but we choose to ignore it. Now hopefully.... we live to regret that, but if we don't start paying attention we may not always be so lucky.

Redditor u/TheLivingBubba wanted to know who amongst us has the power or the inkling to feel trouble brewing by asking.... People who had a premonition that something terrible was going to occur and then it actually happened what is the story?

Hot Flashes....


When I was in University there was about 6 months where I would suddenly get really hot, feel nauseous, and then have the most intense deja vu of my life. I'd just look around and know that it was all the same as before and everything was repeating.

I actually went to my doctor and he suggested it could be seizures. He said we could do a brain scan, but the problem was that if they found something they probably couldn't do anything, but forever after if I needed medical insurance or whatever that one scan with a possible abnormality would haunt me.

I decided not to do anything and it went away, haven't had it for over a decade.

It was a strange few months though. I really hoped I was become psychic or untethered in time or something.WannieTheSane

 just vague feelings....

I don't really get specific premonitions, just vague feelings. But my mom does.

When she was younger, maybe 15 or 16, her best friend was moving out of their neighborhood. They ended up stealing the street sign for the street they lived on as a going away present for the friend.

When the friend was packing the last of the stuff in the car, along with the sign, my mom got a bad feeling and told my friend to move the sign and anything else important out of the trunk or it would get destroyed.

My mom's friend didn't think it was a big deal but still moved the sign and a few other things into the back seat with her. Then she was on her way.

A couple hours later, my mom got a call from the friend saying that on the way to their new house, someone had rear-ended their car so badly that everything in the trunk was completely destroyed. She was baffled at how my mom knew but my mom said it was just a premonition.

Things like that and predicting peoples deaths happened several times too. Like when she was a kid, she would wake up in the middle of the night and see a relative of hers and (little fuzzy on the details here, sorry) see or hear them say good bye. So when she'd get up in the morning, she'd ask her mom if they died that night. Every time it happened, she was right. zzaannsebar

Weird, right?

This has happened to me several times. I see visions of things happening, sometimes when I'm awake, sometimes I dream them. They are almost always ordinary things like I saw a woman and man I didn't know come to our office. I saw them enter the door and comment about the ridiculously loud bell. The woman was slender, blonde, in her late 50's with a man about the same age wearing khaki pants and a tee shirt. The woman was bringing a chocolate pie for my boss. Weird, right?

A few weeks later that exact couple entered the office, turns out they are friends of my boss and brought the pie to thank him for something. Exactly what I saw is what happened from when they entered the office until I took the pie from her hands to place it in the freezer.

Although most visions are ordinary, I have had some foreknowledge events that are more extra-ordinary. A few years ago I was meeting with a client from out of town. As we said our goodbyes, he said "We'll see you in the spring." And I suddenly knew he would die and I would never see him again. A few weeks later we learned he was diagnosed with cancer and he passed pretty quickly.

One more - years and years ago I got a call on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was around 10 a.m and as soon as the phone rang I knew my friend was dead. He died in a drunk driving accident the night before.

These experiences are just part of my daily life. I don't pay a lot of attention to them or look too deeply into it. I consider it a kind of gift. Maxwyfe

The End. 


Nothing too exciting but I thought I'd share this anyway.

So, I was with a friend in a car he'd hired for work stuff, he wanted to have it cleaned before he returned it to the agency, so we headed for a car wash at the supermarket. Just as we we were pulling in I had flashes of a scene from one of the latter day Final Destination films where the convoluted death trap is a car wash.

I thought nothing of it, just a random thing my brain decided to flash at me. Seconds later the rear window is DESTROYED because the brushes came in too fast. Luckily nobody was sat on the back seat, though some paperwork got soaked. So yeah, guess that scene coming to mind wasn't so random. mrhelmand

Sister Intuition. 

I was walking home from school one afternoon. It was a perfectly normal day, but as I entered my neighborhood, a sense of dread washed over me. My heart was pounding out of my skull until I reached my house. In front of it were several police officers and my sobbing mother. My sister had been in an accident and was expected to die. She survived. garlicanchovies

The Shakes. 

