Practical Jokers Reveal The Things They'd Do To Illicit The Biggest Cringes

It's a very hostile pastime. In fact, nobody will like you. We can confirm that as fact. But still, it's fun to think of all the creative ways you could easily make somebody's hair stand on end.

Redditor Berniceta came searching for ideas:

You're a cringe terrorist. Your goal is to make people cringe as much as possible. How do you do it?

And ideas they found.

Brony Status

Walk into a crowded area and say "WHAT'S UP EVERYPONY" through a megaphone.

Basically Torture

Everyone has to work on group projects with their exes.

Teeth Lightning

Chew on aluminum foil.


I'd go around giving people really sh-tty gifts and say "I put a lot of thought into this, I want to watch you open it so I can see your reaction!"


Have someone grab a microphone and give a speech while constantly referencing Reddit and its memes. You'll cringe yourselves inside out

Nobody Likes You

I would go into a crowded game stop and yell "lets hear it for the 90s gamers!!!"

The Fake Tan Makes It

I take my 40 something self to Gold's Gym wearing a too tight underarmor shirt and overpriced brightly colored gear. Chat up girls half my age while sucking in my noticeable gut "man, you hear the latest from rapper xyz?" Finds ways to work "that's how I roll" into conversation multiple times. Keep glancing at phone explaining I need to be available for very important job that makes a lot of money. Do all this loudly in front of crowed gym audience. Maybe backwards baseball hat and fake tan would help. That should do it.


Ask every woman I see, "when are you due?"

That Word

Play with your bellybutton openly on a crowded bus, while exclaiming how "moist" it is.

Too Personal: An Email

Hey Janet! It was really nice meeting you the other day, I'm looking forward to working next to you for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately I won't be in tomorrow, I'm getting a second opinion from another urologist about why I'm always getting UTIs and my pee smells like cooked fish. Hopefully this one can figure it out. See you on Monday!

Oh. Oh my.

Respond to all texts with asterisk roleplay scenarios.

*slowly extends hand towards you'res

umm...I was just...

*hesitates, but continues

I just...

All Of These Involve A Mic

Become a public speaker at a large event via bulls*ing requirements. A college or a tradeshow or a political rally or something. Lots of people, and the mic is yours.

Sing the Pokemon theme song, in Japanese, poorly. Have your SO/ex-wife come up onto the stage and berate you for wasting everyone's time. Ignore her as you continue the song.

Run Like A Creeper

Play K-Pop from my phone speaker and run around with my arms behind my back.

Best option for visibility to make sure everyone in the area notices me, and the speed boost from my running stance will allow me to cover as much ground as possible.

Just Tell This Story

When I was 16, I met my 6th grade crush again after a very long time.I later stalked her on Facebook and sent her a friend request and she accepted it. While we were chatting on Facebook, I wanted to brag about something to impress her but I didn't have any braggable qualities in me. So I thought and thought and told her I had hyperhidrosis. She asked what it meant. I told her I sweat excessively. She said " oh..." And that's it. That's the last time we talked. Both on online and irl.

I still cringe every night thinking about it.

I didn't even have hyperhidrosis. I was just fat and used to run out of breath easily.

Old Viral Videos

Go to a public place and shout do the harlem shake and starting flailing around while every stares at me in disgust

Stealing Jokes

First i would ask you for your best joke. Then i would proceed to tell everyone your best joke.

Guy In Your MFA

Go to a coffee shop, take out a 12-inch ultrabook and plug in a full-sized mechanical keyboard (Cherry MX blue switches) and begin to pen my magnum opus. For added cringe, nod to self every couple of sentences and take a loud sip of my obnoxiously complicated coffee.

W. H. Y.

  • Grow a mullet, shave it to a rat tail
  • Wear a fedora a trenchcoat crew socks and sandalls with a wolf tshirt
  • Tell people about chem trails, lizard people, flat earth
  • Also tell them grueling detailed stories about getting friendzoned despite my high intellect and wonderful minecraft server
  • Ask random middle aged women to take pictures with me while I hover hand anyone willing to say yes
  • Try to convince anyone who shows any sign of faith that god isnt real and that I'm a true atheist
  • Talk with kids in front of their parents about minecraft and playgrounds
  • Drink maple syrup from the bottle in public
  • Clear out a jar of mayonaisse, fill with pudding, eat in public

Leave The Mailman Alone

Try to make out with women on the first date

Say "you too" when waiters say enjoy your meal

Tell the mailman I like his shorts and want to buy a pair

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