People Who Work For Trump-Owned Businesses Share What They've Experienced.


Say what you want about Trump, but the man knows how to get noticed. Even by his employees, it turns out.

Here are people who have worked for Trump-owned businesses sharing their experiences!


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29. Well that's pretty consistent I guess.

SO works in the entertainment industry, and had worked with Trump on a project. Said his assistant was a smart lady and fantastic to work with.

Nothing major regarding Trump himself, except he often liked to go off on tangents instead of reading what was put in front of him.


28. That's the life right there...

Worked in a Trump tower 1 weekend. Helped the sales team, everyone was nice, got to drink espresso all day with biscottis..



27. I always wondered what she was like.

My father used to work in one of his buildings in the late 80s. He saw Ivana every day, said she was very pleasant and always said hello. He ran into Trump a handful of times, very professional, no BS. Asked my dad how the job was going, that kind of thing. Never had a bad word to say.


26. The three main food groups if you ask me...

My neighbor was a union construction worker. They were hired to build parts of one of Trumps buildings I think in Atlantic City. He said everyday Trump provided the entire crew with donuts, bagels and coffee.

For all of you who think I am shilling for some reason. I am not. My neighbor does not like Trump's politics and did not vote for him.



25. I wish people tipped me at my job.

I worked as a Valet at his Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey for a handful of years. The job was actually amazing. $11/hour plus whatever tips you make... usually came out to about $25 an hour. Got to drive the sickest cars you could imagine... lambos, mercedes, ferraris, and even drove one of Trumps Rolls Royce Phantoms. For a Late high school / college student it was a dream job.

Trump would come around pretty frequently actually.


He usually flew in from Manhattan by helicopter. He's actually a very large man... sort of intimidating. whenever he was on the grounds he'd usually be surrounded by a cohort of people so us regular workers never got much interaction with him, but he did tip me a $100 bill once. Apparently when he'd come to the golf club he'd just have a wad of hundreds and give them out like candy to employees for doing the slightest little things.


24. Good to know...

Leading up to the election I met a couple of people who had worked for Trump. Both of them were planning to vote for him because he had been such a great employer. Still didn't convince me to vote for the guy, but gave me a different perspective.



23. That's certainly very decent of him.

My cousin worked as a receptionist for him during the early years of The Apprentice. When she was attacked by her boyfriend's dog, Trump paid for her hospital bills/surgeries and told her she'd still have a job when she was ready to come back. Idk if she voted for him, but she had a good experience working for him.


22. Love is a strong word, but I get it...

This isn't me personally, but I have some friends that work valet at one of his hotels (Trump National Doral) here in Miami, and they LOVE it.

They say it's pretty chill, a normal days work, they get a good pay and they have seen him a couple times. I guess its good for them since they support him.


21. I'll take a free seminar any time.

My parents went to one of his seminars back in '05 and they described him as "a busy man with no time to play around" most of the seminar was done by his lawyers but when he was there he was quick to the point and then gone

For people who think the seminars only there as a revenue source for him: it was a free seminar certain people were invited to.



20. I bet you are a great couple!

I met the guy a few times once in Trump Tower and another at the PGA tour. At the PGA tour I informally introduced him to my boyfriend (soon to be husband) and...


I informally introduced him to my boyfriend (soon to be husband) and to be honest one of the nicest guys I ever met he even said we made a great couple. (I'm gay by the way.)


19. Quite competitive, in fact.

He does offer a 401k match of 4.5% if you put in 6%. This is a competitive match.



18. Pickled cows tongue is a thing!!??

My (French Canadian immigrant) grandfather was a superintendent for one of Fred Trump's buildings, and he met Donald (current POTUS) on multiple occasions as they shared an interest in ice hockey.

Donald would visit my grandfather's apartment and watch hockey with him in the living room. My grandpa would always eat pickled cows tongue while watching hockey, I'm curious if he ever offered Trump any.

According to my grandpa Fred Trump was very kind, always took the time out to talk to my grandfather when he stopped in to pick up his paycheck, gave unprompted bonuses before vacations ("Take this $100 and buy your kids something").

My grandpa recounts it as one of the best working experiences of his life, and he worked that job until retirement.


17. I want free crap!!!

My aunt was no joke his receptionist. I would really need to talk to her for specific stories. She said he always wanted attractive people towards the front. He also used to give crap that was given to him away to employees all the time, things like gift baskets. I think he also donated to my uncle's (her brother) funeral.



16. Flying high...

Two of my father's patients worked for Trump (one as one of the pilots, and the other as a flight attendant).

They told my father that Trump was always very nice to them and asked them questions about their families, so it seemed pleasant from what they've told my father.


15. Ivanka and Eric in the house!

So I worked for a Trump hotel who he only bought the property of and had nothing to do with the history of the resort itself. The big thing people need to know is that for the most part Trump is more of the mascot than anything else. Ivanka and Eric were running the show much more. If they were walking around you had a good chance of speaking with them and they are very nice people.

Eric and his support for St. Jude is also really fantastic stuff and I always loved to see how much money we would gather. The company is very fair and the standards for operation are what you will see at any 4* and 4 diamond resort. Sadly business at my hotel was hit pretty hard because of his run for presidency.


Many groups would cancel because they didn't want to be associated with him. Stinks because your hurting all those workers much more than they ever hurt him. But the saddest thing I think that happened because of Trump was that the hotel lost a big part of its history because the PGA is no longer going to be hosted there. Decades of history gone because of a comment of his.

