People Break Down Which Popular TV Shows They Just Couldn't Get Into
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It's astounding to think that only less than thirty years ago there were only a few of television shows to watch at any given time.

Cable is still not that old. Many people still remember a time when there were only a handful of channels.

Now there are too many to count. It's obscene. But we have options. Can you imagine disliking most of the shows on TV with only handful of channels?

You'd have to like... read a book. The stress of it all.

What I do find funny today, in the midst of a thousand shows, there is still a lot of crap. And for some reason so much of that crap is lauded and heralded as genius.

I'll never understand what makes some entertainment popular. And I'm not alone.

RedditorStevie-Availwanted to discuss some television entertainment some of us tried to love, they asked:

"What TV show did you try really hard to get into but you just couldn't do it?"

Bridgerton. What in the holy HOT MESS is that? "I BURN for you?!" Did no one else laugh out loud? I mean... really?

Meredith and her issues...

Greys Anatomy Help GIFGiphy

"Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t believe it’s gone on for 18 or whatever seasons." ~ BratS94

"A lot of us who watch it have watched it since childhood and are now stuck because we want to know how it ends." ~ spazzy_jazzy_

Dude was weak...

"Iron fist I'm not sure about this but I could not get into the second season." ~ dogethememedog

"Iron Fist was by far the weakest Netflix/Marvel show. I liked the side characters in Iron Fist more than the main characters, and they weren't great either." ~ as_a_fake

"Bro Iron Fist was so underdone. In the comics he'd plow through legions of Hydra. Put down multiple enemies in a single blow and send them flying."

"Dude pulled out the Dragons heart with his bare hands to become the Iron Fist. Daredevil gave him his mask and outfit so he could 'take over' allowing Murdoch a small break/reprieve. Also fought Shang Chi to a tie. In the Netflix adaptation he's stuck brawling with a single thug heaps of the time and the fight scenes were like dances. Dude was weak." ~ xVOYEVODA

Fast Peak

"Heroes. I made it to season 3 but the show got away from itself. Sad that it peaked in season 1." ~ pokemamorytrainer

"Series 2 inadvertently had the best character death I've seen in anything, because the writer's strike meant they had no way to write around it. "

"Peter takes his girlfriend to what is a dystopian future. He then gets separated from her and travels back in time. Then people in the present solve the problem which means that the dystopian future his girlfriend is stuck in no longer exists. Explain that one to her parents." ~ Kimantha_Allerdings

I tried...

"The Man in the High Castle. I thought the premise was intriguing, but it lost me after awhile. I even tried to restart it, nope again." ~ RepresentativeNo2187

"I actually really liked this show but that’s a great call. The whole time it just felt like it had so much more potential to be great. There were definitely times in the show where it felt lost. Been wanting to do a rewatch for months but haven’t been able to do it." ~ MattMcK2419

Walk Away

Stephen Amell Arrow GIFGiphy

"Arrow. At some point it got all weird, like out of sync and I’d think I missed episodes and these random new characters acting like they’d been in it for ages. It did my head in I had to walk away." ~ miss_winky

That Arrow guy is hot though! That alone keeps people coming back for more. Heroes, yeah, they lost me too.

Plot Mess

Unimpressed Viola Davis GIFGiphy

"How to get away with Murder. Started out so well and then just got confusing. It's like it's trying too hard to keep going, when will it end?? Definitely didn't need to be as long as it is." ~ ambitious-failure

Too Silly

"Once Upon a Time. I just couldn’t care about any of the characters. I should like it as I read fantasy books and I was a huge Grimm/Andersen Fan besides. But nah." ~ Imraith-Nimphais

"It worked OK until they started introducing full on Disney characters, then I was like 'OK this is too silly.' They made some genuinely interesting decisions like making Peter Pan a bad guy, but at a certain point they jumped the shark totally." ~ Signature_Sea

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Fear Nothing

"Fear the Walking Dead. The husband was the exact same character from the mist TV series (which also sucked). None of the characters were likeable and for a zombie apocalypse it was sure boring." ~ Island_Maximum

"The moment they killed the husband is when the show lost me. I also found out that everyone in the family (except for the daughter) dies off and I just thought… why should I care anymore? Why care for anything when the show decides to rip it all away?" ~ MintEclair

Be Quiet

"The Voice, American Idol, other talent show-style shows. I don't like the idea of listening to ten minutes of fair to middling singers with a couple really good ones in the mix followed by another ten minutes of ads. If I want to listen to music, I have YouTube. If I wanted to listen to live music, I'd just go to a concert."

