People Explain Which Popular Foods They Think Are Revolting


I'm gonna vomit!

Food is an essential part of life. We eat to live, not vice versa. So it's okay not to love every calorie. Some foods are just atrocious. That is truth. There are delicacies that people swear by that many of us just turn away in disgust when seen. When Rachel Ray whips up something... we feel obligated to love it, but it's okay to just say, no thank you. Whatever aversion you have is your's... and it's ok. Your stomach will thank you later.

A Redditor wanted everyone to gather and discuss the foods that apparently should make us all salivate but secretly make us search for a toilet by asking..... What popular food do you find disgusting?

body shock....


Literally any candy with mint. Yes, my breath may be better, but every other part of my body is not. CorvalBelle

I'm guessing you're not a fan of mint chocolate chip ice-cream. :( Reddit

The Grape. 

Anything with artificial grape flavoring or grape juice from concentrate listed on the label. Not only do those things make the food taste like the devil's anus but they also give me migraines. Wine and real grapes are fine though. gothiclg

A lot of artificial fruit flavorings are nasty. Fake cherry (reminds me of children's Tylenol), fake watermelon, and fake lemon are also vile.

Also, I don't care if banana flavoring is actually based on an extinct variety of banana. It's still gross. SmoreOfBabylon

The Not Great Pumpkin.... 

Anything pumpkin/pumpkin flavored. Not for me thanks.

Edit to clarify: I don't like the taste of anything pumpkiny, the artificial flavor or the real thing. Tequila__Sunrise

Pumpkin has a mild flavor - like squash.

Now PUMPKIN SPICE?? Different story. BurstEDO

Good for Nothing....



No, you don't have a recipe for delicious eggplant, you have a recipe for trying to hide egg plant and it fails.

Worst part is, it's pretty much nutritionally void. Crappy tasting vegetable w/o the benefits of eating a vegetable. Doomdoomkittydoom

I just Whine. 

Wine. Everyone seems to love wine. I hate it. It all tastes the same to me. I hate it when it's dry, but sweet wine is too sickeningly sweet.

I do make an exception for champagne and Prosecco, though. itsamamaluigi

wasted grapes.....

Raisins are wasted grapes. They could've been eaten when they were plump and juicy, or turned into delicious wine, but instead were neglected until they shriveled into little turds of disgustingness. They cause me irrational rage because they appear in oatmeal cookies when I don't want them there.

Edit: THANK YOU, anonymous Redditor, for popping my gold grape. That's right, I'm so devoted to grapes, I didn't want to say, "cherry." aero_nerdette



Mayonnaise. CarolinaOakTree

Forget mayonnaise. I had lice when I was a kid and after having mayo in my hair for four hours it forever ruined my desire to ever eat that nasty crap again. Fauxtrok

No Rubber. 

Peas. They're horrible, squeaky and taste like I'm eating rubber. And my grandparents used to force me to eat them lol. thelordofhell34

They're not supposed to be rubbery, they're supposed to kind of pop when you bite into them. samtrano

And I'm Greek!


Feta cheese - and I'm Greek. I never thought of it as popular, but it's on every menu. A pub near me: steak skewers- with melted feta! Watermelon salad - topped with feta! Artichoke dip - with feta! Enough. And it's smell is the worst. Vino_is_keeno2


Olive oil is nice. Actual olives are one of the worst things I have ever tasted! Green_Ouroborus

I'm a pretty tolerable person with food. I like most things and experimenting with new dishes of different culture and if I don't like it I can suck it up and finish it and just know not to have it next time.

Then there's olives. Having say one accidentally in a salad or hidden under other toppings on a pizza or something has a best case of me noticing before its late, spitting it out with possible hurling, or worst case, throwing up. Just something about it is so incredibly vile to me. piiees

No Mary!


Bloody Mary's are everything I don't want in a drink - spicy, overly acidic, and salty. They also usually have celery in them, which I hate. Not to mention they're basically heartburn in a glass. thurn_und_taxis

​In France?

In France? Snails. I guess that's gross everywhere else but I get a crap ton of criticism for saying it's gross and stupid to eat cause everybody only eats it for the garlic sauce that goes with it. JUST EAT THE SAUCE WITHOUT THE SLORPY WET RUBBER BALL. llilandril

 Still can't stand it.

Technically a drink, but coffee. I've tried it in various forms, ranging from black to "this crap is loaded down with sugar and is no way healthy for you." Still can't stand it.

Oddly though, I do like the smell of it. Just can't stand the taste.

Edit: Guys, I really appreciate the suggestions on different variations to try, but no thank you. I've tried enough to say I've made a solid attempt and am leaving it at that. I have no fervent wish to learn to like it. MadamNerd

gross me out....

I hate sweet potatoes. I think I'm pretty close alone in that.

I love potatoes, hell I love a lot of veggies and tubers but goddamn sweet potatoes are foul to me. GottIstTot

I seriously loathe them. Anything that 'should not' be sweet, and yet it is.... gross me out.

Sweet pickles Sweet meat Sweet potatoes.

And so on. My brain finds them unacceptable. Firstbornkern

Bad Crunch.


Celery. Crunchy, stringy, bitter. Just gross. And no adding peanut butter and raisins does not make it better. TheEvilDog88


In the Philippines? Balut or Duck Fetus which is served directly from the egg. It is popular enough for most of my family to eat it but I will never try it just because it's literally again, duck fetus.

EDIT: Since this became my most upvoted comment in Reddit and people actually telling me what it is like, I feel like I should it myself! WRecker1234



Fennel is so gross! Many rude surprises with sausage until I decided to just not eat it anymore. Ruins food. twincakesable

Dead Mouth. 

Kale is one of the most disgusting things I've put in my mouth. cantinaband03

I thought kale was only popular because it's healthy though, not due to taste. GottIstTot


Coconut water. I love coconut and coconut milk, and I wanted to like coconut water since it's supposed to be healthful. But it's just. SO. BAD. My best description for it is that it tastes like the vomit of someone who only had water in their stomach. I can't imagine drinking it regularly and not throwing up.

Also IPAs, Heineken, and green olives. Daxter87

Just No!


Cilantro. Yes, I'm one of those people. No, you won't convince me otherwise by insisting how delicious it is. bodegas

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