There are few things more annoying in conversation than people who say the words, "That's just my opinion!"

Let me be perfectly clear: opinions need to be based on fact and actual experience. Reading conspiracy theories online and spending time on a dark corner of YouTube doesn't make you an "expert." Not now... not ever.

When I hear someone say the words, "That's just my opinion!" I mentally brace myself because I just know what I'm about to hear is going to be ridiculous.

People told us all about the phrases that bother the hell out of them after Redditor SpankBankManager asked the online community,

"What phrases do you wish people would stop using?"

"I'm a teacher."

"I'm a teacher. The next admin that calls us 'rockstars' or 'superheroes' is getting punched in the face."


That must be very grating, especially during the pandemic!

"At any sort of conference..."

"At any sort of conference/gathering/presentation: 'How're you all doing today?!? C'mon, I know you can answer louder than that! HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING TODAY?!'"

"Instant resentment every time."


I concur.

I attended a conference once where the main speaker did this several times in the span of thirty minutes as he announced different initiatives.

Such a headache.

"I really hate..."

"I really hate it when people say "no offense". It usually means they are going to say something offensive but use it so they can't get criticized for it. Also When People Use A Capital Letter For Literally Every Word."


They might say they meant no offense but that's never actually the case. Oh, they definitely meant it.

"The sudden popularity..."

"The sudden popularity (and therefore overuse) of the term gaslighting. What used to be a somewhat obscure reference is now everywhere, especially here on Reddit."


I can see how this can get annoying. Words do have meanings and those meanings can be diluted over time.

"The more appropriate thing to say..."

"Someone saying to a teenager, 'These are the best years of your life!' I am in my mid-40s now and most people my age remember high school as horrible and awkward."

"The more appropriate thing to say is, "Hang in there kid! I promise life gets better. Just get through adolescence the best you can."


I definitely don't miss high school and resented anyone who told me I would.

"Now when I hear it..."

"Only good vibes here."

"I have an uncle who always says this. It used to crush me because he was the only other adult I could talk to when things were bad at home. We couldn't come to him with bad news ever."

"Now when I hear it it's just toxic BS."


It IS toxic BS. When you hear stuff like that, you know you can't share anything openly or honestly.

"When my manager says..."

"When my manager says, 'I can't control what the night shift does.' Every day I walk into a mess from them and every day nothing gets done about it."


Why can't people just take responsibility for their own work? When they don't, it definitely affects other people.

"By this metric..."

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion."

"By my best understanding, an opinion needs to be founded on both experience and knowledge; a blind person cannot have the opinion that the sky is red."

"By this metric, some people's thoughts don't even qualify as opinions to me."


What's that saying?

You're entitled to your own opinion. Not your own facts.

"It's almost always used..."

"Everything happens for a reason."

"It's almost always used at a time where it offers no comfort. Someone unexpectedly dies, a child gets cancer, etc. There is no bigger profound "reason" for their suffering that is going to negate the pain/grief."


Few sayings are as callous as this one. And people just say it without thinking!

"The word 'hack' in general - it meant getting a system to do something it wasn't designed to do. It might have been good or evil, it might have been clever or dirty, but whatever it was it was still a hack."

"Then the media got hold of it..."

"Guessing someone's password is not a hack."


The misuse of the word "hack" has long entered common parlance. And don't get me started on "life hack."

Well, going through all of these was annoying as hell. I'm having flashbacks to every single time someone said any of these to my face.

Have some phrases you hate? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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