Pet Owners Imagine What Fictitious Crimes Their Animal Might Sue For During Pet Court

Every pet owner knows that face your animals give you when you've done something totally unforgivable. Just this afternoon we sneezed and it disturbed the 4th nap Snausages was trying to have for the day. Yeah, the dog is names Snausages. He'd probably sue us for that if he could. One Reddit user asked:

Your pet has just sent you a summons for pet court. What is your pet suing you for and what is the judges verdict?

So, of course, that was the first thing we thought of. The answers had us laughing; mostly because we would be in court every day if our pets could sue for half the stuff on this list.

The Turkey Sandwich

**"I saw the human making a turkey sandwich to take for lunch. I was right there. I made my presence known and was very clear in expressing my desire for a bite and they ignored my request!" **

My rebuttal is that I gave the cat some treats when I was done. Let the judge decide.

Guilty As Charged

Because I've shaved him and he looks stupid.

The judge finds me guilty because he does, indeed, look stupid.


My super-clingy cat would do me for neglect (not letting him sit on me 24/7) and abandonment (leaving the house) along with adultery (patting another cat).

Verdict: cat must be taken with me every time I leave the house, more cuddles

Punderful Storytelling.

I keep chickens for eggs, so 958 counts of kidnapping.

The witnesses all chickened out. The judge was sympathetic and said:

**"Omelette you off this time." **

Eggcellent verdict.

The Sweater

My chihuahua is suing me for keeping the house too cold, forcing her to have to wear sweaters and dog clothes. The judge declares me guilty as charged, and I must now keep the thermostat to 80 degrees all year round.

Criminal Lack Of Affection

I'd probably be sued for Criminal Lack of Affection. She's the wife's dog, and she's well enough, but once we had kids she got jealous and became an attention wh0re and can never get enough ever. The jury would probably end in a mistrial, since we're both right. I don't give her enough attention, and she wants too much attention.

Eye Infection

She'd sue me because I restrained her and put gunk in her eye, twice a day for ten straight days! The horror!

I have before and after pics of her eye infection though, so I think the judge would rule in my favor

Daddy Would Be Their Lawyer

Emotional Distress. I left a pizza unopened on a table, left the room for ONE MINUTE! And my Chihuahua and Papillon ate HALF a f^cking medium pizza. Oh the guilt on their faces were priceless!

I didn't yell, but I did tell them they were grounded and won't have human food for a very, very long time.

Daddy on the other hand bought them sweet potato puppy treats and the Chihuahua refuses to eat them unless they have sour cream on it.

Judge would rule in their favor because daddy would be their lawyer. ????

Addicts Who Can't Be Trusted

Emotional abuse. I call my two cats the Fatties, the Meatballs, Chubster McFatboy and Lil' Gordita.

I would counter that they are both catnip addicts and their words cannot be trusted.

Failure To Remove Sketchy Looking Clouds

I'm being sued twice.

Missy the Elderly Terrier: Pressing charges for Labor Law Violation. Missy alleges that I am overworking her by bringing Momo the Puppy Mill Rescue Corgi into the house, as Missy must now teach Momo the correct way to dog. This includes training the corgi how to do tasks such as leash walking, obeying commands, reacting to both scary and non-scary situations, riding in a car, and making a wide range of terrier-like vocalizations.

I am found GUILTY, and am sentenced to a fine of 10 treats per day and work-release of 20 minutes of extra petting per day, plus probation, for the duration of Missy's life.

Momo the Puppy Mill Rescue Corgi:__Suing me for undue emotional distress. Momo alleges that I have failed to remove all scary things from the world. This includes wind, thunder, fireworks, sliding doors, plastic bags, brushes, helicopters, airplanes, and sketchy looking clouds; though this list is far from complete.

The judgment is found in MY FAVOR (woot!) but I am strongly cautioned to provide more anti-anxiety treats, reassurance, access to a Thundershirt, and training.

Eating Trash Together

The charge? Leaving the dog alone half the day. When I do come back home, I feeds the pup treats, go for walks, and cuddle but I STILL leave the next day! It's like I'm off having something better to do than tend to the dog!

The judge then says I must quit my job and just roam around homeless with my dog so we can be together 24/7 and eat trash lol but at least we are eating trash together.

Only One Run Per Day

Not taking her on TWO 5 mile runs a day. One run per day for a husky is judged as negligence according to dog law and I am thereby issued a court order requiring no less than 10 miles of running daily with her.

Seriously though we go on a 5~ mile run and 3 minutes after we get home she has piled all of our ropes and balls on my lap.

7-10 Days

Refusing to play. Luca just got fixed and is supposed to stay calm for at least 7-10 days. He's been bringing me literally every ball and toy he has in an attempt to get me to play with him. I feel so bad having to say no! Luckily the vet sent home some sedatives since Luca is normally pretty insane.

Illegal Fencing

My dogs are taking me to court for blocking their access to the kitty litter cafe with an illegal fence. (a baby gate is on the door so cats only have access to the room)

Judge throws out the case because the dogs are squatters who don't pay any rent.


Waking up 5 minutes later than them, thus delaying breakfast. I wake up at 7 to feed my dog every morning. The other day, I forgot to set my alarm and woke up to her whining at me. I checked my clock.

It was 7:01.


She'd sue me for being a cheater. I walk dogs and have a puppy of my own. I get home every day and am sniff interrogated for a good 10-15 minutes by my pup with judgmental glances throughout. She knows a few of the dogs because she comes with me to dog sit some of them, so some of the judgement comes from hanging out with her friends without her. I'll admit, it looks bad. A majority is from the random dogs that she doesn't recognize, which maybe looks worse.

She'd sue for petimony.

30 milk bones, and a new tennis ball every month... putting me right in the f^cking poor house.

Half A Queen Bed

Our cat would probably try suing Mom for the time she left the cat in the care of me and my girlfriend.

'There were two people in the bed! I had nowhere to sleep! I was abandoned... ABANDONED I TELL YOU! I had to spend FOUR DAYS alone in the wilderness!'

We were actually really worried about her, since we didn't see her at all after the first day... but she came back as soon as Mom came home. She was just pissed off she didn't have a whole half of a queen bed all to herself.

The Plant Nursery

My dog would sue me for taking the other dog with me to the plant nursery and not taking him as well. In my defense, he loses his shit every time he's on a leash and sees another dog, so he would not be welcome at the plant nursery.

Also, he got an extra chew treat as compensation. But he was NOT happy about being left at home.

Drop The Charges

My dog would probably try to sue me for abandonment every time I leave the house and drop the charges every time I came back.

Morbidly Obese Cat Glory.

She's suing me for "underfeeding" her. The judge dismisses the case upon seeing her in her 18+ pounds of morbidly obese cat glory. Sorry kitty, but the diet stands.

H/T: Reddit

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