People With Secrets Share The Things They Need To Get Off Their Chests.


Sometimes there are things that weigh on your mind, and it feels good to let them all out. These are some of the most interesting confessions the internet has to offer.

This piece is based on an AskReddit thread. Link on the last page.

23. Magic Mic.

It was 1989 or 90 Hawaii and I was a DJ part-time with an ocean cruise company that would take about 150 tourists out into the ocean, get them drunk, have a live DJ play dance music, serve dinner then head back into port. I had only been working there about a month and was not a very good DJ but I was very passionate about it.

So this one day we get Ice Cube from NWA promoting their album Straight Outta Compton. My boss tells me I just have to play the song Gangsta Gangsta from their album midway through the night. The time comes I put his album on and start playing the song.


He is really into it and everyone is dancing and having a good time. Midway through the song he raps into the mic "time for a break down" and then points to me and makes the "Scratch scratch" gesture with his hand. Terrified, I lean over the turntables and tell him, "I'm new and I dont know how to do that."

Seemingly amazed, Ice Cube looks at me pathetically and starts shaking his head.

He never looked at or spoke to me again.


22. Teachable moment.

I've just completed my first day as a teacher and already I'm questioning my life choices.



21. BFForever alone.

I have no true friends. I have people like me and people that are chill with me but I have never had that connection of a best friend. I always think that someone is my best friend but no one ever thinks of me as their best friend.



20. Aggravated battery.

I might have killed someone around 10 years ago, without any questions asked. (continued...)

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I was an intern at a hospital working to become a biomedical technician.

One day, me and one of the technicians were performing an annual preventive maintenance task on some ventilators. You know as in ventilators that keeps people alive when they can't breathe on their own.


My task was to replace the backup batteries and some filters. I replaced every one to the best of my ability.

Next day, I heard a patient had died because of the power supply of their ventilator crapped out during the night.

The weird part is, that there was never an audit or investigation into what went wrong with the ventilator.

I don't exactly blame myself, but I had replaced power supply the day before. I have never told anyone about this before.


19. I'm more than a bird, I'm more than a plane.

I'm a young man and I've been a cop for three years now, and I can feel myself already developing PTSD. Decomposing bodies, a frantic mother handing me their dead baby girl and pleading with me to revive her, kids pulling triggers and destroying families to protect their insane notion of honor.

I want to be a good man. I want to make a positive difference. But I'm quickly realizing I'm not Superman.


I feel like I've been handed a mop, and told to swab the streets as it's still raining. All the while, I'm being ridiculed because I'm using the wrong kind of mop or I missed a spot.


18. Staff infection.

Many of the teachers at the school I work at don't like me because they think Im trying to buy the kids' affection in an inappropriate way. (continued...)

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I do stuff like provide them with food, school supplies, warm clothing, and free after-school tutoring (I get donations from local businesses for the tangible stuff). Other teachers have ridiculed me about this to my face.

A few of them have gleefully told me about how one day I'm going to realize that I'm wasting my time on kids who don't deserve it and then I'll become just like them. They point out that one student who I spent countless hours working with a few years ago in order to get her to graduation is currently in prison for selling drugs. I always get the same message from them: what you are doing is worthless and does not matter.


Well, here's what I need to get off my chest: last week a student introduced me to a very troubled young person as a teacher who can and will help. He said that I am someone who "cares more about students than about herself."

So what I do is not worthless. It does matter.


17. Good for you.

I'm leaving my emotionally abusive boyfriend after he leaves for work today. I'm scared but I finally feel enough is enough.


16. Half-full house.

I'm in love with my soon-to-be housemate who thinks were just friends.


Because moving in with her will obviously make things better for me. Damn, I'm stupid.


15. The perfect crime.

One time a coworker came into my office and said, "Hey, I just wanna warn you, don't go into the bathroom for a while. It smells like somebody died in there." It was me.



