People Explain Which Phrase Instantly Pisses Them Off Regardless Of Who Said It


There are some trite phrases out there that add practically nothing to the average conversation. Yet people say them anyway, seemingly just to fill the space. Let's be fair, people sometimes just don't know what to say. But other times there are people who add seemingly "sage" advice that amounts to little more than a worthless platitude.

And still other times, people say certain phrases to justify annoying or abhorrent behavior. But we'll get to that once you start reading.

After Redditor SoullessRJL asked the online community, "What single phrase, regardless of who says it, instantly pisses you off?" people went all in.

"When anyone..."

When anyone self proclaims "I just have no filter" - it's just an excuse to not be responsible for their actions.


"Is Richard Nixon..."

The fad of calling any controversy [whatever]-gate drives me up the damn wall every time I hear it. Is Richard Nixon really the only controversial character in history worth comparison? How hard is it to be just a little more creative?


"As a person..."

"That's so OCD"

As a person who does not have OCD, but understands it, it pisses me off when people talk about it like it's a quirky trait. Some people tell me I have OCD. Just because I am a very clean person who also deals with anxiety does not mean I have OCD. The thing that makes me so upset is that OCD is a well known name. But people can't take the time to focus on the last letter, D for disorder. They don't take the time to understand that people deal with OCD every day and it's like hell for your mind that you don't have control of. Do not use OCD to describe someone's personality. Thank you.



"You looked better before."

Well good f***ing thing I didn't ask you, Stacey. Whether it be my hair color or my weight, someone has to comment on the way I look.


"I'm in my twenties..."

I'm in my twenties and any time a woman older than me refers to me as "Babe" or "Honey/Sweetie" it makes me cringe every time. If the woman is the same age as me it makes me super uncomfortable. This is usually in a restaurant situation where it's a waitress. One of my biggest pet peeves.


"And if it's NOT..."

"Nevermind" in response to me asking them to repeat something.

F***'s sake, if it was important enough to say the 1st time, it's important enough to repeat it so I can make sure I understood.

And if it's NOT, then why get all passive-aggressive about it?!



"If you try hard enough you can achieve anything, stop making excuses!" You act like I have the time, motivation and resources to achieve such a goal. Plus people who tell me that are usually people who tried to force me to do something I don't want to do at all.



"You have to stay positive!" or "You are too negative!" Especially when you are trying to confide in a person because some really bad things are happening to you. No, really, as if I have not tried just "staying positive." No, I love being upset! Yeah, that is what I need, someone to tell me I am wrong to be upset about s*** that happens to me. Just no. Spent most of my life trying to "stay positive" and where does that get a person? NOWHERE. S*** still happens. Staying positive about it doesn't' fix anything. Only change and hard work and sometimes even then it is just that life dealt you a bad hand and nothing you can do can change it.


"How are we supposed to..."

"You'll understand when you're older." How are we supposed to have an intelligent conversation about something if you just shut me down every time my opinion differs with THIS line?


"Oh, keep..."

"Everything happens for a reason."

Oh, keep your spiritual bullcrap for yourself!

It is so tone deaf and insensitive to say that to someone who has gone through something traumatic, or just struggling in general.

You may think you are comforting the person, but just as likely they will perceive it as you are devaluing their pain and frustration.


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