Humans love to argue. If there's nothing important to fight about, sometimes they'll fight tooth and nail over something that matters to almost nobody. Interested in what people would choose to fight over, Twitter user @phunky_brewster started a Twitter asking what everyone would "die on this hill" for.

Here is a beautiful hill.
Quote tweet this with the pettiest argument that would make you gladly die on this hill.

The takes were absolutely red-hot from the very start!

As time increased, so did the passion in people's tweets.

Some had logic to back up their claims...

...others did not.

Regardless, however, these Twitter users had clearly put a lot of thought into their issues.

Sorry, Queer Eye.

What petty argument would you die on this hill for? If you are anything like me, it likely has something to do with Star Trek.

H/T - Indy 100, Twitter

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