Channeling our inner Jerry Seinfelds: rejecting people for miniscule reasons. Gotta maintain our standards, right? Don't worry, Petty White, you're not alone.

atomictea asked: What's the pettiest reason you won't date someone over?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Republicans ruined dabbing.

The girl kept dabbing constantly. Laugh. Dab. Woo we're in nandos. Dab. I couldn't.


I mean even dabbing once. I feel awful saying it, but the second I see a guy dab, it just kills all attraction for me.


You made the right choice.



His apartment smelled like olives.


This is a Seinfeld episode in the making.


This was the kind of petty sh*t I was hoping for when I clicked on this thread. Bravo!


My ex smelled like moth balls, and it was less her clothes and more her hair and skin. She was cute as hell and sexy to boot, but being around her I'd catch a whiff all the time and I couldn't stomach it after a while.


Casual racism FTW.

Had a date refer to me as "Senpai"' "Onee-Chan" and other Japanese titles or words. She was white girl in Kansas. Asked her why and she said she thought all Asians talked like that. I'm half Filipino, don't speak Tagalog and had to google later what those words meant.


Um what was your reaction when you realized "Onee-chan" means older sister.


Considering her lack of knowledge about Asian cultures, languages, history and the size of my man boobs, I wasn't too surprised.


This bad humblebrag.

He would not stop talking about how "woke" he was. Oh man I could not do it.


It's like saying you're a nice guy. If you have to say you're nice, you probably aren't. If you have to say you're woke or a feminist or whatever, you probably aren't. You aren't very good at it, at the very least.



'cUs sHe TeXteD LiKe dIs! :):):):) :p:p:p:p =))))))


Not petty. Would dump immediately.


That takes way too much effort with no positives at all.


Gotta keep up.

She insisted on going for runs together, but ran way too slowly for me.


Im 6'7 and my girlfriend is 4'11." I have to slow down my walk everywhere.


Why don't you carry her everywhere like a gentleman?


When it's the 21st Century and you're still a Greaser.

He used too much hair gel and it made his hair all crunchy.


Still living in 2001 I see.


As a now 36 year old man, I feel personally attacked.

Edit: Based on some of the responses I'm getting, I feel the need to clarify. I used to gel my hair when I was a teenager (circa 2001), not now. Also my comment was just a joke/meme and I'm not offended.


Like living in another borough.

I know someone that broke up with his girlfriend because the trip to her place always involved at least an hour of sitting in traffic (Los Angeles). He said he didn't terribly mind that, but because he drove a manual transmission car he got annoyed.


I did the same, I was living in Long Beach, he lived in Westwood, and he didn't have a car. It wasn't the SOLE reason I ended things but it wasn't a small contributor either.


I'm in LA and I didn't realize that I NEED my partner to have a car until very recently. This traffic is no joke.


There would be too many questions.

I turned down a date once because the girl had the same last name as me. We weren't related, but it still weirded me out, and I didn't want people to think I was dating my cousin or something.


A friend of mine married a girl with the same last name and they had to travel to London (we're in the UK) to prove they weren't related before they were allowed to marry. They both had the same common Welsh surname.


We are off to a great start.

I didnt like the way she spelled her name. When we met she said her name was India. When I saw her write it out and it was spelled "Endia"...... idk I just couldn't do it.


This right here is the kind of petty i came to see.


I swipe left on people all the time because the spelling of their names. This dude's name was Ehwren. Aaron. What the f*ck.


I know it's not their fault they were named that, but that's right up there with people saying "pellow" or "melk."


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