Weird things cause issues in the Pokemon Universe.

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Those of you who played might remember that a tree in the way or a short ledge means you can go no further. It's jarring when you've got your groove on in that game and then you suddenly get stuck in a strange place. But that's not the only weird discrepancy!

u/ConneryFTW started compiling a list by asking:

What are some first world problems in the Pokemon universe?

Here were some of the best answers.


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Soft drinks are far more efficient than official Pokemon medicine, but buying them is so tedious that it's hardly worth it.

Nowhere To Turn

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"I wanted a career that didn't revolve around Pokemon! I asked if I could be a journalist - yes, they said, but only if you report on Pokemon! How about a teacher then, I enquired. Of course! But you must teach about Pokemon! Fine, I said, I'll be a bloody archaeologist! Fantastic, they said, there's plenty of old Pokemon things to dig up!"


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I want to start working out more, but all of the gyms around my area just have 12 year old kids running around with their animals.

You Blacked Out!

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Getting essentially mugged and airlifted to a hospital every time you lose a Pokemon fight is a bit extreme.

Just Keep Pressing A

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"Ughh.. I have to wait and listen to this nurse for like 12 seconds in order to receive free and amazing healthcare for all of my pets."

Early Blooming

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I achieved my life's greatest ambition as a preteen and now I don't know what to do with myself.

WTF, Oak?

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Professor Oak wants me to catch every Pokemon in the world, but he gave the only Squirtle in existence to his grandson and is keeping the only Bulbasaur in existence ON HIS DESK.

Six Only

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I dont have enough room to travel with all of my legendaries.

I Just Want An Oddish

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Apparently there is an alternate universe where people have access to 11 other creatures that I can't in any way obtain in my world.

Too Much Affection

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Getting a sylveon instead of a vaporeon because you loved it too much

Ker-Thunk! The Locks Reset!

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The trash is empty...

Pretty Pokés

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Shiny hunting.

One method involves hatching hundreds of one pokemon from the same pair of parents, and you end up leaving almost all of the freshly hatched babies on the ground outside of the center.

The other way involves hunting a single species of pokemon with a single-mindedness only seen in anime protagonists, leaving a pile of hundreds of knocked out pokemon in the same few square meters of grass.

All of this in pursuit of a pokemon with a rare genetic defect akin to albinoism, so that the trainer can have a pokemon that's pretty.

The Perks Of Being A Wall-Ditto

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I have a Pokemon that can transform into any Pokemon I encounter but it can't retain the form for more than a couple of minutes!

Impossible Creations

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Assuming the Pokédex entries are even slightly accurate then most fully evolved Pokémon are walking natural disasters. Magcargo has a body temperature close to that of the surface of the sun. Aggron and Tyranitar will guarantee any mountain communities are built like attack on Titan cities. Basically all electric Pokémon could stop your heart in an instant and a good portion of them could just straight up fry you.

This is also a universe where ghosts are real and vengeful as hell.

This isn't even taking the legendaries into account.

Behave Like An Adult

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There are multiple quests in the newest games that are "I'm researching [pokemon], they're often found in [place]. Could you catch one and show me the dex entry?"

Can you not just ask a professor for your own pokedex Mr. Adult Scientist? Instead of asking a 10-year-old to venture into the woods in the dark.

My Boy Bill

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Some guy just gave me access to his computer to store pokemon for free buts its still called Bill's PC not Reds PC.


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I have the strongest Pikachu in the universe - doesnt want to evolve

Hi! I Like Shorts!

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My shorts are too comfy and easy to wear that I lose every battle

Ghost Types

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People have the right to complain that their real estate is haunted.

Bye Bye Birdie

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