People Predict Which Practices Will Likely Become Obsolete In The Next Decade
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The world changes so quickly. Technology advancing, social and political landscapes shifting, climate and evolutionary changes impact our way of life and sometimes only in a matter of a few years.

Sometimes those advancements and changes are for the better. We can see the way the world is making our lives easier to live.

At the same time, we could also see the passing phases take a huge hit on our societies.

We went to Ask Reddit to find out what parts of the world we know today our future generations wont even know existed.

Redditor thatCuriousSelectron asked:

"What will be obsolete in 10-15 years?"

There's so many ways this could go.

Poor kids, they'll never know the joy.

"Some public schools have begun to send class assignments to students through the internet."

"Snow Days are no longer with us."

- Sweet-Self-117

"As a teacher I hate this. Kids need unstructured time, and snow days are a fun surprise that provide this."

- Workacct1999

"I grew up in California. I went through my entire time in school without one day where something unexpectedly required our school to close. My senior year of high school we finished our finals a week ahead of the rest of the school because of graduation. That meant that I did not have to go to school but my younger Brother and Sister did. I was still in bed when my Brother came busting into my room at 10am with the biggest sh*t eating grin on his face. I asked him why he was home and he responded through his smile 'power outage.'"

- aguy21

"I grew up in California and had exactly 1 snow day: 1/25/99. We had maaaaaaybe 1 inch of snow and it was gone by lunch, but the entire city (and I think most of the southern Central Valley) shut down for the day. It was wondrous!"

- Imaginary_Train_8056

"Hah, I grew up in the Canadian prairies. 'Snow Day' just means I gotta help mom dig the car out before leaving for school. I was truly shocked (and jealous) the first time I heard that some regions cancel school if it snows."

- ObiWansTinderAccount

This one we are hoping for.

"Hopefully printers that don't need an advanced degree to get working."

- sugaratc

"You funny, funny person. The only thing more certain than death is that printers continue to get more frustrating to use."

- Darnitol1

"Still waiting for a printer that don't need to move the paper so much, why cant it take a flat paper and just print, really need all these wheels and rollers."

- OldMork

Getting older is hard.

"My knees."

- ParadoxFall

"And my back..."

- legitusername1995

"My hair line."

- Haych_TM

Crypto will go, but for some reason we still fax?

"The other 99% of trash crypto currencies and ICOs. I also want to say fax machines but...I'm sure someone will still use them."

- itisee899

"Law offices and insurance companies will likely be the holdouts. Even though "digital fax" is a thing some just refuse."

- LiftsEatsSleeps

"The medical field loves them too."

- Jamileem

"The other 99% of trash crypto currencies and ICOs."

"This is why I can't invest in crypto. I don't know what will still be around in 5 or 10 years time. At least with blue chip companies and S&P 500 funds, I know my money is safe for a while. As boring as it may sound."

- guruj0sh

"What most people don't realize is that stocks are becoming as volatile as crypto because the wealthiest elite treat it all like their own personal playground using wealth that doesn't exist."

- knightopusdei


"NFTs, they're like digital Beanie Babies."

- kkehoe5

"What the f*ck even is an NFT? I've tried googling it but strangely I haven't actually found any useful information."

- deadPanSoup

"Imagine you are buying 'ownership' of a digital thing like a picture. So you 'own' it. It doesn't stop anyone from accessing it or anything because you have no real control, but you get your name in a special book that says its 'yours.'"

- Hickspy

"ELI5 version: remember buying naming rights to a star? Same thing only a star actually exists in reality."

- SsurebreC

"More importantly: it is a money sink that rich people use to avoid paying taxes, much like fine art."

"If you have ever wondered why painting that could be done purely by throwing a jar of jam at them are sold for millions, that's why."


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Data limits have got to stop.

"Limited data plans for phones. I remember when minutes and texting costed money, I think data is gonna be next to go. Its ridiculous to have limits."

- guywhoclimbs

"I was listening to a song yesterday with the lyrics 'I'm completely out of daytime minutes, so I guess I'll have to wait a lot until 8 o'clock comes around,' in reference to cell phones."

