People Who Have Hooked Up With A Step Relative Explain The Aftermath


Well if the dating pool is arid.... you go with what's near.

Love is love and we gotta find it wherever we can. Right? We all have that hot cousin we can't help but notice, or we are that hot cousin and it makes some holidays a little awkward. Sometimes certain family members take a shine to one another and nobody knows how to deal. But are certain familial hookups not that bad of an idea? If everyone is consenting, who are we to judge?

Redditor u/TheSmallRaptor wanted to know who was brave enough to share a few sordid family details by asking.... People who have actually had sex with a step relative, what was the aftermath?

The Step-Sis. 

My best friend had sex with his step-sister. She fell in love since it was her first time and he didn't. She then asked him to formally date her to which he refused and ghosted her, moved out of the city. She entered a deep depression and they haven't spoken in years.


Oh Auntie. 

Not my story, but my partners ex-friend had sex with his "Aunt." They aren't related biologically related BUT the Aunt knew the guy since he was baby. Plus, the Uncle and him were close and he worked for/with his Uncle.

Basically, the Aunt was going through a break up with his Uncle. The ex-friend and Aunt got drunk, sex and kept as a thing. They only stopped when the Uncle got his act together and wanted her back. Aunt told him everything (but pretty sure not the consistency of how many times). When the Uncle found out, he called work saying he was going to kill his nephew if not beat the living crap out of him. The coworkers told the ex-friend and he skipped town.

Obviously they no longer have a relationship with the Aunt or Uncle.

Added note: Completely forgot about this comment as I got preoccupied with other events. Was not expecting this! Time to look at my inbox.

I got confirmation that he was 21 yrs old and he did have other sexual encounters, but he lost is virginity to his Aunt.


Just 2 Times. 

Well we had sex 2 times, she got pregnant. We tried to work it out. It didn't go well. She left to a different state an then threatened to come get our daughter. I got a lawyer and filed for custody, she never responded and I won by default. I haven't heard from her since my daughter was 8 months old. That was over 4 years ago now.


Family Mess.


My step brother is also my brother in law.

He married my sister and they have two kids.

This isn't a good story though, they were dating before our dad and his mom started dating. So we all met as adults, and I knew him originally as my sisters boyfriend and then it got weird on paper cause our parents married.


The Co-Worker & The Step-sister....

Had a coworker who was sleeping with his step sister (both of them were already in college when their parents met and got married). Pretty sure it lasted a while, with them all living in the same house. Eventually got caught by one of the parents which ultimately led to the parents separating.


In Secrecy...

My husband's brother secretly dated their step sister. Only my husband knew about it. Despite him telling his brother that it was a bad idea, he still pursued the relationship. They had to confess to the family because she unexpectedly got pregnant. Their mom was upset and disappointed, but said she'd support their decision to be in a relationship and start their own family.

The father however, could not get on board and pressured his daughter to get an abortion and to end the relationship. They still ended up together and had the baby. A few years later, they both cheated on each other and ended the relationship. Family gatherings are super awkward with my husband's side of the family.



Hooked up with Dad's girlfriend's daughter before they married. Her Mom found out. All she said was "Well, I'm glad you two got it out of your system before you're related."

Anyways it was boring and pointless. The whole "naughtiness" of it was the best part.


All living under the same roof too.


A girl I worked with had (in my opinion) a really weird situation. Her dad was dating a woman and she was dating the woman's son. All living under the same roof too.

I believe they broke up and it got pretty toxic as they kept trying to make their step sibling jealous by bringing home randoms to sleep with. Imagine explaining that one to the people your bringing around.


The Clap. 

Not me but my older brother.

For years the story was he got the clap from this older woman who took his virginity.

A month ago he told me the truth. He got the clap from our stepsister, who at one point tried to sleep with me too.


Taken Advantage.....

A girl I went to middle school with was impregnated by her stepbrother. She must have 12 or 13. I think he was 17-19. Childhood me thought she was trashy but adult me knows she was groomed and taken advantage of. I think her parents more or less raised the kid as their own and her role was more of a sister.


Oh Nephew....


My coworker got his nephew a job with our company to help straighten him out and let him live with him. A few months later he starts talking about how he's going to be a granddad cuz his 18 y/o daughter who lives at home is pregnant.

