People Who Have Hooked Up With A Pornstar Off Camera Confess What It Was Like


What happens when the cameras stop rolling....

Sex is fun. At least it's suppose to be, well it better be! And there are people in the world who have sex as a career and you'd assume they'd be perfectionists at it. Sometimes they are that good and sometimes they're not. Not every doctor is a 10, why assume sex worker is?

Redditor u/howardwolowitz94 wanted to hear from the partners of adult film stars by wondering.... Anyone who has slept with a Pornstar off camera, what was the experience like?

"you're doing great, baby"

I'm a woman and slept with a male porn star I met on tinder. He works part time as a porn star, and full time as an aircraft mechanic.

His room was his normal bedroom, except there were box lights around it for at-home filming. I was a bit nervous going to his house for the first time meeting, but we eventually started talking about random stuff, if his siblings know he's a porn star, and what it's like to be a male in the porn industry. He joked about how his sister once said that he's finally in clothes when he was at dinner, and I played with his dogs too.

Needless to say, it was one of the best sexual experiences I've ever had. It was weird, but I felt a genuine connection with him - he treated me really well . Before having sex, we got familiar with each other, and it didn't seem like he was rushing to have sex.

We're both kinky people, so he taught me these safe words: yellow light (slow down)/red light (stop) before we started.

He dumped out a duffel bag of BDSM equipment and we went to work. Sex was great - he took good care of me and communicated with me the entire time. It was my first time trying an anal plug as well, and I told him it hurt. He reassured me and told me "you're doing great, baby", and went slower.

I think the best part of this was that he was a great communicator, and respected my boundaries as to how far kinky I was willing to go. 10/10 would do it again. artratene

Hey Ron...


Ron Jeremy once shook my hand and told me that he appreciated my work. Does that count? lnfinity

​Currently in a relationship with a former porn actress.

Currently in a relationship with a former porn actress.

Throwaway for reasons.

Didn't know she used to do porn when we started dating, she didn't tell me until after we had sex.

Performs the best oral sex I've ever received, but for a while I thought she was faking orgasms because my dumb butt watched one of her videos on Pornhub and she sounded like she does with me. Messed with my head for a while, but I've talked to her about it and we're all set.

After her, nothing else compares. I'd almost rather stay single than go back into the dating pool trying to mess with girls that look good in their pictures, have boring personalities, and then are terrible in bed. This girl is going to ruin me and I'm alright with it. Diligent_Constant

They're Accessible. 

I recently found out that A LOT of pornstars are available for private bookings via superstar escort agencies. My favorite pornstar Veronica Rodriguez charges are $3,000-$5,000 per hour and every now and then she'll do a post on instagram (comments disabled on these posts) saying "Available in (whatever city) this weekend." v-shizzle

Jenna from the Block.


My hubby used to date Jenna Haze... back in college as in like '05... she drove like 2 and a half hours to go on dates with him in Michigan. She was Jenny from H&R block to him.... He couldn't get her to do anal... few years later he saw his Jenny long after they broke up on the porn awards for best anal scene..... he's still upset about it to this day.... hotdonna1891


In fact twice.

First was with a French pornstar (I'm European) but it was in an escorting encounter. As you would expect, she sexed the brain out of me for two hours doing me things I didn't know that existed. Kind girl, wanted to give some real pleasure and took her own but it was for money.

I once had a one night stand with a girl I was kind of « she looks like someone I know maybe in a movie but who is she? ». Turned out she was a Hungarian pornstar just visiting Brussels where I live. But I recognized her only weeks later. Probably the kindest girl I've ever met. Took her around the city then to a restaurant and ended up at her hotel. Probably with her that I've learned the difference between just sex and making love. She spent the whole night in my arms and hers around me. Would do it 20/10. Not only she was a goddess but she was heart melting! dablegianguy

The Open Love.

I was in an open relationship with a pornstar and her boyfriend(then fiancee, then husband) for a little over a year and I must say the sex was 10/10

In her videos I can tell when she's faking though and I don't think she really enjoyed it as much as she pretended to, she had been doing it for so many years and is now 30 something so I think she might just be afraid to start over career wise.

Her husband eventually got jealous of our closeness and I moved out ending our relationship.

Miss the kiddo and the dog the most though. GwendyDollNo2

Wish I could do it again.


The best I've ever had. I swear, he knew my body better than I knew it myself. He was my first for several positions, for several types on intimacy, and I've never forgotten how intense and satisfying our sex was.

Wish I could do it again. baddieb_barbietingz

After the Biz...