Not that terrible, but I had a late night cramming session for a mid-term, and left my tablet on the arm of the armchair before going up the stairs to bed. I stopped dead in the middle though, thought "Hey I should push that tablet down on the seat, it's new, what if there's an earthquake and it falls down and breaks?" Did that and went to sleep.

There was an earthquake about an hour later. galactilicious

Roll of the Dice... 

I once watched as my buddy gambled a bunch of money away. He had already lost a couple grand that night and we begged him to just walk away and take the loss. He said, nah one more bet. He put a bunch of bets on the roulette table like, black, the 2nd and 3rd column, both greens and various black numbers, a bet which was around a total of 1000. The ball spun around the wheel and we all watched, and as it was spinning, I turned to my other buddy and said, "watch it's going to land on red 34 or something."

A few seconds later it landed on red 34. We were shocked, not only because my buddy had lost so much money, but I had precisely predicted the losing number. Just thinking about if he had placed it all on that number. Don't worry he's doing well for himself financially and hasn't been back to the casino since. scroogemcdaffy

"Chester's dead."

Got a call late one night from my friend (I'll call her A) several states away. I had given her my pet bird before we moved (a year or 2 earlier) because my parents said we could only take the family dog. I answer the phone and she's crying, I say "A, what's wrong?" She cried and quietly said "Chester's dead." Then it was silent. I lay there for what seemed like forever trying to determine if that was a dream, too afraid to move my hand for fear it was real. Finally moved it and felt a wave of relief. Fell back asleep.

The next day, I got a phone call from A. I answered, she was crying. And I knew. But I still asked, "A, what's wrong?" She said it the exact same way. It was awful. My parents were freaked out too because I had told them about my nightmare before she called that day. We never really talked about it though.

This was 15 years ago and it still lingers over me. I've had a couple other dreams about people dying that came true but in the dream I couldn't figure out who it was. I wouldn't wish this for anyone. It's terrifying. shmegana

As a kid....


As a kid, I woke up early (?) and happened to look outside my window. The sun was rising and the colors were so very beautiful and everything was so quiet. I never wake up early, and I felt that there was some sort of peace. It felt as though something was going to happen. I remember asking God if was trying to tell me something.

It was an apology. My mother died in a horrific traffic accident two days later. Raaqua

In the Cards. 

I used to read tarot cards and did one for my boyfriend. I got a configuration that I interpreted at the time that he would die in a display of strength. I kind of always took it as a playful thing and didn't tell him since it seemed silly to voice such a grave interpretation. Three days later we were in an armed robbery and he jumped the man that put a gun to my head and was shot three times in the chest, once in the head. 0tterpop

Inches to Live....

I am 6 years older than my younger brother. When I was 16, I woke up in the middle of the night distraught. I had had a dream that my brother passed way that was so vivid that my mother had to physically take me to his room to prove he was okay.

In my dream my brother had been ran over by a car and died instantly.

The next morning my mother was exhausted from calming me down the night before. She get into her car and starts to back out of the driveway. She stated, that she thought of my dream and decided to stop the car and check on my brother before leaving for work. When she got out of the car she found that my brother had wiped out on his bike, and his head was inches from her rear tire. He was positioned in a way that she was unable to see him in the mirrors. MindlessRooster

Final Destination. 

This wasn't me, but my cousin.

For my sister's graduation, our whole moms side of the family were visiting from several states away. We were staying at a cabin and the second to last night there my cousin had a nightmare that everything was on fire. She was about 10 and almost never had nightmares, so this was very uncharacteristic for her.

The next night, My grandmother was in a tizzy about possibly missing her flight the next day (We were in a very small area; missing a flight was not really a risk). But, my cousin joined the fuss and it turned into such a hullabaloo that they whole family ended up leaving at 9pm to head back into town.

