People Who Were Proposed To In Public And Said "No" Reveal What Went Down


Ummmm..... No!

No is a hard word to say. We all want to please people and be well liked. But saying yes to someone "and it will mean forever" is a different story. When someone is further along in a relationship then you are is a heartbreaking scenario. But it doesn't mean you have to give eternity over to them. As hard as it is to say.... "NO" will be the best thing for them in the long run. But in the present.....

Redditor u/minhaven asked some people to admit... Women & Men of Reddit who were proposed to in public and said "No," why?

Now a "Wendy's?" Sure. 

I had left my ex due to the fact that he cheated on me with both men and women. And every time he would get too drunk, he would confess to me that he was gay. He was distraught for weeks and asked me to meet him in person to talk so I agreed. He proposed to me in the McDonald's parking lot and I said hell no. blairsmash

Wait until third. 

I was in first grade and asked some pretty girl to marry me. Sadly, she said no. I went on to drink Apple Juice heavily. Profoundpanda420

Be sure! 

Well, I serve at a high end restaurant in my city, and I've seen multiple proposals over the years.

And only one ever said no.

It was painful to watch. For the other dining guests as well. This was a young couple, mid 20's. The guy had made notes about his plan on the reservation, so we all knew not to tip her off. They order drinks, and an elegant tasting menu, and then he asks. The girl is mortified. We can't hear what she says, but the guy is in shellshock.

The strangest part? They sit through the whole experience. This dinner they selected takes at least 90 minutes at a normal pace, spread out over multiple courses. They nibbled, didn't speak, and didn't look at one another. Poor dude put the ring in his pocket, and his eyes looked glassy the whole time. She cried to herself, but was discreet. As I said, f---ing painful.

It's easy to blame the girl in this situation. I'm sure multiple guests were disgusted with her and how she could be so cavalier. But you know what? F**k that. Good for her. This guy seemed overzealous, and if I had to guess this relationship was less than a year old. Getting married and potential plans for an engagement is something that should be talked about before it happens, and I guarantee this kid just assumed she'd go along with whatever he wanted. She stood her ground, and handled it better than I'm sure the vast majority of people in her position would have. skip_tracer

Next time...

I was on my walk home from work and a homeless guy stopped me. He told me I was really pretty, I told him thank you. He asked me if I would marry him, I told him no. He asked I he could have my water bottle. I told him yes. ctuchmanandbows

Jedi mind tricks...

We were sitting in my car at a red light. She goes into her purse and pulls out a page from a magazine or catalog. It's a ring and she tells me she wants me to buy this ring for her, a promise ring if you will. I ask her why she says because we're going to get married and this is the ring she wants. Not even a "will you marry me" but a "you will marry me." She wasn't a very good Jedi as I said no I'm good thanks. We had been dating for 3 weeks...and that was the last night. Scott_Steiner_BBBD

Raise your hand! 

I'm a high school teacher. In my last two weeks at my last school, a pupil half-jokingly asked me if he could stay in touch "maybe through Facebook or something." I said it would be inappropriate if we were friends on Facebook, "unless we were family." He then made a ring out of paper and proposed to me in front of the class.

We made a real thing out of me saying no - he said he wanted all his Rugrats DVDs back and wanted visitation to see my pet chinchilla. It was all in jest of course but it's probably the hardest and longest I have laughed in my 6 years of teaching.

It was a moment that will stay with me forever to remind me why I do what I do. His younger sister, who I also taught, committed suicide two years later. It makes me incredibly sad to think he may never be that carefree, fun-loving and mischievous young man ever again. walkthetractofstars

Peace out! 

Not me but my husband was at a target one day and saw this guy get down on one knee at the entrance and proposed. The woman apparently looked at him and then walked right back out the store. CatPatronus


The relationship was over for a long time... we both knew it. He thought a marriage proposal would "help." Angsty_Potatos

I'm not a sideshow!! 

Because we were in Vegas and just wanted to get married as a tourist attraction (if you get married here is not legal she said). SilverXerion

No to the Soap Opera Villain! 

We'd been dating a week.

He went on to sabotage his next girlfriend's birth control, married her, and then cheated on her with anyone he could.



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