Few years ago met a retired adult actress through a mutual friend and we hit it off. Like many adult actresses she had worked a lot for about two years, but then left the biz. This was six or seven years since she had worked. It was the most normal sex, nothing crazy, very playful. I have never felt more comfortable in bed with any other woman.

I always wonder if a woman is actually enjoying herself or just trying to make me feel good. With her, there was no doubt, she was into it, knew what she liked, and gave great feedback. Looking back, wish it had turned into more, but alas our schedules really didn't sync up so we decided it wasn't going to work out long term. TheRealMarklar

Normal People... 

I shagged Zoe Voss a few months after she turned 18 and a few months before she went into porn. She was really horny and I got the vibe she would be down for just about anything right away.

Also, my wife and I have both made out with a different porn star (also before they made the career switch) It wasn't at the same time and was way before I met my wife.

Seems like they're just normal people that are maybe more attractive, sexual, and wild than average. Both of these girls had broken homes and were a little lost in life.... then met the wrong person to connect them to an easy way to make money doing something they like anyway. Muckdanutzzzz543

Next 2 Normal.


She wasn't a big name in the industry but she has videos. It was a really good experience. No over the top nonsense like you see in the documentaries. It was just like having sex with a normal person except she was really good at what she does and she truly enjoys it. Sch1ndlersFist

"put on a show"

I've known two guys who have and they said it was just plain old sex with no heightened performance. One guy had a one night stand at a bar, the other briefly dated one. Since a number of porn stars also do escort work, I wouldn't be surprised if they did "put on a show" for their client. dougiebgood


Uninspired. The last thing she wanted to do was have sex when she was off work. She was a delightful dinner companion though. She was animated and focused on me and everybody in the restaurant wondered how a schlubby guy like me snagged such a hot date. AvocadoJohnson

Good Memories...

I dated a girl who seemed like she had a simple life. I later found out she was a stripper and later that she was in a few movies. Sex was great, but I don't think her career had any thing to do with it. We had a great energy together that only got stronger the more we learned each others crazy life stories. She also was bi and would get drunk and bring women home. Good memories! flashgordo88

The Invisible Audience.


It was not the mind blowing experience I had assumed it would be. The biggest difference was that she used a couple of positions that were new to me. They weren't amazing, and after a couple times I realized that she was playing to an imaginary camera. All in all 8/10, would go again. psyanyde


Had a friend who dated one for a while. She was gorgeous, a bombshell. She was funny and very easy going. She had emotional issues that the poor guy had breakup with her.

Years later, at his birthday, one of his new colleagues refused to believe our jokes about dating a porn actress. The face when the dude saw some pics... priceless.

Oh, and she stole 10k from him. echo979

Turn off then, turn off now....

I'm a woman. I had sex with a very prolific male porn star before he became famous. He had a huge penis which was like wow but he didn't know how to use it, at all. Watching his porn now and its still centered the size of him, not his skill but the actresses. He says the same weird "oh yea" now that he did then. Turn off then, turn off now. Mainemountains


I once had sex with a pornstar probably about four years or so before she got into the industry. That was more than fifteen years ago and I still remember all the times we had sex, in detail, so I have to say she was already destined for the screen I guess. thehillshaveI


I met him at a bar and was a bit drunk, ended up complimenting him on how his butt looked like you could bounce a quarter off of it, had some drinks and laughs, and agreed to grab a cab uptown to his place when the bar was closing down. We started getting hot and heavy on his couch and everything is going decently well and he suggests we move into his bedroom. He had like one of those Jr. one bedrooms in a high-rise along the lake where the wall kind of slides open between the living room and the bedroom. So he slides this partition open and we're in each other's arms making out moving to the bed and he plunks me down on it and I look around for a minute and then freeze.

It's this huge custom welded steel bed with an overhanging frame supporting a leather sex swing with an attachment welded on it to hold an industrial sized jug of lube with a pump on it. I realized that in my drunkenness I had bitten off way more than I could chew and apologized and noped the heck out of there. I found out a week later he was a pornstar from the bartender where I picked him up at. synocrat

Just be Natural...


I haven't but I know a guy who did. He said she was a really cool person and they had a lot in common. But the sex was not at all what someone would imagine. Apparently, she got into the industry pretty quickly after losing her virginity and basically 90% of her sexual experiences were on camera. Because of this, she didn't know how to have a "natural" sexual experience with a normal person. He said if he didn't tell her what he wanted her to do, she was awkward and clueless. It's sad, tbh. She was so used to being directed that if someone wasn't directing her, she couldn't just go with it and enjoy herself organically. WtfAmISupposedToPick


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