People Who Have Witnessed A Murder Explain What Happened


It's something we can all truly say we hope never happens.

The dark side of human nature is pervasive. It can cause trauma. We hope to escape life without witnessing it.

But not all are so lucky.

u/laxnfor asked:

[serious] Have any redditors here witnessed a murder, if so, what happened?

Here were some of those answers.

It Never Leaves

A guy fresh from prison carjacked an SUV with a young boy in the back seat. Mom tried to get him out but the shoulder strap of his seatbelt was behind him. He got caught and twisted in the belt, outside the car. The guy took off dragging the kid down the highway, killing him instantly. He passed us after several miles and we chased him down, blocked him in at an intersection, and dragged him out, holding him for police. 20 years ago next week on my 34th wedding anniversary. I can see it like it was yesterday.


Why Didn't We Do Anything?!

When I was 13, I was in a trip to Washington state as part of a church group that would help out on an Indian reservation. In our trek from the Midwest, our train stopped in Portland and to keep things short, our whole group saw a man get stabbed in the neck, walk 5 feet before yelling help and falling to the ground. Then our bus took off to go to the Saturday market.


Tragedy In Its Most Awful Form

My bff's husband's best friend. Lets call him Tony. We were all at a bbq in the back of their building celebrating my godson's First Communion. Another man, who had done work for Tony's parents, also lived in the building. He felt he had been unfairly paid for that work and took Tony's parents to court. He won 3 of the 8 thousand he was asking for... losing (in his mind) $5000. He came out in the middle of the bbq and shot Tony with an old rifle he owned. Tony died instantly, shot to the heart. For $5000.... Tony was only 34 and completely uninvolved.



I was driving one day and at a red light, two cars in front of me. Guy in the car immediately in front of me gets out and walks up to the window of the guy at the very front. I'm thinking maybe he bumped into him or something and wants to quickly exchange info, nope. Dude pulls out a gun and fires off two shots before running back into his car and speeding off. As soon as he reached into his jacket for the gun my heart sank and I kinda knew what was happening but I didn't actually process it until the guy sped off. Craziest thing about it to me was that multiple cars behind and beside me also witnessed it but just drove off like nothing happened. Guess they didn't wanna get dragged into it.


Loud Sobbing

Lived in a bad area of South London as a teenager.

I saw dead bodies from various things such as guy ran over by bus, stabbing victim etc. But one time I was in my local Co-op (supermarket) and walked out to to see two big lads beefing and one pulling out a knife and stabbing the other 3 times. I remember the guy who got stabbed made a noise similar to the oof sound effect and just crumpled to the ground. the stabber kind of just ran off with dozens of people looking at him screaming then ambulances and police sirens pulling up in about 2 minutes. My catholic mother thought i was buying drugs with her milk money because I was late home.


Failed Pursuit

There was a car pulled over on the side of the road and someone was lying on the ground behind it. We pulled over a little past the car to see if they needed any help. My husband told me to call 911 while he got out to help. Right as he got out of our car, the other car quickly backed both sets of tires over the person on the ground, drove back over the body, then two people jumped out the back and threw the body in the back seat. My husband jumped back in our car and turned around to follow them while I explained what happened to the 911 operator. We lost them in a nearby neighborhood. We didn't hear anything about it after that.


A Child's Trauma

I was about 7 years old. Me and my brother were playing video games, the TV is close to the gate so we could see everything that was happening out there. A guy was riding a bike and a man with a motorcycle helmet came and shot the guy in the back. He fell on the ground and tried to run but the guy shot him 2 more times and he was dead. It was so surreal I didn't even heard anything, I just froze in place and couldn't take my eyes away. My brother had to pull me by the arm to the back of the house because I couldn't even move. I didn't even believed it was real until I saw the police there removing the body.


Who Shoots A Teenager?!

When I was on a mission trip a couple states away from my home state, my cleanup crew (we were all like 14-18) and our staff leader were weeding an empty lot near a bad neighborhood for the city to put a produce garden in for the residents. We heard a sound and we all thought it was car backfire. Five minutes later our site manager tells us to all walk quietly back to the van. We found out a 13 year old girl was shot and killed a street over from us.


Somehow He Survived

I watched a man be brutally stabbed while I was in prison. Apparently he was poised to take charge of the Crips on the compound but wasn't part of the same "Set" as the others. He was stabbed over and over and over, no less than 50 times. He was curled up screaming "HELP!" at the top of his lungs, but if anybody were to help you would most likely be stabbed too. I hadn't been in prison a month and it was definitely the most horrifying thing I've ever seen.


Just Narrowly Escaped

I was at my aunt's house alone 1980's, sun beating down on my skin. I do a few laps around the pool with the door unlocked, but suddenly something tells me to lock my door so I do. About 30 minutes later I hear the front door's doorknob turn and shake, but I think nothing of it. I looked outside just to be safe, and I see someone shooting my neighbor dead on his lawn. Later that night I learned the person was checking for unlocked doors in houses. To this day I think I could have been the dead neighbor on the lawn


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