People Win While Renaming Popular Items With More Apt Descriptions

People Win While Renaming Popular Items With More Apt Descriptions

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Sometimes those popular items we buy and use daily could certainly have a better name. The people who named the items simply were not thinking clearly, that's why people have renamed some of those items that clearly have a better fitting name!

ibrabatool asks: If you were in charge renaming things so that their names would be more accurate, what names would you come up with?

Squid goals

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a group of Squids should be just called a Squad.

Totally misnamed

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Iceland -> Greenland

Likewise: Greenland -> Iceland

Completely appropriate!

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Toilet paper = "crapkins"

Plus, I always thought toothbrush should be "teethbrush" since you clean them all with it.

Apparently thinking in German can really help

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Just translate the literal meaning of any German word to English.

Turtle = Shield toad

Slug = Naked snail

Tuesday = Workday

And Finland should be removed from the dictionary.

This is a little small minded, but YAS!

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Astronomers become.... Skyientists!

A more fun name for sure

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Pregnancy test = maybe baby

Some people already ahead of the curve when addressing this item

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Colander = hole bowl

it's not a set of skis,, it's a bike!

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I'd rename jet ski to "boaterbike".

An animal that needs a name to match how ridiculous they are

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I would rename seagulls to beach chickens.

When your batteries don't work anymore...

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Got this one from a 4 year old, batteries that have expended their charge are flatteries.

Lets go back to basics

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W = double v, not double u

Absolutely backwards

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Driveway <==> Parkway

Parkway <==> Driveway

Fingers come in all shapes and sizes

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Fries would be potato fingers.

When is it again?

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Clocks would obviously be called when machines, do not try to change my mind

Lets be honest here

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Breadknife - breadsaw.

This would need some time to sink in

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Yesterday is now lasterday

Another German inspired gem

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Sorrow Bacon -- Kummerspeck (excess weight gained from emotional eating)

totally fitting

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American football -> handball

We will miss the french flair, but this is basically what it is

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A carousel should be called a Horse Tornado

Just call it what it really is!

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Advertising - Soft Core Mind Control

Public relations - Propaganda Relations

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