Pizza Delivery Guys Share The Strangest Things They've Ever Experienced On The Job
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Food delivery people are the true MVPs of this world. Through rain or shine, they're always there to make sure that your food gets to you quickly. And if that delivery is pizza, all the better!

At the same time, not every delivery goes perfectly. The pizza delivery people get a glimpse into the life of those ordering food, and sometimes those glimpses are just plain weird.

Curious about the strangemess, Redditor messydavidd asked:

"Pizza guys of reddit, what's the strangest thing you've seen when delivering pizzas?"

Pizza Bet

"I deliver for Doordash and Grubhub, sometimes pizzas. One time I picked up an order from each app, same exact order, from the same restaurant, both named James, to the same hotel."

"When I knocked on the door two guys were there and asked me which was I, Doordash or Grubhub. I told them I was both and have both orders. They started to laugh really hard."

"When I asked what was so funny, they told me they had a bet on which one would come first. They thought it was going to be 2 different drivers and never thought one person would be using both apps. I laughed too and asked them which one was James. They told me they are both named James. I still wonder what other funny things those two guys try come up with."

– Moist_Remorse


"Customer paid with a card and he had instructions to leave the pizza on a bench in a public area. Drop it off and quickly leave the area. I left but pulled on a side street where I could see the bench. I wait probably close to 5 minutes and then I see a man bust out of a dilapidated building I thought was empty."

"He runs up and grabs the pizza, he spins a whole 360 degrees and he is glancing in every direction as if he was afraid he was being watched. Then he hurries back to the place and when he gets to the door he sees me and his eyes get huge and wide, paranoid and fearful. He slammed the door shut. I just think he was tweaking or something wouldn't be out of the ordinary around here."

– Solomon_R

"That's me eating pizza while on a diet."

– messydavidd


"Was delivering to a hotel, had a guy pass out on me 3 separate times in a 10 minute encounter. Apparently he was narcoleptic, but it still scared that crap out me."

– roxas596

"Narcoleptic here. He was probably having a cataplexy attack. We don't actually pass out, we're still conscious but we lose control over our muscles so we look passed out. Theres also the scenario where it's only partial, then it looks like a seizure because we try to move only to cause spasms. Its triggered by emotion so he probably got nervous or something."

– FabCitty

Oh My GOD.

"I delivered to a hotel in the middle of a local golf course. Called the number to let them know I was there and was told to come on up. Get to the room and when the guy answered, there was a large group of guys, all in golf attire, surrounding a single guy in a chair. He was bound & blindfolded. The one that answered didn't even bat an eye, just asked how much and tipped me $30 bucks. Warily I took the money and walked away, but before the door was fully closed, I heard one on the guys ask "I wonder if he knows this is a..""

"Before I even left the parking lot, the guy that answered the door called me to say that the bound guy was his brother and he was bound & blindfolded because it's his bachelor party and the stripper was waiting to come out. I just showed up way earlier than they thought I would."

– Azurko


"Some dude opened the apartment door completely naked, I was stunned but what came after that made me ask myself if he was some kind of magician. He put a hand behind his back and pulled out a wallet. The only reasonable explanation I could give myself was that he tucked the wallet between his buttcheeks."

– gabelitos_131

Sure It Wasn't The Village People?

"Just simply coming up and there were 3 guys in underwear waiting for me. Handing the pizzas over and more just start coming out in underwear and these were also wearing cowboy hats and Native headdresses, some kind of Bro Halloween party or something. Got to grab my tip out of the dudes bra. It was funny as hell but when I left the building I had to process for a moment what the hell happened."

– T-Poo


"I had two teenage girls open the door in their underwear, as a joke I guess. They think it's funny but I had to report it to my manager and hope nothing came of it."

– Davimous

Valid Question.

"Just the other day showed up to a house to be greeted by two guys (about 25) on the roof in underwear clearly ecstatic about the pizza being delivered."

– krankykorn

"Did you Walter White the pizza up there?"