We later found out his nephew was having sex with his daughter on the regular and was the father of his grand baby. Nephew got fired for failing a drug test not even 6 months into the gig. Pretty sure he ended up getting kicked out of their house too shortly thereafter.


Alright, here we go.

Alright, here we go. So, I meet girl. Meet her mom and dad. The girl and I have sex and date for several months. She gets pregnant. I join the Navy to support my new family. I leave for boot camp and she starts sleeping around, so we break up. During this time her mom goes crazy. Her dad leaves her mom. He then starts seeing my mom. They get married. Boom! My ex is now my stepsister and my son is now my nephew. Welcome to West Virginia ya'll.


Technically my step cousin.

Technically my step cousin. My mom married his uncle. We met as adults and hooked up quickly after meeting. We're married now.

Whenever someone asks how we met, I just tell them he's my cousin.


35 Years In....

My parents used to be step siblings. My mom was 6, dad was 12 when my mom's mom married my dad's dad. My dad lived with his mom primarily though, and they never spent much time together. I think my grandparents were married for 6-10 years or something like that before they divorced. When my mom was about 20, dad was 26 and he asked her out. They've been married for like 35 years.

The complicated bit is that I have an Aunt that was born from the marriage of my maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather. So my parents share a half-sibling. But they're no longer step siblings.


Oh Florida.


My dad was having sex my mom's sister and i have a couple of cousin-brothers to show for it. Yes, florida. intp_nc


I knew a girl in high school whose best friend's mom married her dad. Then the best friend and dad were caught having sex and it had been a whole thing. Both of them were really gross.


The Early Teen Years. 

A guy I knew, while we were both early-teens, had a huge crush on a girl who was a close friend of his family (his parents were church friends with her parents). Then, her parents both died in a car accident, and his parents had agreed to adopt her if such an incident were ever to occur.

His mom was kinda weird and made him start calling her sister, and none of his family knew he was head over heels in love with this girl, or if they suspected a crush they pretended not to. What they FOR SURE didn't know (because his parents would've disowned him) was that by high school, they were secretly hooking up almost every night.

I lost touch with them during high school, and I want to know what ended up happening with them SO BADLY it drives me crazy to think about. eeviltwin

In the Dark. 

My mother passed away, so my brother and I moved in with my father, stepmother and stepsister. My parents had a brutal divorce, so we were not very close to them. In fact, we didn't see my father for years. Fast forward, my brother, stepsister, stepbrother and I would play lights out as teenagers. Basically, turn the lights out and start beating the crap out of each other with pillows or anything we could find.

I know it sounds like a sick game. Later, when we all played and wondered why I was not getting my hair pulled or punched, I turned on the lights and found my brother and stepsister making out. We stopped playing lights out but my brother and sister were secretly seeing each until my stepmother found out. Lanna33

Love and Marriage. 

My uncle married his step sister when they were teenagers. They had four kids together and divorced. Years later my dad married her. She was his step sister and younger brother's ex wife. My cousin's became my step siblings. Uncle lived around the corner. Her kids did not like being told what to do by their uncle. My dad always felt like she treated me and my sister poorly. My Grandma threatened to disown my dad several times for marrying her.

They were together for about a year before stepmom couldn't handle Dad's drinking anymore and he said he was sick of her kids disrespecting him and her not treating my sister and me good enough. We moved out but they stayed married for over ten years. Cousin/step siblings weren't as close with us after that and my sister and I were kinda considered black sheep of the family.

Too bad. I liked being around my cousins so much and I thought my aunt/step mom was cool. I was like 10-11 at the time though. I can't imagine what those two were thinking when they got together in the first place. Whole thing was confusing to say the least.


They're just Cousins....


Let's just slip right to relatives. Caught my cousins kissing, I quietly snuck out to let them do whatever horrors they intended. Never mentioned it not once. Well apart from the odd slight remark every now and again. It was just a quick fling I believe.

Edit: they weren't siblings, they were also cousins to each other. I think they were around age 18 give or take a couple years. Didn't happen in the US as some people have tried to guess for various reasons and experiences. Thanks for all the interesting replies, too many to reply to but enjoyable to read. If you know people that have married or dated their cousin. No judgment from me and I hope they are happy. THE END!



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