That night, at 1am lightning struck the propane tank along the outside of the cabin and created a massive explosion. The cabin was obliterated in seconds and burned for hours. The small town fire department—made up entirely of volunteers—didn't manage to put the fire out until about 8am. That was when we originally planned to leave.

If we had left in the morning like we planned, every single one of us would have died. opellegr

Hug More. 

I was 13, it was the last day of the school year and the last day at my school. Me and my best friend were walking home together as we normally did, but we were walking really slowly because we were going to different schools in September, so we wanted to make the most of it. We made it to his house, and we said goodbye. He was going to his dad's house the next day for a week, but we were going to meet up when he got back.

He went inside his house and I just had this really strong feeling that I should go back and hug him. It was weird because we didn't really hug. I stopped walking, turned around and started walking back to his house, but then decided that I was just being crazy and I'd see him in a week anyway. I just had a really horrible feeling that something bad was going to happen. The next day, I was watching the local news, and they said that there had been a car accident.

I felt sick, it happened in an area that he'd have to travel through to get to his dad's house, but I just wrote it off as coincidence. The next day, I was watching the news again, and they said that there had been a fatal car accident. Him, his Dad and his brother had all died. That was 12 years ago, and not hugging him has got to be one of my biggest regrets. daisybubs

Even my body knew it. 


I woke up one morning feeling the most intense sense of dread I've ever experienced. It was the wildest iteration of deja vu and it was palpable. I knew something bad was going to happen, just knew it. Even my body knew it. I was sweating profusely, my hands were tingling, I was gagging and moaning and the world was just flat out damn ending.

20 minutes later, I had my first grand mal seizure. Turns out my "premonition" was a smaller seizure called a focal awareness seizure and it was ramping up to something much, much larger. Marzipanland

Like Family. 

One random, crazy night at exactly midnight I got a strong smell of cocoa butter lotion. I was confused as to why I was smelling it, but it stayed in my room for a few hours then went away.

The next day we got a call from our neighbors daughter to inform us that our neighbor passed away that night at exactly midnight. She LOVED Cocoa Butter lotion and always smelled of it. She and her husband was like a third set of grandparents to me.

Freaked me out a little bit, especially since I smelled it again that night, stuck around for a couple hours until I got super scared and lashed out and told "her" that she was scaring me. The smell went away within 5 minutes. Endulos

The Latchkey Kids....

I was a latchkey kid and I got off the bus to walk home. Everything seemed so quiet in my neighborhood and I had this sense of dread walking home.

Well when I got home I went to check on my Dog because she had recently had puppies about a week ago.

I found she had accidentally tangled herself on her leash trying to get away from her puppies and she hung herself.

Haven't had a dog since. Well besides the puppies but we gave them away. ballwrinkles

Death's Door. 

One night I was driving home, and all of a sudden had the terrible thought "(My Best Friend)'s Gramma died." We were both very close to our Grammas, because we were both raised by them. It was one of the things we bonded over.

Sure enough a few minutes later, my phone rings."That's (best friend) calling to tell me that her grandma died."

I picked it up and... it was her, calling to tell me her grandma died. It wasn't an expected death, it was a freak accident. EmzadiWithYou

Colleague Chat. 

My father had been seriously ill in hospital. Bowel cancer. I went to work one day, and speaking to a colleague told her "my father died last night." As soon as I said it I thought "why the hell did I say that, he's very much not dead." But, having said it, I thought I couldn't take it back, so I moved the conversation on. About an hour later my manager asks to see me in his office, where he tells me my mother had just called to say my father had died. Still have no idea why I told my colleague that in advance. mozgw4

The Farewell....


Woke up during the night out of breath, feeling like my heart missed a beat. Got a call from the hospital next morning that my grandma had passed away. Heart stopped when she slept. HymnShark

She Spooky....


My daughter came into the room with me and said dad isn't breathing. I'm her dad and I was like the hell are you talking about. Next morning at work found out my coworker had passed away and his daughter found him at that time. She said the same thing to her mom when my daughter was in the room with me. Chitownsly


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