People Who've Found Things Posted About Themselves Online Share Their Side Of The Story


There are 2 sides to each tale and do I have a side to tell y'all!!

There is no such thing as a one sided, winner take all story. Every break up, every drama, every moment that involves more than one human being has several angles to whatever went down. And nine times out of ten we only ever relay the side that bathes us in the best light. So it can be very frustrating when the opposing party decides to air out their lies... sorry... version of events without proper warning for your rebuttal.

Redditor u/GamrsGame wanted to know who has discovered some juicy tidbits about themselves while strolling online by asking.... Redditors who have found stories/post about themselves or situations/places they were at on reddit, what's your side of the story?

1 Year. 

I used to drink a lot (1 year sober now but have drank 3 times over 4 years) and I passed out down by our river. I was on someone's snap story it was super embarrassing.


Long Story....


Long story, cut short. My evil ex (living together for 5 years at the time) was chatting to another woman online, who he had told was single. She mentioned that her deceased husband once hit her.

My ex sympathized and went on about how he abhorred violence towards women, and could never understand why men would do that. Said she should have gone to the police etc.

I was reading it with the worst black eye I had ever seen in my life and a fractured rib - courtesy of him.

Edit: Thanks so much for all the upvotes - never thought so many folks would be able to imagine this weird scenario. I could tell many stories of the evil things he did, but best I reserve them to discuss with professionals.


"best wedding ever!"

I found a post that I believed described a coffee shop I frequent, from a barista I'm good friends with. I clicked their profile to confirm it was them. I found a description of our wedding and that it was the "best wedding ever!" I was charmed.

Belated edit because I ignored Reddit for two days and came back to this: "our" refers to my husband and I. The barista-friend was a guest.


Ask reddit....

A while back I posted a question to askreddit, a few months later apparently it was featured in an article about yacht week, pretty dope.

The story came about in a session with one of my clients. He was a younger client struggling with substance abuse and he was talking about how he just wanted to get rich and stay high all day. We talked about it and thought it would be cool to ask Reddit. It was fun to read the responses. Wasn't a super theraputic intervention, but it helped build rapport with him which is never bad in a counseling relationship.


Missed Connection

Wasn't on Reddit, but someone once posted a really creepy Missed Connection about me on Craigslist.

I was at Target with a friend and stopped at the in store Starbucks while he checked out. The (much older) barista later wrote about how he knew he had feelings for me when our hands touched while he gave me my drink. My friend saw it and texted me and I still haven't gone back to that Target years later.


It's Complicated..

Brother in laws wife was ranting on here about my mother in law (something unrelated to me entirely) and as part of the supporting argument noted that mother in law is constantly taking my wife and I with them on vacations but not them. What they don't know (or clearly left out) is that we split the cost of those vacations and/or pay our own way (or we buy the room next time). She seems to have a victim complex sometimes and twists scenarios to appear as the victim.


Not on reddit......

Not on reddit, but when i looked up the reviews for a retail store that I worked for I found one about me. It was about a girl in the returns department (I was the only girl who worked there at the time). I don't remember all of it, but I do remember it said "she looks like she hates everyone."My co-workers and i got a good laugh out of it. They weren't entirely wrong. I hated working for that company, especially in that department. I had a lot of fun, though, so I don't loathe my memories of working there.


I am Jewish....

Friend and former flatmate posted a comment about the time I came home early from work and walked in on him and his girlfriend going at it in the living room

  • Dressed as Nazis
  • Playing Rammstein loudly
  • Him as Hitler and her as Eva Braun
  • He'd even shaved his stubble to a Hitler moustache

I found it hilarious, they were both mortified and repeatedly apologized.

I am Jewish. real-scot

Little red Corvette..


Not found on Reddit, but local news station did a story about my car at the airport:

I was just tired of everything in my life so I drove South for a while, saw a sign for the Kansas City airport, left my Corvette in the parking lot, and took the next flight out. Turned out to be fort Worth Texas, and long story short that's how I learned Mexican border security is basically a marine who doesn't check bags and just waves you in without a word.



Once had a guy from my old D&D group make this long post about being kicked out of our group. He claimed that he was a victim of prejudice and that we had banned him because we were bigots and couldn't stand that his girlfriend was trans. All kinds of stuff about how much he loved her and would stand by her in the face of intolerance - really playing up the victim thing.

What he did not mention is that his girlfriend had nothing to do with his ouster - his sexual harassment and stalking of a female member of our group did. He was even offering to leave his girlfriend if she would let him move in with her, and showed up unannounced at her house once with bags packed as though he'd been invited to stay. He was going through some personal stuff, so we first tried intervention and talking to him about what he was doing, but he refused to stop harassing our other member/friend, so we decided to kick him from the group and stop talking to him.


That was me.


