People Who've Actually Had Sex With A Step-Sibling Explain How It All Went Down


I can explain. Just listen....

Sex is a natural thing. And many of us find it in the oddest places, or just the places we know we can get it. Often we find ourselves surprised by our choice of partner. Everytime we stay out a little too late or have that last drink we know we don't need, we can find ourselves "surprised" when the sun awakens. We owe no explanation to anyone about our choice of partners, passion is passion. Unless passion leads us to the lovers of loved ones or.... loved ones. In the family way. That's when things can get weird.

Redditor u/WerewolfHide19 wanted to know who was willing to divulge some salacious family secrets by asking..... People who actually had sex with step-siblings, why?



So this is a very strange situation.

Not me, but... my mom and dad. Long before my parents even met, my grandparents on both sides got divorced. My parents met, got married, and had me, but ended up divorced before I could form memories. I don't know when it happened. I do know that after my parents got divorced my moms dad and my dads mom got married. They are still married to this day.

Because of that technically, my parents are step siblings that had sex. It might have been before they became step siblings, but I think the story fits.


Bad Choices. 

Kind of a different perspective but I dated a girl in high school and it didn't work out. I began dating another girl in college and two years later they became step sisters. I didn't realize this until we met her new step sister at the mall and she "introduced" us to each other. We both were horribly awkward silent the whole day and I eventually told my GF later that I used to date her new step sister. She broke up with me because of it and refuses to talk to her step sister as well. I think their parents have been married about 5-6 years now. I honestly felt terrible about it.


Erin and Will?

This reminds me of a family I know. There was a brother and sister, let's call them Bob and Sue, that married a woman and a guy that we'll call Erin and Will. So now Bob and Erin are married, Sue and Will are married, and both couples have kids. These kids grow up, and then Bob and Sue both die. Now Erin and Will are widowed/widowered but have spent much of their adult life together as in-laws at family gatherings and holidays. One thing leads to another, and Erin and Will get married. Now their adult children refer to them as Mom and Uncle Will or Dad and Aunt Erin!



Easy access for horny teenagers, has a forbidden element which makes sneaking around and hiding it from parents more exciting. Mad at parents for re-marrying/moving in another family, and it's a way to act out. Porn shows it so people think porn is real and try to recreate.




Not a step siblings but think its relevant, my cousin was dating this girl since they were 13, when they turned 16 their parents got a divorce and then got married to each others(her mom, my uncle). There was about 6 months where they were both like screw it this is too easy now.

Just because I'm a butthole I love telling people my cousin is hot (she is drop dead gorgeous honestly), and then explaining the above situation. They are not friendly anymore although they get along while at family events. She is the most well adjusted of our family and on the path to be the most successful.


What's that Sound?

My aunt (60) lost her mother (my grandma) to a stroke. My uncle (60) lost his father to cancer. Long story short, both of their 80 year old surviving parents got married. So now my aunt and uncle are now step-brother and step-sister, who have 4 kids together. Yet I'm the only person in the entire family who owns a banjo.


Pretty crazy!

Sort of in the same realm my one of my best friends messed with his cousin and it was a story we always would bring up.

He said they were at a family function and they were about the same age. He was sitting talking to his aunts and uncles when she came up behind him and was rubbing his shoulders. He thought kinda weird but ok.

He had some weed and a bong in his car so he invited her outside to smoke. She claimed she was a veteran smoker but when she went to take an enormous rip apparently she started to vomit all over herself in his car. She clearly was no veteran and admitted it.

Since they were at a family function and she had vomit all over herself he snuck he upstairs to clean her up. He was waiting on the bed when she came out in a towel and said something to the affect of "have you ever thought to do something bad but you still want to do it?" They started making out and they did it. lol

I only know all the details because we made him retell it to people that hadn't heard it. Pretty crazy!



A little backstory. my dad married her mom. i'm the oldest of 3 brothers, she's the oldest of 3 sisters. we all moved into one house. dad didn't plan this out well because the 3 boys had to share 1 bedroom and the 3 girls shared another. oh, and only one bathroom between the 6 of us kids. anyway, it seemed like she was always having some stupid issue. upset because braces, upset because she can't join the boy scouts, upset because of a temporarily swollen nose. with all of that emotion flying around it had to come out someway. so one night mom and dad are out, the maid is out on a date with the butcher, so us kids are left alone. she and i went to my funky bedroom that used to be my dad's study, then to my funky bedroom in the attic. and something suddenly came up.


