Pet Owners Question If Their Animals Love Them Or If They Have Stockholm Syndrome


You love me. You really love me!

Animals, well pets are a bunch emotionally dependent wackos. Animal therapists are a real thing. Pets have emotions and feelings and fears just like we do. That's why is can be arduous to fully trust the sanctity of their intentions.

Redditor u/crunchytigerloaf wondered some thoughts about the thoughts of pet owners, asking.... What evidence do you have to show that our pets actually love us and do not simply suffer from stockholm syndrome?

Dogs are awesome! 

We have a small fenced in backyard that shares a fence line with the neighbors. Our neighbors have an aggressive dog that is very territorial and barks and snarls at my dog or people in the yard 100% of the time she is outside, so she's not outside often. My dog is terrified of this dog and will run away whimpering when it is outside.

I was in the backyard, working near my fence line when the neighbors dog came out and aggressively charged at the fence. My dog, which is much smaller, ran in between me and the fence and leaned his weight against me, pushing me backwards, and growled at the dog. It was the first and only time I have ever seen my dog stand up to the neighbor's dog, and it was to protect me. It was so awesome. cincyfan04

In & out.

DOG CAME INSIDE AFTER RUNNING AROUND WITH OTHER NEIGHBORHOOD DOGS. Dog wanted water. Gave dog water. Dog runs back out, stops, turns around, runs back in and puts his forepaws on me and starts licking me. Runs back outside to play. UKisBEST

Oh Mickey you're so fine! 

I've had many pet rats in my life. I once bought a new, bigger cage along with 4 baby rats I saved from being feeders. The bars of the cage held the bigger three rats, but one of them, Loki, was small enough to get free. He could've gone anywhere in the house at night those first few weeks - no matter how hard I tried I couldn't keep him locked up - but every morning without fail I'd find him curled up on my pillow right next to my head, sometimes nestled into my hair. Smartest and most loving rat I ever owned, I was so sad when he passed. snowdropxp

Meow for life! 

There is no doubt in my mind that my cat loves me as much as I love him.

When I'd cry, he'd run to me, crawl into my lap like momma cats do to their kittens. Then he'd rub his face up against mine while purring and he'd just give me the most loving looks. If he heard a sniffle, even from a runny nose, he would become so alarmed.

I had the flu and pneumonia at the same time a few years ago. The whole time I was sick, he refused to leave my side. He'd sort of pat me on the face and give me a little meow every few hours when I was too tired to move. When I'd get up to go to the bathroom and try to get me something to eat, he'd walk in front of me, look back and fat at me. He didn't like me getting out of my bed when I was sick.

He's not with me at the moment because I can't have him where I live right now (which is killing me) but he's staying with my brother and his gf. I visit him every week and he lets out the biggest high pitched meow when he sees me. He "kisses" me so much that I'll have slobber on my face.

When I was having a bad depressive episode, he'd stay by my side no matter what. He liked to cuddle with me while I held his paw when we'd go to sleep. I came very close to killing myself last December and I think he knew. He was one of the reasons why I didn't. I love him so much. gigabytestarship

Darn Rabbit. 

Once when I was a kid I had a nightmare and woke up crying, my pet rabbit saw I was upset and then went and brought me a mouthful of her breakfast. Holdfastwolf

Rabbits are smarter and have more personality than most people realize. I had one who would nudge me for attention and fetch like a dog! queenhaggard

Facetime saves lives! 

I dog sit a Border Collie and she knows my name, so when I call her owners and they greet me on the phone she'll run to the window and look if I'm there. redditor366

If me and my fiancé go out town and someone talks to us on speaker while he's around, he barks like crazy. Facetiming him blows his mind too. Doisha

Jump! For my love! 

I had a weird neighbor who told me that if your dog is super excited to see you, and starts jumping around and all that, you're a crappy owner.

I asked her to clarify. Apparently, in her mind, if your dog is super excited to see you it's because it has no other joy in life because you are selfish and don't allow it to enjoy other things. She claimed if you got your dog another dog to be friends with, and made sure that you had a huge yard with lots of toys/activities, then your dog wouldn't get excited to see you because it would be too busy playing. I guess I kind of get her logic. If your dog sits around alone and bored all day, and you're the only thing that brings him any joy, that's sad. But I think dogs just have a lot of happiness and love and zero ability to control it.

I grew up in a rural area. Our dogs had full run of a fenced in yard that was about an acre, and a dog door to come in/out of the house as they pleased. The yard was basically a dogs paradise - it was hilly and had a bunch of oak trees and tall grass with tons of squirrels, birds, and other wildlife. It even had a small manmade pond.

Every dog we had spent some time playing around in the yard, but if you came home after being gone for even five minutes, it was an explosion of happiness and wiggles. Hell, one of the dogs used to yelp and cry and shake for a solid five minutes after anyone came in the house.

They also had a similar reaction to snow, car rides, dinner time, other dogs, and swimming. They were just constantly exploding with happiness. But seeing their people always caused the biggest reaction. I think they just genuinely love their humans and get super happy to see them. cakenzhery

Check on it...

I had brain surgery and my pit jumped up on my bed and refused to move. He had never been allowed on the bed before, but he jumped up there and absolutely refused to move. He was 100+lbs, so I didn't outweigh him by a ton so I couldn't remove him myself while recovering. When someone else moved him, he jumped right back up and laid his head on my lap. After I was recovered, he stopped jumping on the bed.

That was also around the time of the DC earthquake and he jumped on me until I woke up about a minute or 2 before the quake. He also "checked on me" after it was over. me35c

It's ok! 

When my bird Stormageddon freaks out when something scares him I say "it's ok it's ok it's ok" to calm him down. I was in my room after a particularly bad day and I was crying on my bed. He started screaming from his cage across my room so I took him out. He put his face against my chin and started saying "it's ok it's ok it's ok."

I was so shocked. For those wondering he is a cockatiel. The-Goat-Lord

Jealousy is ugly on us all!  

My dog gets jealous. If I dare to talk to another animal or pet another animal, he has an unholy tantrum. starsinursa

My cat yells when I'm on the phone or talking to people while gaming. My boyfriend's streams games, and in a lot, you can hear Sheila yodeling while I'm talking. kibblesnbitch


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