I live in Tanzania and was away at the coast for a few days with my buddy, and we decided to go out to one of the local clubs. As I was sitting outside, I got chatting to this younger guy who was on holiday with his friends. He told me about how someone on Reddit had given him some advice on what to do over there and whatnot. That was me.



So I had bigger post on /r/pics a couple years ago with my dad next to a new painting he had worked on. Every few months someone will repost it, saying my dad is their dad. Reddit cavalry is usually quick to call me in, so I ask for photo evidence just in case I need to learn about any secret siblings.

Edit: Link to the post for those who were asking!


Damn Weirdos. 

I'm the reason you have to provide photo verification on either /r/rateme or /r/amiugly cant remember which one it was. Some weirdo posted photos of me to one of those two subs and acted like the photos were them. I can't remember what was said but the post ended up on /r/subredditdrama and that's how I found it.

I messaged the mods with proof that the photos were me and I definitely didn't post them, nor did I want people commenting on my appearance. They immediately took the post down and the catfish who posted it deleted their account. The rule for photo verification came about shortly afterwards.

Extra fun fact: the photos used were stolen from my completely private Instagram, meaning it had to have been someone from my close social circle. Never found out who did it or why.


Snickers is Dumb. 

I found my old roommates Reddit and there was a post asking for advice for her cat because he had been acting up a lot. She mentioned that he pooped on my bathmat but she didn't think much of it because "he didn't like me." But in reality that cat was an absolute dummy who liked me even though he was nasty. Never figured out why he pooped on my bathmat, but offended she thought he did it to be mean to me

Edit: he peed on her laundry a few times after that and that's when she realized he was acting up. He stopped shortly after that but I don't think she ever figured out what was going on since she was cleaning out his litter box (unscented) normally, he just kinda stopped. But my point still stands that he was a really dumb cat (if my old roommate is reading this I love you and I love Snickers and you know he's dumb).


Oh Honey. Refresh.


My ex posted in r/relationships after he cheated on me. It was a very short post on an alt account (I don't even know if he had a main but he knew I used reddit) basically looking for sympathy and hope- confessing what he did was wrong but asking how he could fix it- and I saw it because he wanted me to see it (he left it open on my computer in a next-level IQ move). He left out a lot, including that he'd cheated multiple times and lied in counseling about it. Out of curiosity I hit refresh. It got basically no steam but three comments saying they hope I left him. So I did. Lol.



I was on AITA a few days ago and this guy posted about this store that refused him a refund because of Hurricane Dorien. He mentioned teriary details that led me to believe he was a problem customer I had a couple weeks ago. We messaged each other, I confirmed it was indeed the same guy, and I called him out on the lies he told in his story. His post got locked and he got thoroughly reamed.


Hey. Hey. Hey. 

Many years ago, I met a girl on Steam. Wasn't really that close friends with her but she told me she was in the same city I live in. For a while we would chat daily. Nothing serious, I had a GF at the time and I didn't even know what she looked like, it was genuinely platonic. We'd talk about video games, local restaurants we like, etc, never planning to meet or anything like that.

Well eventually she faded off. There were a few times where she was online and I said "hey," with no response. Then like an hour later I'd say "hey" again. This happened maybe 5 times over the course of 6 months. Finally she just never signed on again.

Fast forward to 2 years ago, I'm reading an old classic AskReddit "what was the scariest thing you ever experienced" thread from 2014. I see a story of this girl who has been stalked IRL for a year. Some dude leaving faceprints on her window, emailing her photos of herself taken outside, awful and invasive stuff.

How was this about me? Well she became convinced that it was me for some reason because it started happening shortly after we started talking. In this post, she told the whole backstory that was unmistakably ours. She even posted screenshots of our convos (thankfully censoring my user name) where I said "hey" twice, describing it as the early signs of her stalker's obsession.

She said she was stalked IRL for like a year before the guy thankfully stopped. I couldn't even message her because the account was [deleted] by the time I found it, years after it was posted.


The Clip Show. 

A clip from a TV show I was on 20 years ago blew up on reddit a few years ago. It was weird, never outed myself though, to read about people talking about you.

Edit: Sorry y'all, not going to dox myself on here.

But since you asked most of the comments were pretty benign, talking about my appearance, what I should or shouldn't have done.

It did get me to stop lurking though, cause I really didn't know what reddit was all about, just peripherally.


Manifest Destiny. 

I have an ex who wrote a bunch of entries about how he wanted to get me back and make up for all the hurt he caused me. And could he just manifest a reason into the universe for me to text him.

He lied to me for over three years about the existence of his wife and two children. I am very obviously not going to text his dumb butt.


Wishes not Granted.

I found a post my (now ex-but at the time) boyfriend had made about a girl he couldn't forget about going on dates with and how sweet she was and how he wished he could still be seeing her

I was not the girl he was posting about, so that was fun lol.



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