People Who Were Single Later In Life Share How They Found Someone.


Some people worry about growing older and not finding someone, but there is always someone for everybody, anytime.

Below are stories of people who were single later in life and how they found somebody. Check them out!

1. At 34 I went to an old friend's wedding. The bride's sister was the girl who I was madly in love with in my 20's, but was always too shy to tell her. She was incredibly sweet and insanely beautiful, and way out of my league.

So...after a glass or two of liquid courage, near the end of the night, I jokingly told her how in love I was with her back then. She then punches me in the arm and told me she was also crazy in love with me back then, but was also too shy. She said she had pages and pages written about me in her old diary, and she still had a photo of us together that someone had taken at a party. Amazed, I then told I had a copy of the same photo and had absolutely treasured it all these years. We both had teary eyes at that point, so I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes. I kissed her for the first time right then. It was one of those amazing kisses where you forget where you are, until you open your eyes and look around. We moved in together the next week and were married the following year.

It's been 8 years and we still hold hands when we watch TV.


2. 37 years old. male. In the last two years I lost my dad, my dog, and developed a bit of a problem with depression. I completely gave up on the prospect of falling in love. On a whim got on OKCupid. Proposing this weekend to the woman of my dreams.



3. Let me thought you would be married and start having kids in your mid to late twenties, am I right?

I went through that. My entire life people prepping me that I should settle down and start a family. Screw me if I haven't found the right one yet I need to get on it? Right?

Guess what, life doesn't work that way. Once you accept that it may or may not happen, and just to relax and enjoy the ride, life will be much much happier for you.

I am 32 now and planning on...(Continued)

I am 32 now and planning on proposing next February, just met her a year ago, but I never would have found her if I was stuck on what could have been or down because life didn't work out exactly as I had planned it....guess what? It usually doesn't. Just let go and enjoy it.


4. My husband was 41 when we got married last year (I'm 27). The last time he dated a girl was in 1995. He expected by the late 2000's that he would probably be single for the long haul.

We first met as co-workers in 2010 and became instant friends. A couple of months later, we started hanging out together outside of work. In 2011, we both moved to different jobs six weeks apart that happened to be two blocks apart, so we still met up for lunch everyday. In 2012, we started dating and within three months realized that this was the real deal. By 2013 we were married.


5. Believe it or not, I've never had any expectations about getting married or having kids at a certain age (I'm not sure if I even want kids). I don't get any pressure from my parents or family members.

For me, it's about sharing my life and adventures with a close companion and partner. I still travel, go to concerts, go to sporting events, have spontaneous road trips, etc. As my friends get older, get married and have kids, the harder it is to find people do to those things with. I don't mind doing them solo, but I'd prefer to share those experiences with someone else, someone special.


6. I am 37 and my fiance is 36. We'll be getting married in December. I had given up hope on getting married, but now I know I was waiting for the right person to come along.


7. I got healthy (lost weight, started exercising), got happy and sent out a LOT of nice, friendly messages on OK Cupid, went on slightly less LOT of bad first dates and eventually met my wife.

So my advice to you: (Continued)

If you're unkempt, fix those things first. They do matter.

Be friendly and nice. Don't expect anything of anyone, and don't be desperate.

Be open minded. No, most of us get spouses that are about as attractive as movie stars. So make sure you're being honest with yourself.


8. I was 37 and engaged to someone I'd been dating for nearly a decade when we had an epiphany that a marriage wouldn't make it. I handed back the ring and resigned myself to start buying cats. Instead, one of my best friends, a guy I'd spent years laughing with and acting as "the best wing-person he'd ever had" stepped up and confessed he'd been waiting for my former fianc to drop the ball. We've been married for more than a decade now, have two awesome kids (which I had at ages 38 and 41) and are crazy happy. We both traveled, worked, lived, loved, had our crazy youth - and now are thriving peacefully. For the most part it really feels like we know what we're doing; there is deep friendship, zero drama, we love being together and are certain we're right for each other. He's my best friend and a true partner. Could I have said that had he and I married in our 20's? Unlikely. It can definitely happen. Hell, it can even be wonderful!


9. My dad married my mom when he was like 60, so yea, there's a chance. That being said, it's odd being 22 and having an 86 year old father.


10. I was 39 when I met the lady who soon became my wife. We're happily married 17 years now. So sure, have some hope. Good things happen now and then.


11. I was a late starter of sorts, didn't get my crap together and start having relationships until my early twenties. By the time I was 33, I had had a few long term relationships but hadn't found 'the one'. There was one girl in particular who would've married me and settled down to have kids; at the time I even questioned my own expectations and wondered if, as the movie title goes, was this as good as it gets? It's obvious in hindsight though that subconsciously my heart wasn't in it and she picked up on it and things eventually fizzled out - about a year later than it should have.

