Police Officers Share The Creepiest Thing They’ve Found During A House Search.

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"Cops of Reddit. What's the creepiest thing you've found during a house search?"

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1/15. My brother and his partner were called to do a wellness check on someone with a terminal illness. So they get to the house, knock, and get no response.

They entered the house but didn't find him there. However, they found a stairway leading down to a basement. In there, they found a vast number of sex toys, ropes, harnesses, etc. There was also a stage with a bed on it, and a video camera on a tripod focused on it. He had stumbled upon this guy's sex dungeon.

The guy ended up being alive, but was visiting someone out of town and didn't notify any of his family.


2/15. A dead guy. But not just your average dead guy. This guy died on his couch, surrounded by no less than 1500 Miller Lite cans. Plus, he had no friends or family. None. He was retired and his electric bill was auto deducted from his checking account. He died, on his couch, and no one realized it for 5 months. When we found him, the top (front really, because he was on his back) was completely skeletonized. But the bottom (or back, against the couch) was still meaty and rotting. The half skeleton was kinda creepy. But its really creepy and sad that this guy left this world and it didn't affect anyone. Just gone and forgotten.


3/15. Family Disturbance call on Christmas Eve 2011, Husband vs. wife. No battery, nobody went to jail.. but the house was filled with hundreds of knives and dildos. Normal dildos, little ones, great big horse dildos, and every kind of mall ninja knife you can imagine. Every horizontal surface was covered with sharp metal or jiggly silicone, there were even a few new ones under the tree.

After clearing the house we had to talk to these folks with a straight face for a good 10 minutes, it was one of the greatest challenges of my career.


4/15. My dad answered a domestic call at an apartment on the 23rd floor. As soon as he walked in he saw blood everywhere. In pools on the floor, spatter on the walls and ceiling, smeared all over everything. He walked further in to find a woman crumpled on the floor, battered beyond recognition, and the partner is standing in front of an open window. My dad started to talk to the man, to coax him into coming with, and the man immediately turned around and stepped out the window, falling 70m to his death.


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5/15. I was a fresh officer with dreams being a hero. I get dispatched to a call of a family fight. Not wife husband, but brother sister. The female was reporting the male had attacked her. I arrived and located a female and male. The male I knew from prior contacts. I detained him in handcuffs and quickly smelled the strong odor of pepper spray. I found out that after the male knocked off the females weave she pepper sprayed him. I knew there were different types of pepper spray, like gel.

I'm walking around the house taking photos for my investigation and accessing the property damage. I noticed that in his room the odor from the pepper spray was extremely strong and made my eyes instantly water with a decent amount of stinging sensation. The fumes made it incredibly hard to breath and left me without the ability to breath at points, requiring that I leave the room to get fresh air. I find a brownish gel substance all over the walls in the shape of handprints. I photograph it and determine that it was the pepper gel that male suspect was wiping off of his face onto the wall. I found it odd that it was all over the walls and covered the room. I though this chick dusted him with the entire can of pepper gel.

After some investigation I took the male to jail.


6/15. My very first dead guy had been in his house for almost a week during a very hot July with no A/C...

Did you know that you skin will become clear and you can see EVERYTHING? He popped when the funeral home came to get him. Yes, popped. Some people, they're not bothered by this. Me? No no no. I don't have the stomach. This is the only part of the job that bothers me.


7/15. Crazy neighbour screaming in his shed at 3am. Call police with a noise complaint. Whey they arrive he throws a rock at them and runs back to shed. Then they follow him to the shed out back where he is hiding.

All those missing neighbourhood cats... now a mural on his shed wall. Cop was fine with me standing on a deck chair in my own garden staring over the wall to see all this unfold. Cop commented that this took the biscuit for creepiest shit he has ever seen. Cats were arranged into a spiral pattern on the wall. He had collected their eyes into a bowl on front of it.


