Pizza Delivery People Share The Most Memorable Thing They've Heard Someone Yell Behind The Door


Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

I love pizza. Who doesn't? And who doesn't love the pizza delivery people? They are bringing us joy and sustenance. And they have a job that is not easy. Working in customer service is never an easy gig but delivery, having to go to people in person, on their own turf? That can be downright scary. Who knows what shock and surprise and unabashed crazy awaits you? The possibilities are endless. I'd be working with a can of mace attached to my hip.

Redditor u/ohlongjohnson wanted the delivery people of the world to unite and share of few tales of pizza drop off asking... Pizza delivery people of Reddit, what's the most memorable thing you've heard on the other side of the door after you rang the doorbell?

Hot or Not?

Woman's voice from inside the house: Is he hot?

Woman at the door: No.


At least the pizza was hot!


Hands up Fools! 

A party of about 40 drunk teenagers "hiding" as soon as the doorbell rang, not sure if they forgot they ordered food and thought I was the cops but it was pretty entertaining seeing a bunch of drunk ass kids failing to hide.


It's been a pleasure...

Years back I delivered to a swanky hotel downtown. As I came up to the room I heard moans of pleasure, but I was exhausted and not having it, so instead of politely calling the guy's phone I just banged on the door. There was some mumbling and then an overweight and VERY sweaty middle aged man answered. After he paid and closed the door I heard the woman yell, "YOU ORDERED PIZZA??! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?"


Hold up, wait a minute! 

So a few weeks ago I took a phone call for an order to a hotel, but noticed the zip code on the card was local. Not that unusual I guess, so I arrive at the room and hear a "hang on!" Finally a old-ish guy who's at least shirtless peeks out from behind the door to grab the food and sign the slip and as I'm walking away I hear a women's voice from inside the room... what ever dude none of my business.

About a week later I'm working at a different location (same business) and get an order to a different hotel. You guessed it, same dude, same exact thing happened. I can't really think of any good explanations... but hey he tipped well both times so whatever.


No you go do yourself little girl!  

This was after the transaction but there was like a family gathering in the house and I was saying bye and a little girl who couldn't have been more than 5 years old told me in very happily and enthusiastically "GO F**K YOURSELF!". Lol the family was mortified but I was cracking up.


Was it Mr. Ed?

"I LOST A HORSE? Wait wait- I'll call you back."


Fun story, I know a bunch of people with horses and there had been rumor among them that a local barn was shady. They boarded horses and a bunch of people had complained on Facebook that their horse went missing while it was at the barn.

Turns out they were killing them (by accident or on purpose, who knows) and burying them, then pretending they'd never seen them. Cops found 15 horses buried on the property.


Halloween is lucrative!

Wanted to spend Halloween of 2016 with my brother and his kids cause I haven't started a family yet, boss decided to say "come in and help or you're fired." Needed the job at the time so I go in grumpy as hell. Deliver about 4 pizzas to this older gentleman's house and he asks me how my Halloween is going. I'm honest with him and he takes me into this big a** room. Tells me he's an architect and shows me some schematics he's drawing up for a new home for a client. Really interesting stuff, then tips me $60. Improved my mood phenomenally.


David Duke? Are you hungry?

My friend delivered a pizza to some guys that were getting ready to go to a Klan meeting, they were in their white hoods and everything and apparently just wanted a pizza.


Can't burn crosses on an empty stomach.


Pizza brings us all together... 

I worked at Domino's in The Netherlands and worked as delivery guy. On a regular work day I delivered a Margaretha pizza to an eldery women in a wheelchair, she lived in a house for elderly. She invited me to come in because she couldn't eat the pizza in slices, she asked me to cut the pizza in little pieces, and so I did. I stayed for a little while because she told me she hadn't had a pizza for years, it was her husbands favorite fast food. He died a couple months ago, she told me. I will never forget how happy she was to talk someone.

She enjoyed the hell out of the pizza.


Oh the 90's!! 

I used to deliver pizza in high school (late 90s)...

The first one was I delivered to my teacher who was high as a kite and he gave me a $100 tip... told me to not tell anyone (he was a shop teacher and one of those guys that always preached to us to stay off drugs.)



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