At 33 I...(Continued)

At 33 I met a girl, 11 years my junior. After seeing her for a few months I suddenly knew she was 'the one'. It took a while until she was ready to marry but now we have kid #2 on the way. It's perhaps unfortunate that I didn't find The One a decade earlier than I did, but on the flip side we traveled and set ourselves up financially. It's hard chasing a toddler when you're pushing 50 but there was probably nothing I could have done differently anyway.


12. Met online playing World of Warcraft, physically met in 2006 (flew out to meet her), she moved in with me in 2008 (moved from Canada to the US), and married her in 2010. I was 38 at the time, she was 34. Kiddo a year later, and another one coming in 2 months!


13. My mom started dating a guy in the assisted living facility. She is 84. He is 90.

I thought I was done dealing with middle school puppy love when my kids got out of middle school.


14. Found my love / wife at age 32. Married now with twin children and her girl from a previous marriage.

In my opinion, getting married in your 20's should be the exception. 20's should be for full exploration of ...well everything that you can no longer do once you're married!


15. I have my reasons for avoiding dating still it makes me a bit sad that I'll be alone. I try to make peace with it by being career focused, and set goals for myself outside of relationships.


16. At 47, I found my wife (or she found me)

For many years, I never could figure out how to play the "find a partner" game

I have no social skills and worked for years in a nearly 100% male dominated profession

I don't dance and don't enjoy bars

I tried several dating services, some of them very luck

I have no idea how I got so wife is wonderful!

Happy together for 14 years and counting!


17. My girlfriend is 39 and we started dating around 2 years ago. Prior to me, she had a boyfriend at 19 that passed away in an accident. There was a few attempts at dates in there over the years, but nothing ever came of it. We are engaged to be married next October and just bought a house. It's been incredible. She had basically given up and assumed she would be the single lady forever and now married with a house at 40.


18. I'm 34. Dated a girl on and off for a few years, had a few others intermittently. Struggled with the idea of settling for someone who I wasn't totally in-love with. Ultimately decided to stay single until I found someone I'd really love forever. Then a few months later a woman walked into my life and I quickly realized she was the one. Dated a year then asked her to be my wife. She said yes.

She's ten years younger than me. There are plenty of great people out there looking for love just like you are so don't give up, if you're going to find someone. Make yourself the best version of yourself and you'll meet the right person.


19. Husband and I met when I was 35 and he was 42 (we'd both had our birthdays that year). We got married when I was 36 and he was 44 (he'd had his birthday for that year, I hadn't). We have been married 7 years and have a 5 year old son (and a dog and 2 cats and some fish).

Neither of us had been married before; both of us had years of living alone and being set in our ways. Big adjustment that first year. We have a pretty boring life right now, but we're happy with it. We have a nice little family, a church we like, great neighbors and friends. As a bonus, being a bit further along in life has put us in a better position financially: student loans are paid off, house and vehicles are paid off, etc.

Husband has wished aloud that we had been introduced ten years earlier (could have happened - we were introduced by one of my ex-roommates, and she had tried to get us together years before). I don't know that we would have been compatible then - he had a serious period of sowing-wild-oats in his 20s and early 30s, and I've never had any patience for the kind of partying he was doing.


20. My wife and I met 20 years ago. We dated and lived together for 9 years then broke up for about 9 years. We broke up because I had a demanding job that took up a lot of my time. She often felt neglected because I was never home. She would pick fights for the attention and eventually I got tired of it and we broke up. She ended up moving nine hours away.

During that time we talked occasionally and considered ourselves friends. Although I dated other women I always knew that I would never find someone that I was more compatible with than her. After changing careers and having more time to reflect I came to the realization that at 41 years of age, i did not want to live my life with regret. I did not want to look back and wonder "what if". So about 2 years ago I professed my continued love for her and desire to give us another try. We got married. And everyday that passes we are happier with each other than the day before.


21. When I was 39, I decided to give OkCupid a try. After a month and a half I met a girl who will be marrying me five months from now. I am the luckiest guy in the world.

Stay positive, be patient, and be yourself.


22. I met my husband in my mid-thirties, got married in my late-ish thirties. We've been together for 11 years, married for 9. 1 kid. I had definitely resigned myself to a solo life, and had already begun living that way - very independent and pretty happy that way. Of course, just when I got in that groove, that's when everything changed. I really think there's something to that: when you stop looking, wanting, or whatever, and instead focus on the here and now and how to make it enjoyable, that's when the person shows up. Happens over and over.


23. I finally got married at 42 and now 2 years later I've just had my first child this year. It took me that long to find someone who was really the person I wanted to be with. Guys may have a longer window to have children, but dude, remember to stay in shape-- not just to have a chance with someone you're attracted to, but to be able to put the kid in the carseat without throwing your back out. And honestly, being in shape really helped my mood when I was single and 38.



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