Pet Owners Share The Smartest Thing They've Witnessed Their Pets Do.


From alarming their owners of danger, to teaching other animals how to behave, 30 pet owners share the smartest thing they've witnessed their pet do.

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1/22. I had taken my dog out for a hike in an abandoned area. It was a hot day, there was a creek with a deep pool, so I decided to undress and go for a swim. The dog and I splash around for a bit. Then I get dressed and carry on down the trail.

My dog, however, wouldn't follow. She was staring at something in the grass. I called, she looked up at me and then looked back at the grass. I went over to see what was so enthralling... turns out my car keys had fallen out of my pocket and she wasn't budging until I picked them up.


2/22. My old dog Poindexter would listen to my phone conversations. She'd hear my friend's ring tone and walk over to where I was. Then she'd stare at me and listen. She was hopeful because his dog was her best buddy. As soon as she heard the words "I'll be right over," she would go wild.

Only if it was him, and only if I said those words.


3/22. My cat (about 4 months old at the time) hadn't come back for at least 2 days and I looked for her everywhere. I was getting worried since she never really left for more then a couple of hours. I guess my Labrador sensed how worried I was and realized it was because of the cat. So he decided to run out the door, while I wasn't playing attention. (He also knows how to open doors.) I didn't realize till later and I thought I had lost both of them. When around 8pm I heard meowing coming from outside. When I looked outside I saw my lab holding my kitten by the head.


4/22. I grew up with a couple border collie mixes and my mom trained service dogs after college, so we had some good boys.

When you walk the dog my mom has now at night sometimes he'll just stop and sit right in front of you and not let you walk forward. If you try to step around him, he'll scootch in front of you and push back on your leg with his head. No one ever trained him to do this, but he'll do it whenever there is a moose in the road ahead and he wants to keep you from walking into danger.

Once we were hiking in daylight along a trail and he did the same thing. We had plenty of visibility and we couldn't see any large animals so we pushed by him and just a few steps ahead on the trail was a wasp nest that had fallen out of a tree.


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5/22. Had a Boxer. She would follow my crawling daughter around the house and stop her from ascending/descending stairs. Once she was aware of what my daughter was trying to do she would bark to alert myself or my wife. Very protective of my daughter.


6/22. My old cat hates our kitten- she tolerates her existence at best. This morning I watched the older cat hop into the bathtub and start playing with a bath toy like it was the best thing ever. She never plays with anything so already I was confused. Of course, the kitten seeing this hops in after her to join in this awesomeness, at which point my old cat hops out and sits smugly on the bench watching the kitten realize she can't get out.


7/22. My cat sleeps with me in bed. She knows how to hit the snooze button on my alarm clock. She learned from watching my wife. And both of them go back to sleep.


8/22. My cousin's dog once barked to go outside while we were eating dinner. My cousin got out of his seat to let him and as soon as he opened the door the dog ran back to the table jump on my cousin's seat and started eating his food.


9/22. I was at the park with my dog and started talking to another dog owner. He got bored and decided to leave without me. As soon as I realised I ran out of the park to find him walking down the street toward my house, the road was pretty busy so I nearly shat myself and started sprinting down the street after him.

I saw him look both ways, wait for the traffic to stop for him and then cross the road.

By the time I caught up to him he had already crossed and was just having a casual stroll home.

About two weeks ago, just before we had to have him put down, I went to pick him up from the vets. They said he had improved overnight, the moment they said he could go home he jumped off my lap and went straight to the door. He kept looking back at me as if to tell me to hurry up.

He was a brilliant dog.


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10/22. My cat - a large male Maine Coon - delivers the incoming mail from the letter slot in the front door to where I'm sitting, dragging it along the floor in his teeth.

He goes back and forth until every envelope has been delivered. If an envelope is too heavy, he'll sit there by the mail slot and "MROW's!" until I go and get it myself.


11/22. My dad and my uncle are best buddies, and they both live on farms about a half mile from each other. Our dog very rarely strayed from the farm, unless she was accompanying someone.

One reason she would leave our farm was to join my dad at my uncle's shed for Happy Hour, which was every Friday at 4. It was a pre-arranged time for my dad, uncle, and a few of their buddies to have a couple beers and to get their weekend started off right.

One week they needed to cancel, because everyone except my uncle was busy and my dad was out of town. My uncle needed to go out to the shed shortly after 4 on Friday and saw Molly sitting at the shed door waiting for the beer drinkers to show up.

She ran up there on her own, because she knew that it was Happy Hour time, and didn't want to miss out.


12/22. When I was a kid I had a golden retriever. We were sitting in the garage one winter (my dad has a heated garage we often hang out in and cook and do man stuff) and we were ignoring her so she got fed up, walked over to our garage door opener on the wall....probably about 4 feet off the ground. She put her paws up against the wall and booped the button with her nose. Went pee and came back and closed the door.


13/22. My shih tzu barked frantically like he was hurt in the other room. When I went to go see, he raced past me hopped into my chair and ate my BLT. He played me.


