People Who Wanted To Break Up Before Quarantine But Never Got Around To It Explain How They're Coping


This virus has affected us in thousands of ways. It seems like it's just a never ending ripple effect to our professional, personal, and emotional lives that we just can't escape. One example of this is those who were planning on breaking up with their partner before this all went down. Here's how they're dealing with it.

u/Area_man_claims asked: [serious] Anybody out there quarantined with a romantic partner that you planned on divorcing/breaking up with before the world was put on hold? What's that like?

That's one way to look at it.

Me and my wife separated 3 weeks ago. We were both in the process of finding different places to live but our town is shut down now. Needless to say it's been awkward and tense for us.


I sense a whacky romantic comedy in the making!




I am currently quarantined with my parents who parents are in the middle of a divorce (dad decided to get a girlfriend after 27 years of marriage) and they aren't speaking to each other but using me as a go between.

It's been the longest week of my life.


As a dad going through a divorce, f*ck your parents. It's not your job to act as their communication conduit and it's extremely wrong of them to put that on you. Sorry you're having to deal with their sh*t. Hope you get through it alright.


That's gotta be tough.

My ex & I broke up a couple of months ago. Still living together because our lease isn't up until September & neither of us has the money to break it.

It's going okay, it's reasonably amicable, but I'm so thankful she is considered an "essential employee" & still working full-time. I'd be going insane if we were stuck in the house together, day in, day out. I'm just praying we don't actually end up in quarantine.


That's a lot to handle right now.

I don't know if this counts, but my parents were in the process of divorcing before all of this started. Started filing for papers, my mom moved out to her mother's house, all that. I'm 15, so we were starting to deal with custody stuff with my little sister and I (she's 11). We were going through the plans of "Okay, here's the stuff I want at this house, here's when I'd rather be at this house, here's what stuff HAS TO be available at both houses." When everything including school shut down, we went to our grandmother's house to be with our mom for a while. Funny story though, it wasn't because of the virus that we moved in.

My dad committed suicide on the 25th of February. Needless to say, I live at my grandmother's until further notice. So... everything's not ideal, especially because we can't buy new things, we can't move old things, we can't go to school, and we really can't go anywhere or do anything except simmer in our grief for a month.

In summary, it's changed my life.


This is so sad.


Just yesterday I was working from home while my wife was finishing up her last day at work. Her iPad was dinging like crazy with text messages so I went to put it on do not disturb. As I unlocked it (yes we know each others pins), I saw the long text stating that she doesn't want to be with me anymore blah blah blah.

We had a good long talk when she got home. She is unsure if she actually wants to leave me. She's staying with her parents for the weekend and we have a counseling session planned for Tuesday to help us figure out if we are going to try to fix the things that are broken in our marriage, or cut our losses and move on.

It has been a long and difficult day for me.


That's a tough situation.

I have a friend from Northwestern China, a good two hours by plane from Wuhan. While in college, she met a guy and they began dating, and last year they began to talk about getting married. Her boyfriend invited my friend to spend some days with his family before Chinese New Wuhan. Since she was supposed to be in Wuhan for only a few days, she packed lightly and stayed at her boyfriend's house.

She was scheduled to return home the day after the city was closed off, so she had no other option than to stay with her boyfriend's family. How difficult can it be? They were already planning to get married by this time next year, so what could go wrong?

Oh turns out her boyfriend had a completely different persona with his family than away from them, and now my friend has seen who he really is and she HATES it. It didn't last long before she realised she definitely couldn't marry this guy, but for the time being, she had no other option than stay with him and his family. While my friend had already met his family, and they are very nice to her, she was on the brink of a mental collapse from having to spend her whole day with a guy she now despises. Fortunately for her, she could return home earlier this week.


Sounds difficult.

Separated from my wife and was looking for an apartment this month. We have 2 young kids. Trying to find a place and plan moving has not been going well. It's .... difficult.


I was incredibly lucky to get into a new place at the start of the month. I don't know what I'd do if I was still stuck in my ex's house. We're still friends and all, but we also aren't quarantined together.


Definitely complicated.


Pretty much. A few days before quarantine I found out he was having an affair. He's always been a very difficult person and I decided this was it.

I have been in and out of hotels and Airbnb's and travelling between there to our house to see our kid.

It certainly adds a complication to everything.


That's sad.

My dad is in that situation. He is on his third marriage, over 70 with major health problems.

He is disabled from an early age but always had a chip on his shoulder about it and his development is clearly arrested as a result of his disability. He is prone to anger, and is very demanding. I'm December he finally pissed off his wife to the breaking point.

He is a survivor, and I'm sure he intends to survive but I have doubts because he will likely have to sell his house, and he has no friends or family that he hasn't alienated. He needs someone to take care of him, drive him places, etc.


Oh no.

Little different. Basically, during the quarantine my boyfriend dropped a huge bomb on me. He said he didn't know if he could be with someone who isn't a Christian. This obviously broke my heart, but he assures me he still wants to be with me, he just has to soul search, etc.

I, however, am not sure I would want things to continue. I've been keeping it mostly to myself, but he can definitely tell. Sometimes I can't even stand being in the same room with him, it makes me so upset. So it's hell. It's mental hell, for sure.


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