People Win While Renaming Popular Items With More Apt Descriptions

Sometimes those popular items we buy and use daily could certainly have a better name. The people who named the items simply were not thinking clearly, that's why people have renamed some of those items that clearly have a better fitting name!

ibrabatool asks: If you were in charge renaming things so that their names would be more accurate, what names would you come up with?

Squid goals

a group of Squids should be just called a Squad.

Totally misnamed

Iceland -> Greenland

Likewise: Greenland -> Iceland

Completely appropriate!

Toilet paper = "crapkins"

Plus, I always thought toothbrush should be "teethbrush" since you clean them all with it.

Apparently thinking in German can really help

Just translate the literal meaning of any German word to English.

Turtle = Shield toad

Slug = Naked snail

Tuesday = Workday

And Finland should be removed from the dictionary.

This is a little small minded, but YAS!

Astronomers become.... Skyientists!

A more fun name for sure

Pregnancy test = maybe baby

Some people already ahead of the curve when addressing this item

Colander = hole bowl

it's not a set of skis,, it's a bike!

I'd rename jet ski to "boaterbike".

An animal that needs a name to match how ridiculous they are

I would rename seagulls to beach chickens.

When your batteries don't work anymore...

Got this one from a 4 year old, batteries that have expended their charge are flatteries.

Lets go back to basics

W = double v, not double u

Absolutely backwards

Driveway <==> Parkway

Parkway <==> Driveway

Fingers come in all shapes and sizes

Fries would be potato fingers.

When is it again?

Clocks would obviously be called when machines, do not try to change my mind

Lets be honest here

Breadknife - breadsaw.

This would need some time to sink in

Yesterday is now lasterday

Another German inspired gem

Sorrow Bacon -- Kummerspeck (excess weight gained from emotional eating)

totally fitting

American football -> handball

We will miss the french flair, but this is basically what it is

A carousel should be called a Horse Tornado

Just call it what it really is!

Advertising - Soft Core Mind Control

Public relations - Propaganda Relations

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