People Who Walked Out On Dates Admit The Reasons That They Left

People Who Walked Out On Dates Admit The Reasons That They Left

People Who Walked Out On Dates Admit The Reasons That They Left

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People use a lot of different methods to try to meet the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Apps, dating services, speed dating... But dating can be complicated. Things don't always go as planned.

Reddit user abbigaaale asked "People who have walked out in the middle of a date, what happened?"

Here are the most shocking answers.


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Showed up drunk. Said I was her third date of the day. Was racist towards the Indian waiter. I didn't even order a drink before I bailed.


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Guy from the gym asked me out for coffee. We hit it off and walk to the beach afterwards. We sit on a wall watching the ocean and he tells me he gives amazing foot rubs and insists on giving me one. Takes off my flip flop and is really into my feet. Toes go into his mouth and I noped out.

Call for a Lyft

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She showed up late to meet me at the restaurant. Spoke in one word answers. Stared at her phone and texted other people. Yelled at the waiter for filling her water too much.

I finished my food. Placed a $20 on the table. Walked out. Then blocked her on my phone. I would say I don't think she even noticed, but I was supposed to be her ride home

Married at 1st Date

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Mine didn't even turn into a date. I bowled on a team once a week and chatted with a guy that came in the same nights with his family. We finally made a date, and as soon as I got in his car he asked me to marry him! He pulled a ring out of the glove compartment and said he was in the navy and was scheduled to be relocated to Germany in two weeks. I was shocked and scared, told him he was nice and I would write to him but it was just weird, I never heard from him again.


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She had my number saved as "call for food".

Dodged a bullet there; she could be a cannibal.

So Immature

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She was ignoring me, being rowdy and eventually spilled my full glass of ice water on my lap. We hadn't even received our food at that point so I asked the waitress to box it up because I was leaving. I couldn't handle it anymore. I had enough, especially after the car ride to the restaurant. On the way back to her place, she literally defecated in her pants.

Next time, date night will be just my husband and I. The toddler will stay with Grandma. Kids sometimes... SMH.

Slow Down

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Didn't even get as far as the date. I met a girl on the weekend at a table quiz in a pub. She was a friend of my cousin who I was there to fill out a team with. Myself and herself swapped numbers and got talking during the week and I asked her on a date for coffee, scheduled for the Saturday. On the Friday she told me that if I loved her and wanted this relationship to work I should bring her on holidays and to hotels and stuff. I told her I wasn't going to be meeting her for coffee the following day and haven't seen her since.


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I'm a teacher at a school with a large percentage of students that come from low income families. Great people, wonderful parents that care and want the best for their kids, but a lot work multiple jobs to keep food on the table. It isn't in the best part of town, but my kids work their butts off for me which is really all I can ask. My kids mean the world to me.

So I went on a date after coming out of a long-term relationship. We went to one of my favorite bars that has really great food. First, he made a lot of extraneous noises when he ate. A lot of "mmmmmm"s going on. Okay fine, I can deal with it for one date.

Then we started talking about work. I talk about my students because they take up a lot of my life and I love them to death. He asks where I work. I told him where and he grimaced. I asked what that face was for.

He paused briefly and said, "I don't know why someone as pretty and educated as you would want to work at a ghetto black school."

I grabbed $20 out of my wallet, which was more than enough for my bill and the tip, put it on the table, and walked out the door.


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It's 2am. He took me to a little decorative pool/pond in front of a museum, it was not even a foot deep. He tried too hard to "be spontaneous," urged for us to get in it.

He took off his pants and got in, thinking it would prompt me to get in too. No.

During all his begging I requested an uber, which happened to be around the corner. I left him there in that stupid pond.

Full Disclosure

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On the 4th date she tells me the real reason she changed jobs.

She used to be a prison guard and had cancer so all the medical stuff forced a change of work.

She tells me in a totally casual way that because of having cancer she felt like she needed to let go and be exciting so she started dating 2 prisoners that were there. She used to smuggle them in cell phones and other stuff. Then tells me she was caught because someone walked in on them having sex in his cell and the other inmate she was dating got jealous and turned them in. Said the reason she wasn't in jail was because the psychologist testified she was in an altered mental state because of the cancer.

She went to the bathroom and I promptly ran like hell. She called me every day for 2 weeks before giving up.

PUA Neggie

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He said 'I normally don't really date girls that I don't find attractive so feel special.'

Well, goodbye.

Round 1

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Halfway through our date, her actual date showed up.

You Owe Me

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We were on our second date. He bought me two beers. A slow song was playing and he wanted to slow dance. As soon as we hit the floor he wanted to shove his tongue down my throat. I said I just wanted to dance and talk, get to know each other. His response? "Well I just bought you two beers" I walked off the dance floor, put cash on the table to cover my beers and walked out the door. Yuk.

Date Buddy

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I walked out even before the date started because my date brought his friend with him. They arrived in a car and asked me to jump in.

Who thinks it's a good idea to bring a friend with them on a date? If you need moral support, bring a cute dog, not your best mate Dave.


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Apparently he catfishes atheist and agnostic people on dating sites for the purpose of trying to convert them over a meal. I made it until the appetizers hit the table. Then I excused myself, asked the waiter to wrap up my dinner and leave it at the bar, gave him enough to cover more than half the bill + tip, then let my date know I was done/leaving and waited at the bar for my dinner to go. He left shortly thereafter. Bartender and waiter comped my check after hearing the story.

Phone Obsessed

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We met outside of one of my favorite restaurants. She was texting on her phone, shook my hand, and barely looked up. We get seated all the while still on her phone texting. So I asked her normal date things to only get "yeahs" and eventually a "hold on a second" after my 3rd attempt at striking up any sort of conversation. I asked if everything was OK, I figured after the "hold on a second" comment something bad might've happened. She responded by saying her friends are a priority.

I was kind of taken aback, our waitress walks up right after that and she cuts her off as she's greeting us with a huffy "finally!" Then barks her drink order at her about as rudely as possible and goes right back to her phone. I asked for water, said "excuse me" and got up after about a minute of silence. I found the waitress, gave her a 20, and said I was leaving and apologized.

Quickest date of my life. All in 10-15 minutes max. I've never met anyone close to that rude on a date in my life. I always tell myself I got all my bad dates in one. Here's to hoping that's true!!

Movie Night

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On a first date, Starbucks was super crowded so we sat in his car and chatted. He asked if I wanted to watch a movie in the car, I said sure, but I wasn't really paying attention. We talked some more and suddenly I started hearing this moaning. Ya, he put on porn. I was shocked and asked him what the hell he was thinking. Nope, done.

Called me two weeks later and asked why he hadn't heard back from me.

Short Memory

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I don't do anything expensive for first dates. My go-to is walking around a public lilly pad garden then playing mini golf around the corner. Sometimes, based on the interests in her profile, I'll do something different like going to a museum or the planetarium.

I met this great girl online and we really hit it off. Based on her profile, I thought she would love the South American exhibit at the local museum so we went there for our first date. We got banana splits afterwards and I thought it was a pretty good date. I was looking forward to seeing her again.

She had some work stuff then I had some work stuff but after like 3 weeks we made it happen. We were going to see a movie and go eat at a little restaurant but she was 30 minutes late sk we just went to go eat. She spent the first 10 minutes talking shit about the "last guy" she dated that took her to a stupid museum then out for a banana split. She complained that her last date (me) was too cheap to buy her dinner "like a real man". She kept talking and talking and talking.

I excused myself from the table, paid for my drink and half the appetizer, and left. Blocked her on the app and phone.

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