There are several inconveniences which come with an illness or injury.

Being bedridden at home, missing work, having to cancel plans which were long in the making.

But the worst thing which often comes hand in hand with illness or injury, is physical pain.

While some pains can be taken care of with an ibuprofen or other medicines, others are so unbearable that almost nothing can ease it.

Redditor Dassag-Kababi-07 was curious to learn of the worst pain members of the Reddit community had to endure, leading them to ask:

"Users for Reddit, What is the most physical pain you have experienced? And how did it happen?"

The memory was almost equally painful.

"I was mauled by a dog while in the Caribbean."

"We went around the island trying to find the one doctor, kept missing him, in the age before cell phones, and finally went to the airport."

"We climbed on the plane barefoot and without any ID, it was the 1980s, a totally different time, and ended up in Miami, and went straight to the hospital."

"There they had mere minutes to save my nose so they strapped me to a surgical table and did surgery without anesthetic."

"I was four."

"It was to this day the most painful experience of my life and I still feel the pain in my whole body as I write this."

"What a horrible memory."

"The nose turned out great though."- LeskoLesko

Not one, but two!

"I've had two hernias, the first one was so bad that my insides essentially were 'spilling into' my sack."

"You could push it back in, but sometimes it would rest on my testicle and I would almost pass out from the pain."- izthistaken

"Didn't poo for a week."

"One massive turd."- Onetrillionpounds

Among the most invasive procedures you can get.

"Bone marrow biopsy."

"Trust me, you don't want to go through that."

"Also after that I found that I had Leukemia, so then there's that."

"But fully recovered, cured."- tombandicoot

"Bone marrow biopsy."

"They cannot numb bone."

"They just jam a needle in and suck out the marrow."

"It was worse than the craniotomy or mucositis."- stolliolli


"Ruptured my patella tendon, stepped into a manhole in a dark room and all my weight hit the concrete edge , opened my leg up and caused a 'fishtail' rupture on the tendon going under my knee, also the skin split showing my knee and shin bone."

"I got driven to hospital, I lay on my back and watched the consultant lift the skin to look at my kneecap, he then told me that this would be quite painful, and he could only give limited anaesthetic, then pushed the tip of his fingers under my kneecap to raise it to check the tendon."

"I wanted to f*cking die, I had surgery that night and was in physio for months after the cast came off."- ThrobberMcThrob

Um... okay...

"Being on fire really sucked."

"The first time was worse though."- Jam-18

Seatbelts save lives

"Crashed into a mound of dirt at about 60mph and ended up with a burst fracture in my lumbar spine."

"Hands down the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced."

"The worst part was, I was in a rural area so I couldn't get to a hospital for several hours and had no pain relief until the ambulance got to a safe place for the helicopter to land for me to be airlifted to a city."- ihatemyselfalot-lol

Let's hope this was a one time occurrence

"My period."

"I went to the doctor for a physical and when I got there my cramps were so bad that I physically passed out."

"When I woke up I was in an ambulance."

"Apparently the pain made my blood pressure sky rocket and when the pain stopped it made my blood pressure drop so fast I past out."

"I’m also a diabetic so they assumed it was a low blood sugar and were shoving an apple juice down my throat when I came to."- blubberwinx

Don't forget to floss

"Nothing beats the highest level of tooth pain for me."

"If you break a tooth or lose a filling, don't wait to get it taken care of. Dental insurance on its own is fairly inexpensive and one of the better investments you can do for yourself. And if you really can't afford that, there are usually low income clinics that will help you in times of emergency. Don't suffer!

Take good care of your teeth folks.

Whether inevitable or completely avoidable, unbearable, long lasting pain is something no one deserves to endure.

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