I consider myself a pretty adventurous eater.

From a young age, my mom always encouraged me to try new things, and since she herself has a high end and fancy palate, I've become quite the foodie myself. Still, there is one thing that makes me gag if I even just see it on a dinner table or accidentally get some in my mouth. Fatty meat. Everything about it is unpleasant, disgusting, and I don't understand why anyone would willingly eat something like pork belly. That's my one thing - but some people hate a ton of food

Those picky eaters have a lot of complaints about foods, but Redditor u/usernotfound404_ wanted them to specify which food they absolutely can't stomach, and asked... "Picky eaters, what's something you can never get yourself to eat and why?"

10. Sounds kind of comforting

When I was younger and ill, my mum used to make me eat bread with hot milk. To this day even the idea makes me feel sick. Before she passed I asked her about it and she said it's what my nan used to give her when she was ill! I asked why she would inflict it on me... she just laughed. (I miss her)


9. It is a great pizza topping though

Eggplant. I think it tastes great, but the soft texture always throws my brain off.


If you haven't tried fried eggplant I'd recommend giving it a go, it gives it a much firmer texture. It's good on pizza.


8. You may want to avoid fish that smells fishy anyway

Dried or pickled fish. Anything made with fish that tastes like fish. It's weird. If it doesn't taste fishy, I'll eat it. If it does, I tend to gag.


I was told by a cook once that if fish tastes fishy, then it's not good fish.


7. I 100% relate

Pork Belly Korean GIFGiphy

Fat from meat. I hate the gelatinous texture. My husband and his family have pork belly a lot and it is mostly just fat and a small sliver of meat, it's very hard for me to eat it without getting a glob of fat. Texture is usually what gets me with food. Not necessarily taste.


6. Taste can be genetic?

That's how I am. I also have the genetic marker that makes bitter food taste more bitter (thanks 23 and Me!), which explains why I always disliked broccoli.


I knew there was a gene that made cilantro taste like soap, but I've never heard of that one before. Now I'm wondering what other stuff is out there that makes food taste weird.


5. When everyone keeps asking why you don't like something

I wouldn't say I'm picky but I've never been able to eat parsnips and every year at Christmas I have to re-explain to everyone there that I don't like them.

As to why I just don't like the taste.


4. No recipe can make it palatable

Cabbage. And believe me I've tried, I even did an AskReddit post and tried all the suggestions. There does not appear to be a way to make a cabbage palatable to me.


3. A delicacy many cannot handle


It's both a taste and a texture thing for me. I can't get over the sliminess.

I can't do clams, mussels, or other things that come in shells, either.


When I was 7, I picked up clams from the local beach and put it in my aquarium (BIG BRAIN MOVE). Those bastards came out of their shell and the smell was soo bad, I developed an aversion to clams and mussels or other things in shells.


2. Another victim of genetics

a christmas story GIFGiphy

Cilantro. I have the gene that apparently makes it smell and taste metallic and soapy. Can't stand it, but strangely enough my parents absolutely love it.


Maybe the parents like the soapy taste. My brother says it tastes like soap but that he likes it.


1. I know a lot of mayo haters

I'm very picky, but mayo is the one thing I can't even choke down to be polite. I have a ridiculously long list of things I never eat left to my own devices, but most of those I can eat a little if it's served to me at a dinner party or something. Mayo, however, makes me shudder in disgust. I have trouble even using it to make something for someone else.


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