– 852168

Good Snekko.

"Had someone answer the door once with a snake on his shoulders. Not like a milk snake or a garter but a ball python. Probably about 6 feet long. As he closed the door I heard him say to someone that I hadn't reacted at all lol. Sounded so disappointed."

"Edit to clarify: this was almost a year ago. I am not a snake expert to so it is quite possible I misidentified the species. Thanks to those who pointed out my mistake."

– impgrl369

Helping A Celebrity

"I delivered back when Michael Vick was with the Philadelphia Eagles, Well we knew when he would order for his house under a false name. Anyways i got the delivery (which is awesome since i’m a huge Eagles fan). Michael lived in my town for his time with the Eagles. Upon arriving to his house, the house reeked of the devils lettuce. I go to the front door and a huge guy answered the door, looked around to see if anyone else was near, and asked me to get patted down. Obviously i’m not a threat so i said sure. I get patted down and The one and only Michael Vick comes around the corner and says “Wassup”. THEN IMMEDIATLY HIS YORKIE RUNS OUT OF THE HOUSE AND DOWN THE STREET. (He got a Yorkie after the whole dog thing for his daughter). His daughter runs out and screams “NO ROMEO” (assuming the dogs name is romeo). Michael then asks myself if i could get the dog, so i handed him the food and run down the street for the dog. Didn’t go far and i picked him up and went back to the front door and gave little yorkie Romeo to his daughter who was ecstatic about getting him back and ran inside with him. Michael then thanked me and gave me a nice tip and i went on my ways."

– sensei_taz

Whoops, Wrong Drawer

"On my last day on the job, on what was literally my last delivery as a pizza guy, knocked on the door to this guys apartment. Just heard a distant shout from inside, a four-digit number, at which point I noted the keysafe sat on the wall by the door. Entering the four numbers into that granted me the key to get in. 'Awfully trusting towards a delivery person', I thought to myself."

"Inside I go, where the smell of stale cigarettes hits me like a wall. Carry on through to where the voice is calling from, I'm greeted with an old man, bedbound and surrounded by full ashtrays, sucking on a cigarette like his life depends on it. I awkwardly set down the pizzas and tell him how much he owes me, to which he replies that his wallet is in one of the drawers the other side of the room."

"I opened the wrong drawer first. How did I know it was the wrong drawer? Because it was stuffed full to the brim (to the point it was difficult to open/close) with dildos. Of every shape, size and colour imaginable."

"His wallet is in the next drawer I try. I take what he owes me, leave him the change and scarper out of there as fast as I could. My final delivery, done."

"I don't miss that job."

– Eight_Bits_

Love Connection?

"About 40 years ago I delivered pizzas. A woman called and asked for me specifically. I never heard of her had never been to the address . when I went to the door she came out. Mid 50s 250-300 lbs blonde , cute face, wearing a fishnet bathrobe and no other clothing. She told to "stay for a piece and I don't mean pizza" . I left in a daze"

– Cdldice

I'd Die For My Pizza

"Another time while on a delivery I knocked on the door and the door opened from my knock. I look in the living room and the guy that ordered was face down on the floor. I went in and checked him out and he wasn't breathing. I called the fire Department (no 911 in those days) the firemen came and revived him. While on the floor with the oxygen mask on and waiting for the ambulance he called me over and asked for the pizza. I brought it to him and he took a slice lifted his oxygen mask and proceeds to eat the whole pizza before the ambulance arrived"

– Cdldice

How About A Verbal Tip?

"I delivered for Dominoes back in the late 80, early 90s in NYC. I never really had a problem finding places, until this one night."

"The address was 122 and an 8th, which was a bit odd. I arrived and was standing on a storm grate as I looked around for the place. Below me, I heard someone say "You're standing on it, dude!""

"I jumped back and looked down. Whoever was in the grate slipped up a $10 bill through the grate, and said "Just slip it down here.""

"I reluctantly slid the pizza down and snatched the money. The tab was $13 so he was short on the bill and no tip."