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8/15. So we get a call about some squatters in a house that's going to be demolished soon to make room for a freeway. No big deal, kick them out, go on with our business. It's sunset, just starting to get dark. Our car and the other officer arrive at this place and it's all fenced off and looks abandoned. And by abandoned, I mean it looks scary as hell. It was like an old school house, metal swing set, a "friendly" scare crow next to a fence. Some crosses here and there, but it was in a residential neighborhood. On the blocked in windows, people wrote in sharpie all kinds of spooky stuff, "this place belongs to us" and just all around weird, like even creepier than that.

So there was a main house, a garage type thing, and then a cellar. A fucking door leading under ground with creaky ass wooden steps. And so if you walk down those, it's concrete and there are windows, but it's a basement. The windows just show dirt. There are beds and stuff but it looks like it's been abandoned for a LONG time. It was so scary it's ridiculous. If this comment gains any traction, I'll drive over and take pictures of it. I know it's still up


9/15. Hoarders house last spring... Go in and there's maybe 5 inches of dust everywhere. And clothes all over and mail from 1999. There was a small walkway cleared through the house just enough to walk around. I walk into the bathroom and there are turds floating in the toilet and the water is spinning. So there is just a whirlpool of turds. Forget the violence and suicides I've seen, this tops it for me.


10/15. Get a call for a burglary. I'm doing a walk through with the resident noting all missing and damaged property. He was an older guy. We are in the bedroom looking in drawers. I open one and see it full of women's panties and bras. I ask him when his wife will be home to help identify missing items. He stutters a little bit and finally says, "Uhhh those are mine. I just closed the drawer and went on with my investigation. We are all a little weird bro. Far be it from me to judge you for wearing pretty underwear.


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11/15. Australian here, worked remote enough for some good stories. Late at night, called to a drunken dispute where a firearm had been discharged. Attended with 4 or 5 of us, the whole Patrol Group. Found the gun which was all good, my partner went to unload it and realised it had no trigger. He went to touch the safety and paused, we both had a closer look and then asked the owners, apparently the safety was the trigger..

Anyway, no one was licensed so we searched the house for extra ammo or other weapons. (no one is really supposed to have guns here, unless you have a good reason).

Don't know why I did it, it was a dumb idea given the state of the house and the area, dog poop on the floor and stuff, nappies everywhere. I opened the fridge, staring face to face with a kangaroo with its paws out looking at me; that was the top shelf. I looked down one shelf and there was the other half of the kangaroo, tail hanging down off the middle shelf.


12/15. Former LEO with two stories. Got dispatched to a call, daughter has tried to reach her elderly mom and can't make contact (these usually end badly). Made location at the house and received written authorization from daughter to make forced entry at the front door. Asked the daughter to wait by the squad car and had fire department spread the door frame open. Immediately noticed the smell and began to search the house. Found the mom in the kitchen laying on open door of the oven. Half of her face and hair were burnt off and the oven was still on cooking her. Apparently, we found out from the daughter, the mother used the oven for heat and had a heart attack and fell on the oven door.

Second story, got a call from dispatch about a women screaming from an abandoned apartment saying she was being tortured/killed. My partner, 4 other officers and I had to search every room and door in what looked like a college dorm. All the doors faced inwards and there was absolutely no way of knowing where the screaming was coming from. Partner found the women covered in her own blood running out of an apartment. I held apartment door while he ran her down. Scariest call of my life....turns out she was tripping on PCP and have been cutting herself. There was no way of knowing that until we searched the apartment.


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13/15. We had a call of a suspicious vehicle sitting in front of a drug house where we had a quadruple homicide the year before. An officer went to check it out and the vehicle took off. Our policy prevented the officer from pursuing the vehicle.

Soon after, the suspect shot at another officer, ditched the vehicle, and broke into a nearby house through the back door to hide. The homeowner, an elderly man, tried to call 911 but was unable to say much before the suspect attacked him.

