People Who Ignored Their 'I Should Leave Right Now' Gut Instinct Explain What Happened

You might hear someone say, "Trust your gut." This comes up a lot when you're about to enter into an unknown situation, where you don't know what's going to happen. Your instincts, all based on prior experiences, add up to a total sum telling you what you should do and how you should handle something.

So when all those instincts tell you, "I should leave right now," then you should probably listen to them.

Reddit user, u/b_luhffy, wanted to know about:

People who've had a "Something is VERY wrong here and I need to leave" feeling but stayed, what happened?

A Spear What?

College party. Everyone is varying degrees of drunk/drinking.

Somebody brings out a spear gun. Loaded.

Went to another side of the house and waited for the screaming to start. Fortunately, nothing went wrong but I wasn't gonna take that chance.


Netflix To The Rescue

I worked at a local restaurant and some part of me was shouting to take my usual break, go smoke a joint, and watch some Netflix. I was half way through smoking when everyone comes rushing out because the dishwasher accidentally created chlorine gas. The dishwasher and some of the cooks got taken to the ER [but] no one was significantly hurt.


That Sounds Like A Completely Measured And Appropriate Response

Was at a bar once and I could tell there was tension between a couple of drunk guys there. I had a bad feeling that something was gonna go down so I gathered up my brother and friends and we left. Well come to find out the next day that one guy ended up stabbing the other one outside of that bar. (IDK what ended up happening to either of them but that was crazy)


The Swastika Is Your Cue To Leave

At a night out with a bunch of guys from my old school, one of us gets in a fight with three guys. I sat back near enough to make sure nothing develops and one of their guys joins me. He strikes up a conversation and very quickly tells me hes a Neo-Nazi, he even showed me his tattoos of a swastika and the Waffen SS emblem. It was very clear why he was telling me this because I happened to be the most aryan looking person there. He ended up telling me everything from how he got into the cult like ideology to all the different minorities that he hates. One of the guys I was with thankfully noticed and gave me an excuse to leave once the situation had calmed down

Altogether a very interesting night


The Feeling Is From Down The Hall

Went to my friends house for the night and he kept saying he was hearing voices and went past the hallway to check again and again. Came back and kept suddenly turning his head towards the hallway mid sentences. Freaked me the f-ck out and I had this chill down my spine, the kind that sobers you up instantly chill, it kept making me want to leave and go home but then I realized it was way too late and I was way too tired to deal with this. Plus I was baked so that didn't help. The fool was baked too.

In the morning it turned out to be the family that lived up stairs (he lives in a rental basement).

That spine chilling feeling though. Super freaky stuff. Like it made me focus on his eyes and how sort of dead they looked. Was super freaky.


When You Know Your Friend Is Gone

My cat died.

I was away for a week, in another country. I never usually worry about my pets like that, but two days in I was finding myself thinking about my cat more and more and being increasingly concerned about him. Few days in I was having dreams of me going back home in a rush. Instead, I stayed and thought I was projecting the stress of spending the week in an unknown place with people I didn't know a lot yet, and just missing my cat.

Now that cat had come to me from the street, so whenever I left for a few days that's where he'd spend his time. He would only respond to my call but not my friend's so I had no one to send to check on him. When I finally came home I just rushed to all his spots and called for him.

I did that almost every 2 hours when I was not working, for 3 days, including at night. Found him 3 days later, hardly breathing, but walking. Took him to the vet in a rush. Turns out he had cancer and the tumor pushed against his lungs etc. In the past week, something had broken and was filling his lungs with liquid. Had to put him down. I'm just glad I found him and he didn't die alone on the street.


Running Out Of Sun

I went on a 3 day backpacking trip a few years ago to Havasupai. On the second day of our trip, I agreed to join my 3 friends on a 16 mile round trip hike from Havasupai campground to the confluence (where Havasu Creek meets the Colorado River).

