People Explain Which Things Wouldn't Be As Popular If It Wasn't For The United States
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If you've traveled much before the pandemic restricted tourism, you might find American influences are abundant on almost every continent.

We all know Mickey. As in, Disney's infamous cartoon mouse. He is instantly recognizable as a universal emissary of goodwill originating from the shores of Southern California in the USA.

What about the other Mickey? You know, Mickey D's? The Golden Arches pretty much dominate most parts of the globe and much of the world's population has had a Big Mac–the flavor of America.

And although many might argue hamburgers originated in Hamburg, Germany, the popular meat sandwich is almost always associated with America.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg (lettuce).

There are tons of other things that are instantly perceived as unmistakably American.

Curious to hear examples of this, Redditor bigbeantheory asked:

"What wouldn’t be nearly as popular if it wasn’t for the US?"

How Americans do things is sooo U.S. of A.

Major Discounts

"Black Friday. It’s a worldwide thing now even though only the US has Thanksgiving the day before."

– MochaUnicorn369

Preferred Method Of Measurement

"Using inch to measure TV size."

– EnvyGhost

Go Steady With Me

"Proms... in other countries some schools host proms just because they see it on TV."

– RedpilledChris

I Got Your Location


"The American military gave away one of the coolest technologies to the world. No service fees, no subscriptions. Imagine if Meta or Apple had invented it."

– shingogogo

You might find these items indicating we're definitely in 'Murica.

Our Plastic Chalice Of Choice

"Red solo cups."

– wocketywack

"I have friends who've been abroad who have seen them for sale. They don't call them 'solo' cups as Solo is a brand. They call them 'American party cups' and a lot of the ones sold are meant to be reused."

– OneEyedOneHorned

It's For Your Stomach, Not Your Inbox

"Spam in northeast-asia, especially South Korea"

"American soldiers ate it during the Korea war and it gained popularity to the point that it's a common food for both Koreans, Japanese, and some Chinese cultures such as Shanghainese."

– Front_Tomorrow

Quintessential Soda


– destro23

Many American Households Rely On This

"Propane and propane accessories."

– eternalspark79

The aesthetic and style are unmistakably American.

Doesn't Get Any More Rock N' Roll Than These

"Fender guitars​."

– Realeron

"Hendrix with a Fender playing the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock? That's the most American thing that has ever been done."

– Fuzzy-Rocker

Love For Denim

"Blue jeans."

– WolfThick

"Denim originated in France, but the metal rivets (from Jacob Davis) and blue colour (he and Levi Strauss decided on it based on flowers on Nevada) were actually American."

"Edit: Wow this blew up. Corrections from replies: jeans originated in Italy, in Genova, while denim first came from France. And I’ve been told that blue was used before America caught on. It’s also important to note Strauss and Davis, and many others who influenced American styling of denim, were immigrants."

– 621extra

Music Styles

"Hip hop."

– Try_to

"Jazz too."

– puella_

The Glitz And Glamour


– SuvenPan

"Stars and celebrities: what do they know? Do they know things? Let's find out."

– jakehosnerf

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