We surrounded the house but the supervisors wouldn't let us go in under exigent circumstances because they were afraid of liability (we didn't know for sure if he was in the house) and a judge refused sign a search warrant.

A family member came by later and called when he found the door barracaided and couldn't get inside. He gave us a key and I was one of the first ones in. There was blood covering the floor and all over the walls. There were two bodies wrapped in bloody sheets in the hallway. The suspect had to still be inside the house and was possibly still armed.

We pulled the sheets back and there was the homeowner. The suspect had beaten his face with an iron until it caved into his skull. Then he stabbed him numerous times in the face and neck with a steak knife. His face was completely mangled.

The other body, lying right next to the victim, was the suspect. He was pretending to be dead. We drug him out so hard that his clothes ripped off. We "woke up" and began telling us a lie about being attacked by a group of guys.

He later admitted to shooting at the officer and murdering the old man. The worst part was when we he said that the old man took a while to die. He was still breathing when we had the house surrounded and the supervisors and judges wouldn't let us go in the house.


14/15. Back when I was in training I had a call for service where these people didn't want to go in their house because they thought it was haunted. (They weren't explicitly saying the word haunted but it was heavily implied) They said the last straw was when they went to go to the bathroom and saw glowing green handprints all over their bathroom walls.

Ok sure, I'll check it out for you.

I go in the bathroom and sure enough there were glowing handprints all over the goddamn walls. My training officer and I got out of there pretty quick. Sketchy house


15/15. Responded to a 911 hang up at our ranges around 9PM. They are out in the middle of the woods near a old wildlife refuge so they are pretty isolated. There are no street lights out there and it's a few buildings with lots of open field (sniper ranges) and tons of woods.

I pulled up to the gate, unlocked it and drove in. I parked and walked up to the classrooms where the "911" hang up phone was located. I should also note that this entire area has significance to the Civil war era and WW2 as it's in a military instillation.

I would also like to note that the number for the 911 hang up does not exist, but it occasionally trips our dispatch call center for unknown reasons. [Continued ...]

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I've had my share of paranormal experiences, mostly while I was stationed in Japan, so I take the patrol shotgun out just so I feel better about this entire stupid call in the darkness of the night while responding to a 911 hangup to a line that no longer exists.

I unlock the door to the small wooden building (trailer) and as I open the door, the only light illuminating my path is a red "EXIT" sign directly above the door. I don't see any light switches immediately so I take a few steps in to locate them. As I do, there is a doorway directly to my right. By this time I can see in my peripheral vision a human shape shadow with the red exit sign light illuminating it. I quickly turn with the shotgun as my heart starts racing. I can make out the face. I quickly start hitting the wall and manage to find a light switch which reviles a training dummy sitting in a chair. I take a breath and step back outside on the deck and radio in for assistance as I am now going to say fuck going on this ghost hunt alone.

I go back inside and do a quick sweep of the building. It only has 5 small training rooms. I also check the room where the phone line doesn't exist. No phone - shocker. I then walk back outside and wait for my backup officer who comes within 8 minutes of my call.

Once he gets there he already knows how dumb this is because this call is creepy whenever we get it. We then proceed to check around the outside of the remaining 3 buildings in this area. Nothing. So we start heading back to our vehicles.

As we approach our cars, an alarm starts going off on a small medal box attached to a metal unit sticking out of the ground. It flashes a red light affixed to the top of the box. We look at each other like "really.." and start walking towards it. It's located between the training trailer and the range bay/office. I radio in the alarm and ask if they can contact facilities since neither one of us knew this was even a thing out here and we had no idea how to shut it off.

I then notice there is a small keyhole on the metal box that is attached under the light. I grab my key ring and try to find a key that I think would fit. As soon as I made contact with the key to the metal, the alarm and flashing light stopped. I looked at my friend and said "we need to fucking leave. This is getting stupid" he agreed. I radioed in and told them The alarm had stopped and we were back in service.



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