Why Not?


My stepsister is hot and I would do it in a heartbeat. Not sure why that's so taboo TBH. We aren't related genetically. There's no difference between her and a stranger on the street. It probably helps that we didn't grow up together and we don't actually consider each other step siblings but even that's the exact same situation.



My husband and his step sister were kind of a thing before their parents met, they were like 14ish. Continued to be a thing after their parents married and they even got a house together. Now everyone just kind of pretends it never happened.


"friends of the family"


We were step-siblings for only 18 months in our teens and then our parents divorced. We didn't have much contact for the few years after the divorce but started talking more eventually, and hung out some. We actually eventually started dating and sustained that all through college and a little after for a total of about 6 years. After college we hit a rough patch and broke up.

That was 4 years ago. Our parents were very accepting honestly so that made it easy. We always told people (other than our closest friends and family) that we were "friends of the family" when they asked how we met, lol. It was weird but we were very much in love and I do miss her.


"show your step sister y'alls rooms!"

My parents had a destination wedding, and my future step sister and I had never met and were both in our early 20's.

I got to the destination first and checked in, then two hours later they showed up and introduced me to my step sister. They finished by saying "show your step sister y'alls rooms!"

We had NO idea they had put us in the same room, no warning, no notice. And we were there for 6 days.

It ended up raining the whole time and we both are not fans of our respective parents. It was honestly more of a comfort/release for both of us and a literal and figurative "screw you" to our parents for a lifetime of crappy parenting.

We had sex before and after the wedding and then went our separate ways. It was less "crazy" than it sounds, we were essentially two strangers forced to live in the same room for a week in a less than ideal situation.


The GF Upstairs...

Well our parents moved in together before they got married and we were 16 and horny. We dated off and on for longer than our parents were married and it was very convenient as a teenager to live in a soundproof basement with my GF living up stairs. It got a little weird when our parents caught us but they eventually accepted it, then we "broke up," our parents divorced and we moved to separate states.


'Til Death Do Us Part....


Not my story, but I guy I went to college with. His mom and her dad got married. Both of them got kicked out if the house (they were mid 20s). They moved in together, dated, and got engaged. He loved seeing people's reaction when he told them he was marrying his sister.


Happily Ever After! 

In my hometown there was a reverse case. The boy's mother died and the girl was daughter of a single mom. The two married, and always invited their parents for everything. The parents grew close and ended up marrying. So, the first couple ended up being married step-siblings!

These case ended on the court, where the judge decided that, while step-sibling marriage is illegal, the law can't be applied to past cases (as they weren't step-sibling when they married), and no law forbid the older couple to marry, as they weren't from the same family before their children's marriage, so everybody got happy ever after.


Coming Around. 

My friend met this guy while studying abroad and they ended up dating and getting engaged (over a 2 1/2 year period) then my friend's mother calls and says she's getting married. Long story short, my friend's fiancé ended up being her mother's new husband's son he kicked out, cut off, and disowned 8 years earlier.


After the Shower....

We were both late teens, and both fresh out of relationships. Our parents weren't married yet but we were all living together in my childhood home. We talked to each other on Yahoo messenger from different rooms and flirted. I told him to come in my room after a shower and he did, and things happened.

Our parents have been married for 14 years now, and we don't talk at all. We are both married to other people with kids. It's very awkward.


Coming to Fruition.


A guy I knew in high school got laid in the middle of the football field, so it was notable for many reasons and he bragged around about it. Right after our freshmen year of college they became step siblings lol.


Until Uni.....

Not me but an old friend of mine had a step sister. They we around 14-15 when their families got together and being at that age and suddenly having a girl who isn't related to you by blood staying in close proximity made it hard for them. I guess one day they realized that since their parents often weren't home they could literally mess around and not have anyone catch them or wonder what they're doing since they're brother and sister.

This apparently went on until the sister went to Uni. They're both in separate relationships and still get along well (but not too well anymore, if you know what I mean).




Because we both wanted to learn more about each others bodies.



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