14. Second-best man.

My best friend and best man at my wedding has not asked me to be best man at his wedding in the summer, and it really bugs me.



13. Crossing over.

Straight, married dude. Becoming obsessed with makeup and women's fashion. (continued...)

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No idea how/if to tell the wife or anyone. Don't really have opportunities to try crossdressing, but I often want to. Every woman I meet I can't help but study her makeup and outfit. Wife wouldn't get upset at me if she found out, she'd just be suuuuper weirded out and probably think it is really silly.


12. Say it now.

I didn't talk to my best friend for a week before she committed suicide. I wasn't angry with her or anything, it was just after exams and we had a few days off of school. I have never been an on-screen communicator, and I was so certain that I would see her on our first day back to school. But now she's gone and I can't forgive myself for not sending her a quick "hey" when I knew she would still reply.


11. Kids having kids.

My wife is 36 weeks pregnant, and I am terrified I won't be a good dad. I am trying to keep it cool and look as I'm really excited about it.

But in reality, this is getting me, and the prospect of being responsible of a little human when I can't get my own crap together... is just extremely terrifying.



10. Wednesday Addams.

I had a great conversation with a girl on Friday but forgot to ask for her number and I won't see her until next Wednesday. The anticipation is driving me nuts.



9. Lovechild.

No matter how much I love my kids, I don't love my wife. The only reason I'm still with her is because I couldn't bare only seeing my kids on weekends.



8. Fatal attraction.

So theres this girl, and when I get to work with her its the best thing going in my life. But at the same time I hate myself around her cause i just ache for her validation. (continued...)

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When I stop and take a step back I realize how its not helpful. And I'm putting her on a pedestal. I I also know from my discussions with her that we have so little in common outside work and I'm nothing like what she is looking for in a friend let alone boyfriend

Still, I ache like a pathetic teenager.



7. Electric punching bag.

If I come to disconnect your gas or electricity or fit a money meter because you haven't paid, I'M NOT THE BAD GUY. I try to help you but even before I've knocked on your door, you've had visits, letters, warnings, an invitation to the court regarding your account, the works.

Yet every day I get abuse and hate because I'm the face on your doorstep. I want to arrange an agreement, I understand financial hardship and I have so much information for you if you'd just listen or let me help you.

You don't get free gas or electric.


6. Time doesn't heal everything.

My 3-year-old daughter died 17 years ago today. It doesn't feel that long ago. I miss her.


5. School is out.

I'm currently in school, and I think I'm on the verge of failing all my classes simultaneously.


I've been having trouble staying up during the night, which is how I used to get things done after a long day of classes and a part time job. Now I'm stressed, working but making less money, and not getting everything I need to get done.


4. The call of the past.

An old friend (think, from middle school to our now mid 20's) called me up yesterday after not talking for two years because of a stupid argument we had. I was super surprised and asked him what prompted him to call me up. (continued...)

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He told me that he had been thinking about me a lot and missed me. He realized that he was acting like a jerk that night we got into the argument and had always wanted to reach out but never had until he realized my birthday was two weeks away.

I never really thought that people noticed me much or cared for my presence in their lives, so hearing him say that and knowing he does value me as a friend kind made me feel really special and made my day.



3. You need a cuddle buddy.

I just wanna be held for once. I wanna be told that I'm gonna be fine, and that there are people who would accept me unconditionally. I just wanna feel loved by people who aren't my parents.



2. He's not kidding.

My fiance's kids are rotten. We try to set rules in the household, but cry their asses off if they disobey and are grounded from video games. No manners, no respect.


I love my fiance, but her kids I could do without.

They're 13 and 14, by the way.


1. Anti-climax.

Whenever I climax during sex I always get a random memory from my childhood in my head. Nothing bad, sometimes it's me skateboarding, or a time when my friend bought me Jack In The Box, or watching Malcolm in the Middle after school.

I never told my girlfriend because she'd give me the, "why aren't you thinking of me?" Answer. I don't know why this happens and can't help it.




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