I felt anxious and unnerved throughout the entire hike. We left too late in the morning (around 9am) for that long of a hike and also learned after departing that only 2/4 of us had brought headlamps. We only passed two people on the whole trail as it is quite remote.

When we hadn't reached the river by 2pm, I tried to convince the rest of the group that we should turn back as I really did not want to hike in the dark. Nobody else wanted to turn around, so I was left with the options of either trekking back all by myself or staying with the group. I felt it was much more wise to stay.

We didn't reach the river until 3:30pm leaving us with very little time to try and beat the sunset. We hauled a-- while watching the sun creep down the canyon walls. Eventually, it got completely dark. Our group decided to briefly separate as my friend Josh and I were outpacing the other 2.

As we continued on, I felt extremely exposed. We had one tiny beacon of light for the two of us. I could barely see anything around me. At one point, I begged Josh to stop for a minute, because I was nearly panicking and could not shake the most eerie feeling. Something in me was telling me I was going to die and never make it back home. I cried for a minute, and Josh reassured me.

We finally made our way to where we planned to meet our other friends. We waited for about 15 minutes when they came blazing around the corner. My friend said,"We want to rest here for just a minute, but we can't stay for very long. I just saw a mountain lion right across the creek."


Gotta Get Your Money's Worth

When I was in 8th grade, my family went on a cruise and on the last day, the cruise was supposed to stop at the ship's private island. We had pre-rented bikes for that day, but when we left the ship, the sky looked like it was about to storm.. and badly. I remember telling my parents that I didn't want to go bike riding anymore, that I had a bad feeling about it. They brushed it off bc they had already paid and they wanted their money's worth.

We got to the bike rental and they didn't have hand brakes, second red flag. I know some bikes now don't have hand brakes but I've never ridden one, so I wasn't super comfortable with stopping by backpedaling.

Fast forward 30 minutes or so into our bike ride and I took too quick a turn, hit a rock and flew off my bike, hitting my head (thankfully had a helmet on), breaking my collarbone, and scraping up my elbows and knees pretty badly. I still hold it over my parents head to this day (jokingly of course).


Nature Always Wins

I was hiking down a trail and I felt like I was being watched. I've read a lot of stories about people going missing in the woods, so I was hyper aware of every little thing. Instead of going down this one path, I turned around and walked back. I still felt like I was being watched, so I power up my blue tooth speaker, plug in my hiking mp3 and blast some heavy music. A few minutes later the feeling passes.

A day later I heard someone was attacked by a mountain lion on the trail I was going to hike on.


A Constant Stream Of Falsehoods

My Ex-Boyfriend. It had been my first relationship in a while. Early on I started to get the feeling that he was lying about things, but it was only little things. Like he'd say he had some childhood illness, or had ran into Ariana Grande at a coffee shop. I tried to brush off the thought that he was making things up, because who would lie about random things.

I stayed with him another 4 months, then realized he was also lying about a drug addiction, stealing my money I was giving him for rent and not paying our bills. So I probably should've trusted my gut and left sooner.


Time To Leave The House

When I was a teenager I was best friends with a girl who had an older brother who had mental health issues. This led to him also drinking a lot and generally being a d-ck.

One night we were hanging out in her basement and he came home drunk. As soon as I heard him coming down the stairs I knew it was going to be bad.

He walked into the room, looked at us and said " What are you b-tches doing down here?"

My friend had a big shepherd/ chow mix and the dog immediately got up and stood between him and us growling.

My friend yelled for her dad and that set her brother off. He lunged at her and the dog grabbed him by the arm. Suddenly I was trapped standing on a couch, up against the wall .

Her brother is on the ground kicking at the dog. The dog is clamped down on his arm and not letting go. My friend is next to me screaming for her dad.

Dad rushes in, tries to separate them to no avail. Her Mom had called the cops from upstairs ( not the first time ) and they show up.

