People Explain How The Popular Kid From School's Life Fell Apart In Literal Seconds


Life isn't fair. It cares nothing for your status, your popularity, or what you had planned. Our time on this earth, as many have noted before me, is not guaranteed, nor is it bound to follow the linear path we'd like (or have been told to follow).

Sometimes something sudden happens that changes lives irrevocably, as we were reminded after Redditor _Bader_ asked the online community, "When did the popular kid's life fall apart in a few seconds?"

Warning: Some sensitive material ahead.


Unfortunately a cheerleader from my school had a 4 wheeling accident that left her in an almost vegetative state. Through years and years of hard work on her part, she's been able to gain a little more independence. However she'll never be exactly the same as she was before the accident. It's really sad and crazy how quickly your life can change from an accident.


"Drugs suck."

The captain of the football time underwent surgery his senior year. I was 13 on the middle school team. His younger brother and I were very close so I was around him a lot, so I looked up to him like an older brother. He drove me to early practices, was very smart, dated a pretty cheerleader, not a mean bone in his body, he had it all. For a 13 year old, he was my hero.

After his surgery he got hooked on painkillers. He went from painkillers to heroin. He was arrested multiple times for theft and drug possession. This went on for years, I would always ask my friend from middle school how he was doing. It never got better, he died last year. Drugs suck. I miss my hero.


"Sorry Jay."

He was an only child, and his dad had died when he was 2. Was really happy go lucky, and he was popular because he was outgoing, supportive, warm and kind to everybody without fail, and although he was friends with the kind of kids who bullied people, he was the first person to tell them to knock that sh!t off if he saw it.

When we were 16, his mum, who was one of the nicest ladies I ever met in our small town, was crushed to death by a semi-trailer that drifted into her lane.

He dropped out of school, he stopped talking to anybody, and he refused to let anyone visit him. I have no idea what became of him. Sorry Jay. I hope your life got better.


"He started..."

He started doing heavy drugs and fist fought the vice principal. Parents kicked him out at 18.

Haven't heard much since.


"Three popular kids..."

Three popular kids went swimming in a quarry. Only two came out.

It sucks because the one that died was popular for all the right reasons. He was a genuinely good dude. I was the weird kid, but his locker was right next to mine and he was friendly every single day to every single person.


"He was loved by everyone..."

My brother was the popular kid in school. He was loved by everyone, and most of the people I graduated with know him but since we have different last names didn't know we were related until I told them. He started pills in high school, then coke, then heroin. In and out of jail, forced into rehab instead of serving jail time. Lived in our moms basement until he was 30. He finally moved out but my parents pay his rent. He's a year sober now though.


"This guy I used to hang out with..."

This guy I used to hang out with in elementary school was pretty overweight but I'd had the biggest crush on him.

I lost track of him a for a few years but I high school he came back and had lost all the weight. He was pretty athletic and was generally well liked. I didn't talk to him but the guy seemed decent.

I guess he liked driving like an idiot, the year after he graduated he wrapped his car around a pole. They had to use the jaws of life to pull him out of his car but it was too late, he'd died on impact.

There had been multiple reports that night of people calling the cops to complain about his reckless driving around town.

I just remember that chubby little boy I used to spend recess with everyday.


"He got made fun of..."

He got made fun of because he wanted to wait to have sex with his new girlfriend (popular girl) so he caved and did it. Teen pregnancy.


"When he..."

When he hit and killed a state trooper on the freeway while the trooper was out of his car trying to remove debris from the road.


"She was a bully..."

Got hit by a car. Went from bully to paraplegic. She was a bully, nothing good to say about her, but that is a rough end.


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