People With Scars Share The Crazy Stories About How They Got Them

Scars are something we carry around with us throughout our whole lives. Sometimes they fade, but there will always be a faint mark that reminds us of our past traumas. The thing about scars is that they remind us of all sorts of situations from our past that aren't always necessarily bad, even though they may have hurt. Sometimes we even show them off as a badge of honor.

DeadVince asks:

How did you get the scar that you show off most often?

Sledding can end badly

I was about 6, sledding in my neighbor's backyard and I ran straight into their above-ground pool at top speed. My mom was calling me home, but I didn't come right away because my leg hurt and I was crying. By the time I got into the front yard my mom came over and was angry. My neighbor's father came out and tried to calm me down by rubbing my hurt knee over my snowpants. When I got inside my own house and took off my snowpants, we discovered that I had a huge gash in my knee that was pouring blood and fat. My mom almost passed out but my dad came home and took me to the hospital. Got a ton of stitches and didn't even get grounded.

This sounds like every mans nightmare

I got it from accidentally zipping my manhood up in my pants zipper

That passes for a gunshot wound

I have a crater looking scar on the side of my calf. Looks like an old gunshot wound, it's about the diameter of a nickel. People always think it's a gunshot, but really it's just from a rowdy staph infection I got in high school.

When your leg can't take much more

Snapped my Achilles tendon twice (3 months apart) and had to have 2 opperations to repair.

I broke the same leg a few years later and got a nasty flesh eating bacteria.

The leg is in a mess...

Barney will make a kid do crazy things

I have a scar near my eye that I got as a child from getting excited over Barney the Dinosaur being on, jumping on the bed and then launching my face into the corner of a table. It mostly looks like a longish dimple near my eye.

Do not play with fire

I caught a flame retardant children's shirt on fire when I was little. It melted to my stomach. The only way I put it out was by running into the bathroom wherr my mom was taking a bath and jumping In. It left a scar covering 80%of my stomach and chest at the time. I was 4. I'm 28 now and it only covers about 60 percent of my stomach. Its a cool story for me lol

The mystery scar

I have a big scar on my knee that I've had since I was 6 or 7, the thing is no one knows how I did it, I have no idea nor does anyone in my family, I sometimes think they know and they just don't want to tell me.

Was anyone watching these children?

You mean those nasty scars going over my veins on both hands? I ran through closed glass door when I was a child

Almost in half!?

Cancer surgery. They cut me almost in half but they got all of it.

DIY waterslide is never a good idea

Two words. Homemade waterslide

That tree swing situation

On a tree swing at 13 years old. The swing used to go over a 30ft cliff and the branched snapped off when I was mid air. I fell and landed in a dried out river and my humorous bone snapped clean in half and came through the the skin. The bone was the brightest white I've ever seen. It was only 2 minute walk from my house so just walked home holding my arm, then my parents freaked out and rang me an ambulance. I now have a 6 inch scar where the bone came through and a smaller scar on my elbow where a pin was inserted to keep the bone inline while it healed.

Dogs can be vicious when you are on their turf

Dog bite. Rode my bike through someone's yard when I was a kid. Too close the dog and he got me on the arm.

The slasher

Accidentally slashed my finger with a knife.

No, not cut; literally slashed.

Low visibility is never good

Fell off my bike in the rain. 7 stitches above the eyebrow.

When your story doesn't add up

I got into a fight. Knocked 17 guys out. One had an axe that almost killed me, but I dodged just in time so I only got this. (Shows tiny little scar in between thumb and finger)

What? No it wasn't from Food Tech in year 7 shut up Karen.

Dancing can be dangerous, especially in the shower

When I was seven, I was dancing in the shower (as young kids do) and I started to get really into it. I ended up closing my eyes, spinning, getting really into the music in my own head...then, BAM!!! I slipped and busted my chin on the drain, and that's how I got a scar on my chin.

I bet she still feels bad...

My mum dropped me through a glass coffee table when I was just a baby. I have a little scar on my ankle to remember it by (and a mum who still feels guilty ~20 years later!)

Sometimes you can't help but to show it off

I faceplanted onto the toilet when I was a toddler.

I don't mean to show off the scar, but it's in the middle of my face.

That's gunna leave a mark

Passed out on a motorcycle and crashed into the street face first with no helmet at 85 mph.

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