"After some back and forth, he gave the best advice ever: "Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.""

"I had to get a new route. And at the time, I thought I delivered everywhere..."

– HruntingBlade

Not A Pet

"I had a friend in HS who delivered pizza. He went to a home and there was a opossum just chilling right beside the door like it belonged there. He was pretty high so he didn’t think to much about it because it didn’t run off when he opened the screen door. He gave the lady her pizza then asked it the opossum was their pet. She started screaming and ran for a broom. The opossum wasn’t as chill from that point on."

– HoudiniCricket

There Aren't Even Words

"I've delivered pizzas for about a year now and honestly, it's been pretty tame. The "weirdest" thing I've seen so far was a father and son staying in one of the low-end motels right next to the interstate. Pretty normal until they opened the door, both in nothing but white briefs and behind them were three opened suitcases of barbie dolls. All naked, all missing at least one piece, and all being different like hair color/skin color."

"It was just the creepiest thing and I was so shocked that I couldn't ask about it."

– Deidris

Maybe He Had A Craving

"This happened inside the store, but some dude walked in wearing a really old papa John's hat ranting how he use to work there. And would ask the other people ordering food if they would buy him a onion. My boss finally came to the front and handed him one of the biggest onions we had. Then told the guy it's on the house, let these folks order their stuff so we can continue business. And without a hitch this guy just starts munching down on this thing like it was a granny Smith apple. Ate the whole thing, smiled and left without saying another word."

– Sinicalkush

Come On In

"Four year pizza delivery veteran here. not really something that I saw but more something that happened to me that was weird/unsettling. I hope this still counts."

"I work at a pizza place in my hometown while I’m finishing up college. Gets pretty boring when it’s slow but the money is good when it’s busy. (All you delivery guys can relate to that)"

"So one Friday night about two years ago I’m taking the last delivery of the night. I pull up to a nice house in a nice neighborhood and three boys maybe about say 12-14 years old answer the door."

"At first it’s pretty normal the kids just tell them the amount and they hand me the money. But right before I go to turn around one of the kids whispers “ask him” to one of the others and giggles.And I’m like oh fuck what are these kids about to say to me right now in my mind. But this kid goes “will you please be our fourth in Fortnite?”"

"Now remember I am 19 and baked. The alternative is going back and washing dishes and I figure I can kill five minutes. So I’m like “haha yeah sure” and these kids were pumped jumping up and down and shit.""

"So I go in and play the game and I’m got a kill or two these kids are losing their shit screamin going wild. I die within like say five minutes or whatever I dap the kids up they’re like oh well remember you forever bro and shit and at this point I’m like word what a nice moment with those fellas."

"This is the weird part."

"Then I leave and I’m walking across the yard back to my car and I see the mom. The mom gives me this look of like terror/confusion as we pass each other and makes a kinda speed walk towards her door and goes in. I kinda just give her like a awkward smile."

"So as I am driving away I’m like holy shit that mom thinks that I murdered her kids or some fucked up shit like that. Like she pulled up, heard screaming, and sees me leaving with a weird smile. Maybe she didn’t even know they ordered pizza."

"I never heard anything about it though. I assume they were like nah pizza guy was chill we played fortnite and the mom was happy the kids were okay but yeah. That’s my weirdest one."

– newleathercouch

At Least There Was A Happy Ending

"I delivered a pizza to a young girl who was home alone and when she opened the door her dog immediately ran away. I handed her the pizza, got in my car, found the dog and returned it. She left me no tip so I was feeling kind of salty about it on the way back to the restaurant."

"A few hours later her Mother called the store asking to speak to me. She thanked me and explained they had left tip money but their daughter was so upset about the dog she forgot to give it to me."

"I worked at this pizza place for two more years through college and they would get two large pepperoni pizzas and request me to deliver it every week after that. They always tipped me at least $25."

– freshprinceofbeller

That's so wholesome! I would request him too.

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