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14/22. I have a 1.5 year old Siberian Husky who sleeps in bed with me and is used to waking up at 6:00AM daily, which is when I get up for work. One night my phone apparently didn't charge and it had died which meant my alarm didn't go off. She was awake at the normal time and put her head under my pillow and nudged me until I finally woke up. Looked at the clock and it was only 6:02am. Pretty amazing how well dogs can remember times.


15/22. One morning my lab kept coming in the bedroom, barking, then running back out. he did this a dozen times, frantically, way worse than just 'get up and take me outside.' so when I finally get up, I see the coffee pot that i had programmed the night before to auto-brew had malfunctioned and was pouring coffee all over the countertop and floor. he was letting me know! like lassie!


16/22. I had a cat that loved to play with Q-tips. one day I noticed when I got home from work that he had way more Q-tips than I had given him. This happened a lot over the next few weeks. Somehow he was stealing Q-tips from the bathroom cupboard.This was weird because the Q-tips were in a heavy drawer that didn't have a handle so how could he break in?

One day I saw it all. I was in the tub one night and in comes Cat. The bathroom cupboard had one door on the left and these two big heavy drawers on the right. Q-tips were in the top drawer. I watched the cat open the door with his paw and climb in. There was a space between the top of the cupboard (where the sink was) and the drawer. Just enough room for the cat to climb on the toilet paper stack and squeeze into the drawer. By this time the door had closed. Then I heard rustling (I assume the getting of the Q-tips) and then what sounded like rocking or sliding. The cat rocked himself back and forth to pop the drawer open, hopped out with a mouthful or Q-tips and took off. Drawer slid shut on its own due to its weight. Mind blown.


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17/22. Woke me up when the basement started taking on water. Never barks, she unlocked her crate and came up to the bedroom (off limits, and she never goes there), scratched at the door a while (lots of marks and I wear earplugs - work nights sleep days) then eventually opened the door to lick my face. Woke up and she was pretty clearly telling me I had to follow her. She brought me to the basement in time to prevent any real losses.

But she mostly uses her smarts for less useful purpose.


18/22. I had two dogs, and first one got into the neighbors yard. There was a fence and trees between the two yards, so while you could see into the yard, it wasn't easy for me to just go into their yard and get the first dog.

In my yard, there was a soccer ball, so I kicked it try to get the first dog to notice and come back. However, the second dog runs over and jumps on the ball (he has never shown the slightest interest in the soccer ball previously). He is growling at it and hitting it, and I hit it back to him. At the same moment, we both look up and over at the first dog. It was at that moment I realized that the second dog and I had the exam same idea, we were both trying to trick the first dog into coming back by playing with the ball.


19/22. I had a baby gate in my tv room so I could let my ferret run loose for a couple of hours each night. One evening, we saw her eyeballing a shoebox a few metres away from the gate - looking at the box, then gate and back. Finally, she drags the box over, climbs up and jumps the gate. My roommates and I were shocked.

Same ferret used to run wild in my bedroom, and one day I come home and everything from the top of my dresser is on the floor and she's dancing in the mess. I realize I had left some drawers open and figure she climbed them. Next day, same thing, even though I thought I had closed the drawers. I cleaned everything up, closed the drawers and watched. She went under the dresser and pushed open the bottom drawer, then climbed into it. Pushed open the second drawer and climbed in, then the third. Out the front of the drawer onto the dresser and PARTY TIME!!!!! The other ferret was watching and waiting for the stuff to rain down on the floor, dancing and dooking the whole time.

I loved those little geniuses.


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20/22. My brother and I were throwing around a knitted soft frisbee. Like a crocheted frisbee.

My dog snags it out of mid air and chews on it for a second. Then she does this thing where she tilts her head as she thinks for a second.

Drops the frisbee and sprints out of the room.

She returns moments later with a hackey-sack from Guatemala that was made of the exact same material.

She was so excited. Like "see! See! Same stuff!"

Blew my mind.


21/22. So in typical post college life fashion I keep a bottle of Febreeze handy for when things start to smell and I don't want to spend time deep cleaning. Quick way to make everything smell nice before someone comes over....and its original intent of masking any bathroom smells. My kitten has witnessed me do this post bathroom ritual and recently I fed her a little too many treats and she had to poop. She proceeded to and it was rank to where she finished, sniffed the air and proceeded to run to the bathroom and jump on the sink to paw at the Febreeze spray bottle.


22/22. I have pet rats which I let out for playtime in my living room.

If they get fed up before it's time for them to go back in their cage, they will climb up the side of it and go in themselves.

...Except for one of my fat rats who is also very lazy.

There's a certain area in the living room that he knows he's not allowed near. As soon as he goes towards it, we'd give him a gentle telling off and put him back in the cage.

Lately, we noticed he had been doing it a lot... At first, I thought he was just being a dumb rat (I mean, he is. But that story is for another time) but then we realized that recently when he'd go over to that area of the room, he'd turn around and sit and just wait for you. These times were also different, as instead of going into a huff at being put back in the cage, he'd be very happy and go about eating or doing rat things.

That's when we realized that he was going over to the bad lands just because he wanted carried and lifted into the upper platform of the cage, instead of having to climb up the side of it himself.



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