"Also, I don't really care for (nation)'s Got Talent. I mean, the first few episodes of a season are okay because you get to see a range of acts, but it seems to always be the musicians who win. Personally, I don't think they should allow people who are just singers on the show."

"Like, if they sing while slacklining or breathing fire or something, that's cool- or even if they just play a funky instrument or an unusual kind of music. But if all they do is stand still on the stage, maybe play a guitar, and over-sing Hallelujah there's other shows for that. It irks me." ~ Gongaloon


Jenny Mccarthy No GIF by The Masked SingerGiphy

"The Masked Singer. Everytime I watched I would fall asleep." ~ titan_odyssey

'run faster'

"The flash on CW it's boring and slow." ~ Kakebaker95

"Seriously, the fact that the Flash gets laid out by any given villain of the week without any of them having speed powers is not only hilariously bad, but also painfully predictable. Especially when the solution is 'run faster' every single time." ~ PunkandCannonballer

Try 99

"The 100 , I tried I really did but I just couldn't get into it, also kept googling the main character's name cuz I thought there's no way she's not related to Reese Witherspoon." ~ Namjoonie94

"I love/hate this show. It constantly switches it’s direction, which is intentional. Each season there’s some apocalyptic problem that must be solved. It’s cheesy, and the acting is just average. But there’s something about it that keeps me watching." ~ Sierra-117-

"Damn! The show hooked me for 3 seasons and then I couldn't even bother anymore. They kept putting in copy and pasted character archetypes which often felt forced and frustrating." ~ Kipawa

Too Much Drama

"Suits. It got boring at season 4 and I don't know why. Just thought it maybe focused too much on the drama, instead of the work problems that were what actually got me in the show at the start." ~ HotChilliWithButter

"Every episode was exactly the same. On no we can't win this case, we're gonna lose the firm... no wait here comes Mike with another Hail Mary." ~ Richie217


jeffrey dean morgan twd GIF by The Walking DeadGiphy

"The Walking Dead. How far can a show about killing zombies go? No matter where the plot with the lead characters goes, they are still trying not to become zombies while killing zombies. IT'S JUST A FREAKING SNOOZE FEST." ~ DEVILDORIGHT

Damn Jack

"24. I really like the concept and the genre, but you know that 'Name a character that's suffered more than [X]' meme? To me, it's Jack Bauer. Every time. I personally couldn't commit to NINE seasons of one man's cycle of tragedy."

"Edit: Wow, this really blew up bigger than I thought a little reply like mine would. Wasn't sure if people remembered 24 these days. Good reads and discussions all around. Cheers, friends." ~ TheRoseMaestro

Classic Jenji...

"Orange is the New Black. Lost interest during the whole prison riot season." ~ BigNinja96

"That is classic Jenji Kohan. First 3 seasons of Weeds and OITNB were AWESOME but then it gets so insane it loses all of the original point. i.e. Weeds starts with a mom who loses her husband and sells weed to get by, fast forward and she is married to a Mexican President Drug Lord who smuggles women through underground tunnels. lol" ~ CaptainCorpse666


"My girlfriend and I actually really started to get in to Outlander. Then it basically turned into soft core porn. Never actually felt ripped off by a tv show before, but with Ronald D. Moore, both of us being big Star Trek and BSG fans, and Bear McCreary doing the sound track, we honestly really tried to though this one out. But we just wanted more story and fewer unneccesary sex scenes. I honestly never thought I'd ever say that either, but it's true." ~ ipulloffmygstring


"The Netflix Marvel shows. I absolutely loved Daredevil, it's a literal masterpiece. But for some reason I just could NOT get into Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, or (due to not seeing the others) The Defenders. The first seasons of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are good, but it wasn't enough for me to keep watching." ~ _bluefish

More Unnatural

supernatural yes GIFGiphy

"Supernatural, first few seasons were seriously great, then it started repeating itself with more ridiculous stuff and when there is like 15 seasons or something, I had to pull the plug :D." ~ Dziugasas777

Love Fail

"90 Day Fiancé. I watched most of an early season and was intrigued by the show, but when the next season started I just couldn't do it. I despise most of the people on the show and I feel dirty watching it. (My sister loves the show so I catch bits and pieces of it when she's watching it.) It just feels wrong watching someone's very dysfunctional relationship for entertainment." ~ biancanevenc

There is a boring plethora of these competition shows. And some of them have to go. Enough already. But anything with Viola Davis is genius, so you take HTGAWM back.

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