I sh-t you not, the second the cops came the dog let go on his own and stood in front of my friend again. Cops arrest her brother and her dad drives me home. I never went over their again unless she could promise me he wouldn't be there.


Keep Your Friend Safe

In 5th grade my math teacher made me and another girl stay after school. He said we did too well on the test. We must have cheated. I always got a weird feeling around him, but when it was just him and us, he was actually smelling our hair. When I finished my test, he told me to leave.

There was no way that I was going to leave him alone with the other girl. I told him my dad said I had to walk home with the other girl. The teacher said I was lying. I was, but I told him to call my dad and tell my dad that he thought his daughter was a cheater and a liar. My dad was super friendly but built like a grizzy bear. He let me wait for her to finish the test.


Did You Read The Waves Of The Future?

When I was getting prepared to marry my ex husband, there were a lot hurdles and obstacles to overcome. We had just gotten past a huge one and my then-fiancé left. I was in the bedroom of my apartment looking out the window and I had a premonition. It was so strong it was like I could physically see it.

I had been thinking that since we had just overcome that obstacle (I don't remember exactly what it was, something to do with paperwork since he wasn't a US citizen) that things would be smooth sailing going forward. But the premonition was the opposite. I knew that things were going to get worse, way way worse, like being pushed down a long funnel, narrower and tighter and more pressure than I could possibly imagine, and when I came out the other side I would be entirely changed.

I assumed it meant that the process of marrying a noncitizen was going to get messy. It did--things went wrong that weren't even supposed to be able to go wrong.

But I think that premonition was about the whole marriage. We did get all our papers in order and got married, and things were pretty okay for a while (yep, every bride's dream, a life that is pretty okay). But eventually things got worse. And worse. I found out he had been concealing his true nature. At the end he was a totally different person than who I dated and married. I mourned for the man I married because it was like he died.

Fortunately I saw the truth, got out with minimal trouble, and upgraded to a real husband instead of a lying cave troll. I tell people I never saw it coming, but it's a lie. I did see it coming. I didn't understand it and didn't believe it but I did get a warning.

Years later I got a warning that my current husband had a life threatening illness, but that's another story.


Okay, Seriously, Fortune Tellers Must Be Real!

I was a dumb 17 year old. My friend "Joe" and I smoked a lot. One of then guys we brought it from, "David", was in his early 30's, lived in a normal house, had a wife (who he was in the process of divorcing and not living with), and one or two young kids.So he was involved with some sketchy people, but he was always really nice to us. A few times he fronted uswhen we couldn't afford it. One time I had had the worst day ever and he just gave me some just to be nice. So needless to say, what happened to him really scared and upset me.

One night (sometime between 9-10pm), Joe and I went over . David told us he was waiting on his connection to drop it off, it'd be about an hour if we wanted to wait here. I said yea sure, no big deal. But Joe said "no I want to leave." I looked at him, surprised, and said it's just an hour wait, by the time we drive home and come back it will be an hour anyways. Joe said "no, I think we should leave, I just don't want to stay here." I asked him why but he said he just got a bad feeling. I will admit that David did seem off, he seemed really nervous and tense. There was a girl I knew from school there (like everyone bought weed from this guy), she decided to wait, but Joe didn't want to, so I left with Joe.

About an hour or two later we tried calling David, no answer. He never called back so we just hung out and watched TV til the next morning. He still didn't answer so we drove by there , and the entire house is covered in crime scene tape, part of the house is black and obvious there was an extremely recent fire that significantly damaged the home. We had no clue what happened and weren't about to stop and ask the cops there.

I found out from the news, and then from friends of ours what happened. Around 12am, 3 guys kicked down the door. David, and the girl I knew from school were sitting on the couch, they were both shot in the head and killed instantly. The guys then tried to set the house on fire to destroy any evidence, but a neighbor called the fire dept shortly after they left so the house wasn't badly burned enough to destroy much evidence. It took them years to catch the guys who did it.


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