So all in all as far as employment goes the company is great and fair. But his run for presidency has had an effect on the history of some hotels sadly.


14. Well, surely that's a good sign!

Recently designed a privately held floor of Trump Tower. His environmental requirements for his building are by far the strictest I've ever seen.



13. Oh yeah, loves that CC. No doubt.

I've answered this before.. Donald Trump came into the movie theater I used to work at, and I served him at the concession stand. He asked about the flavors of our Slushies, they were White Cherry and Cotton Candy. He got the Cotton Candy. Donald Trump enjoys cotton candy...and I literally know that for a fact forever now. He also paid in exact change.


12. Who new that could be such a good spot for discourse?

My buddy's girlfriend works at the Starbucks in Manhattan's Trump Tower. It's mostly like any other Starbucks, except for the heightened security, as well as tourist Trump fans coming in and striking up political conversations. There haven't been any major incidents.


11. Tremendous!

I worked at one of his country clubs. When he came in, the whole place did a complete 180. Wages went up and the whole place became much, much nicer.


10. That's... interesting?

I heard an interview on NPR with financial news reporter who had been sued by Trump over his coverage of Taj Mahal. In the end they asked him who he was voting for and he said he would vote for Trump because he was a brilliant marketer and a generally nice guy.



9. I would kill for a memory like that...

I know a guy who works security details for Kraft, the owner of the Patriots. One of his jobs was to pick up guests at the airport in a town car and drive them to the stadium to the Pats game.. It could be Steven Tyler, Les Moonves, anyone. He said he drove Trump twice.


He didn't say much about him. Some people like to talk on the driveway down, some don't. Trump liked to talk, part of the time pontificating, part of the time asking questions.

At the end, he tried to slip him a hundred bucks as a tip, which was absolutely forbidden. The guy said absolutely not, Kraft takes care of us and the gesture is appreciated, but please, I'll just get in trouble.

Uneventful, but not un-polite.

What stuck out to the guy was about three or four years later, he picks Trump up again, shook his hand as he got into the car, and remember his name, his wife's name, little things about the small talk the last time on the way down. Then tried to tip him even MORE money on the way out.

Of all the people he probably interacted with over that period of time, the dude was blown away Trump could recall all of that. Not thinking it's because he cared, but just because that's actually kinda impressive.

I'm divorcing my politics and personal opinion of him, and just relating what someone who had first hand experience with him told me.


8. A real... "pleasure"...

A close friend of my family used to be a limo driver for Trump for 20+ years. He has all sort of stories about it, mostly wild nights on the town with the back full of women. He's a great guy and said working for Trump was a pleasure.



7. $10k ain't nothin' to sneeze at...

My first serving job was in a restaurant in a Trump casino. It was about as sketchy as you would expect working in an Atlantic City casino to be. One of my fellow servers was escorted out of the restaurant mid-shift by security for snatching cash off a roulette table the night before. I was also offered $10,000 to marry one of the Bulgarian bartenders and get her a Green Card (I didn't do it).

All things considered, it made for a really fun summer job as an 18 year old.


6. Oooh, a dream come true!

My first-ever temp job in the late 90s was answering phones at a truck dispatch company in NY. The office was abuzz that day because they were expecting a call from Trump about a new contract or something. When The Call came in, I was surprised that Trump had dialled in himself, and that he didn't have a secretary or other staffer placing the call for him.

So I got to put Trump on hold.

It felt good.



5. Hm... never realized that.

The Trump Organization controls a series of subsidiaries who "do" the day-to-day real estate work, such as speculation, investments, project management, etc. These subsidiaries would often recruit recent MBA graduates from top-tier programs and would hire them on in hands-on roles.

Thing is, in some cases, you only knew you were tangentially associated with The Trump Organization.


TTO is very self-contained with only a trusted inner-sanctum actually working for TTO. So, what I know from colleagues who have worked there: It's pretty much just a standard job. Trump is a name and a brand, not a person, really. He's the chairman you never see. You do your job, maybe have a work-related Friday outing; but, all-in-all, it's nothing beyond what you'd expect at any job, really.


4. Even the SS is on his side!

I didn't work for Trump but I worked a Bernie rally and talked to one of the Secret Service guys for a while. He said that the Secret Service guys liked working for Trump and that he buys them food and treats them very well which differed from a couple of other politicians they've had to protect. He made it pretty clear that he didn't agree with the Trump's rhetoric but that he's a respectful person to work for.



3. Ew.... you gotta pay the writers, people!

I produced some copy for one of the Trump websites. It was only a job worth a couple of hundred dollars.

Never got paid.

They used the copy for about a year before removing it.


2. Where's MY hotel???

My uncle was a higher up at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. He worked there for as long as I can remember and he always had great things to say about the hotel and about Trump. The kicker was my uncle eventually wanted to move to he did and El Presidente Trump helped him get set up to purchase his own hotel. So my uncle owned and ran his own hotel down there for many years until he passed away 4 years ago.

RIP Uncle Kev.



1. Should have saved that thing...

I worked briefly as a contractor with some of his marketing people. The job wasn't particularly different from any other I've worked. When we finished the job I had gone 2 months without getting paid (usually I'm paid within 6 weeks).

I emailed a few people and couldn't get it sorted right away, but about a week later I received a check. Not a printed check either, a written check signed by Donald Trump himself. It also included a brief letter apologizing for the inconvenience.

There's a lot of stuff online about Trump not paying his contractors, and it may be true. But dealing with his organization was WAY easier than a lot of the scumbags I've dealt with.



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