"That seems so antiquated, but it was only about 20 years ago! Also bizarre to remember when text messages were limited, somewhat expensive, and pretty much text only!"

- 8dogsinatrenchcoat

Smart phones.

"Every single phone that's gonna come out in the next 5 years."

- bayygel

"iPhone 6 user here. Works great still."

- SnarlyCactus74

"Yet my 7 has had damaged hardware from the start."

- LegendYT0

They grow up so fast.

"Babies. They all will have evolved into larger and more devastating teenagers who can feed themselves."

- comicmuse1982

"At that point they'll be able to feed themselves and self-replicate. What will we do?"

- cyclicalbeats

"That is so wholesome and dangerous at the same time."

- AffectionateTomato76

The fact that we still use stickers is pretty wild.

"Vehicle registration stickers."

- xotaylorj

"I'm in the UK where we had a similar system where we would have to display our 'tax disc' on the vehicle. we did away with it in favor of an online system linked to the cars number plate, so no need to display the tax disc and you can pay for it all online, saving you the hassle of going to apply for it in person. its much better. you can also pay for it much more flexibly now - instead of paying one big fee every 6 months/1 year, you can set up a monthly direct debit."

- heinzbumbeans

"Careful now with that forward thinking.... That's how the craziness starts. First no stickers, then a fully online system, then the DMV becomes obsolete. WHAT WILL THE 3 PEOPLE WHO WORK AT THE DMV DO???"

- IntrepidHuntress

Automation will take over.

"A lot of minimum wage jobs."

- megadave902

"And a lot of people currently in minimum wage jobs. Maybe not quite 15 years, but we're only a few decades away from most humans not having any skills which can't be performed by automation. When most people are unemployable, the economy is going to either implode or have to be completely reformed."

- MachineSchooling

"They said similar decades ago 'all the secretaries will be unemployed' and before that telephonists."

- grandmabc

Can someone invent this?

"Manual Flossing. Please."

- Dark_Instinct

"A device that looks like a mouth guard that brushes, flosses, and water picks your teeth would be amazing. It would need to be calibrated to x-rays of your teeth somehow so its not cutting your mouth to pieces."

- SinisterMeatball

"And while we're at it. A device that replaces my shower: a ring of high pressure water jets power washes me and my clothes from all directions as it moves from top to bottom. Then a second ring of warm air blowers, like at the car wash, dry me as they move top to bottom right behind the first ring."

"No time to shower and change? Just hop in the deathtrap and it will wash and dry you with your clothes on in 30 seconds."

- steveholt480

"The amount of energy it would take to dry a sopping-wet you and clothing that quickly would almost certainly result in severe burns for you. So I wouldn't sell your washing machine just yet."

"(Source: I use a very powerful blower to dry out my Samoyed after bathing her and that process takes a solid hour)."

- BeowulfShaeffer

Cable has been replaced by streaming.

"Cable television."

- ecosystems

"I think it might go full circle, already kinda happening with bundling, Hulu+ Disney Plus+ ESPN packages. they will all separate realize they are losing general base who might have stumbled across one of their shows if someone was just scrolling through."

"The amount of money spent on advertising reminding people where their favorite show is located is going end up costing more. eventually they'll all conglomerate again and same ol' circle."

"But I do realize people enjoy their freedom of choice so who knows."

- Dazzling-Adeptness11

Food delivery drivers.

"Food delivery jobs. Self driving robots are probably going to replace delivery drivers."


"Not just food but probably all types of delivery. Amazon will probably get to that point first and try to monopolize it somehow… Jeffreyyyy Jeffrey Bezoooos."

- Mishvibes

"Maybe the robots will get more use, but delivery drivers are still going to be a thing for more than 15 years."

- ImShrektacular

"15 years does seem optimistic but it's hard to say with technology. I mean the little robots that travel on sidewalks and do delivery seem incredibly feasible to be deployed at a larger scale in 15 years."

- MasterKongQiu

"They already had coffee delivery drones in use in a town in Australia years ago."

- merlinious0

We might not be too far from this reality.

"Truck drivers too. This is gonna be a huge paradigm shift."

- The_Clarence

For better or worse, some of these things may change in the next ten years. Make sure to write down your predictions so later you can say, "I told you so!"

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