People Who Have 'Won A Date' With A Celebrity Explain How It Actually Went
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Have you ever fantasized about going out on a date with a celebrity? Or spending a day with a revered rock star?

Few lucky people have had the opportunity to meet their idols of the stage and screen thanks to various contests and promotions.

Those who are still waiting to have their fantasy dates realized may wonder if the stars they admire so much are anything like how they are portrayed by the media.

Curious to hear from lucky individuals, Redditor jjmoffitt asked:

"To anyone who has 'won a date'/'spend the day' with a celebrity, musician, athlete, etc. Who was it with and what did you do?"
Since our chances of being face to face with our idols won't be happening anytime soon, come and live vicariously through the experiences of these fortunate contest winners.

Date With A Twist

"I was in Toronto and won a contest in a win a date with a celebrity."

"I had gone to the place where I was going to meet up with whoever I won a date with and it turned out to be Shawn Mendes. I'm a guy by the way."

"When we both realized what happened, I guess his manager read my name which is Jesse and assumed it was a girl named because they probably misspelled it by Jessie, we both laughed it off. We ended up just hanging out for the day because why not and he was actually pretty cool about it."

"We went to a pool hall and played a couple of games and went to a bar for a bit. Real chill guy."


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"My dad won a dinner with Charles Peanut Tillman when I was young. My dad wasn't very into sports, but I was playing youth football at the time and my dad asked if he would rather go to one of our football practices instead. Tillman came and was absolutely awesome, gave our whole team lessons and advice, signed anything we wanted to be signed, an absolute amazing guy."


Private Concert

"Back in 2011 my friend's Dad won a contest for the Foo Fighters to play a set in his garage in Yonkers, NY. He was only allowed to invite a certain number of people to the show, and luckily my friend knew they were my favorite band so I was one of the lucky attendees."

"Before the band arrived, I got to play Taylor Hawkins' drum kit while their tech guys set up the equipment. When the band finally arrived, there was like an hour of just hanging out with them. I remember talking to Dave Grohl and Pat Smear. It was insane. Also I believe I was so incredibly awkward because I didn't know what to say because it was so surreal."

"Then they played for like an hour. I was like 2 inches away the whole time."

"Can't even believe I was lucky enough for that to happen to me and I owe my friend an enormous debt for one of the coolest days of my life."

"(Also they had people filming. If you go on YouTube and search "Foo Fighters Garage Tour New York" you can see a clip of that day)"


Hanging Out At The Wood Shop

"Got to chill with Nick Offerman at his wood shop. That laugh that Ron Swanson does.. That is his legit laugh. He giggles, I thought it was acting. :D But he's a chill cool dude like you would expect."


Many Winners

"Dinner with Ice Cube. Banquet hall full of winners. He came table to table meeting and greeted everyone and taking pictures. I also ad a CD signed for a friend."


"He Was A Machine"

"I bought a Sprite at Ralph's and unknowingly entered myself into a contest to win a day playing video games with Kobe Bryant at Gameworks. When Ralph's called to tell me I was the winner, I almost hung up on them."

"It was me + 3 friends, and probably a group of about 30-40 people who spent a day with Kobe. He was super chill and friendly, spent a lot of time with the younger kids. And he absolutely destroyed the game where you shoot the little basketballs through the little hoops, he was a machine."


A Big Time Crush

"Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush. It was a costume contest but since it was raining heavily only like six people showed up and there were like 4 or 5 winners or something? It was very easy to win due to those odds. It was also supposed to be a 'go sledding with Kendall' thing but since it was raining they turned it into a pizza lunch date. It was a lot of fun. I could've done without getting hate and death threats from the girls who didn't win, though. Teen girl fandoms are brutal."


Painting Pottery

With: Gigi Hadid October 2018 Got to paint pottery with her and a group of others at Color Me Mine. She wore no makeup, jeans & a cropped sweatshirt and looked beautiful. Very kind and quiet. Laughed at a couple of my stories. I really liked her and she made everyone feel comfortable."


Like A Dream

"Got to meet Ed Sheeran and see his backstage setup. Felt like a dream since my sister and I are huge fans and I was so nervous. But he was incredibly down to earth and genuine. Felt like talking to a friend. Ed is the best!"


A Decent Hunk

"Not me, but my dad."

"My dad used to work for a rather popular boat manufacturing company, and as part of an incentive, the company would pick one of the workers to go drive the boats at big boat shows. Throughout his years working for the company, my dad was picked twice, and he got to drive a boat for Hulk Hogan both times."

"He said that aside from the macho public image, Hulk was actually a decent guy. They made small talk about their families, and various things that were going on in their lives. He was a little cocky, but my dad just looked past that, because he was so starstruck to be talking to an actual celebrity."


The Flirty One

"I met Rowdy Roddy Piper at a 'meet and greet' in Nottingham a few years ago when he was on tour talking about his life. He was being very rather flirty and complimentary to me so I said 'I bet you say that to all the girls!.' He gave a delightful chuckle and said, 'Yes, Ma'am, I do!' He was such a good laugh and I was sad to hear of his demise shortly after."


Story Teller

"I don't really remember how/why this happened, but Danny Glover made an appearance at my local library when I was a kid. I think I remember him reading to us? Either way, I sat on his lap and I remember him being pretty chill."


Nick Jonas GIF by Jumanji: The Next LevelGiphy

The Fleeing Celeb

"I drooled on my shoulder sitting next to Isobel lucas on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney in about 2004."

"I'd fallen asleep after a three day bender before the plane took off."

"She moved seats. Does it count?"


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