People Share What They'd Do If They Could Start Life Again And Retain Their Current Knowledge


Hindsight is 20/20, so taking into account everything you've learned in life, what would you do differently if given a second chance? Would that even be worth it? I know I would have some valuable words for 10-year-old me. If I could go back and not struggle with my identity, I'd take that chance.

TheEasyTarget asked: If you were given the chance to start your life over at age 10 right now, but still retain all of your current knowledge and memories, would you? Why or why not?

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You could do the things you regret not doing.

Absolutely, I would fix some of my mistakes, play sports, play in band. Also, there was a girl that I met in late middle school and as absolutely dumb as it sounds I still have a thing for her but I never told her and she vanished before I could do anything about it anyway, but still, Id have loved to have had a chance with her. Also in general I would try to be a better person, I would try to not be the little sh*t I was. Oh and I wouldn't get fat.


Same. But I can just imagine having conversations with my middle school crush and realizing how dumb the conversations were in middle school.


Yeah, I'd feel really weird about making any moves on someone whose mind is decades younger than mine. Nobody wants to be Edward Cullen.


Tbh this is where I'm at with this question. There'd be some awesome chances to do things better, but I can't get over how monumentally creepy/weird my interactions with early teen and high school friends could be.


College - I wouldn't change a thing.

Yes. Staying in shape, picking a better path in college, skipping some bad decisions, picking up on lost opportunities... There are a ton of minor mistakes that built up over time.


I think so too, I mean, why would anyone not want to do that? But the problem with going back in time is that you can't change a few lines or torn away pages of a book. If you are on page 400 and go back to 100, you will be rewriting the whole thing, because every right decision you make will lead you to a new place and situation where you may again make new wrong decisions.


Buy Apple stock. And Bitcoin.

I'd definitely take the chance. Choose different hobbies and just have a different outcome on life today. Oh, and invest in some companies I know will get it big.

Edit: 9 hours later rip my inbox

Edit 2: I assumed it was time travel based because of if I were to wake up tomorrow as a ten year old, well, I'd have a little trouble getting around driving places without getting pulled over, paying rent would be difficult, and as a thirty year old man convincing my parents that I got brain surgery into some ten-year-old's body.


Bitcoin bitches.


I've seen a couple people mention Bitcoin and it makes me feel old.

If I went back to when I was 10, I'd be investing in Wal-Mart and Microsoft.


Some people say no.

I have lots of regrets, but I'm also extremely happy with my life now. If I could live things over again, make fewer mistakes, and still end up with the same wonderful woman and kids, then maybe. Giving it all up to try again? No thanks.


I agree. If I were single? Yeah. But right now I'm with the man I think I'll marry. If I went back to 10 years old I'm sure I would end up doing something wrong and never become friends with him through mutual friends. And what if I did but then I came on too strong, since I know we end up in love, and it makes me seem weird and he doesn't end up developing a crush on me? No thanks.


I couldn't agree more.

She's told me before "What if we could start over, we would have had so much more time together. We could have started so much sooner." But I think that you can't change the past without changing yourself. There are mistakes I would rather avoid, but if avoiding those means I ended up avoiding our relationship, or if I came on to strong and ruined our shot before it happened, then I would have just traded some regret for my happiness with her now.

That's a risk I can't take. I don't think I would have survived the hardest parts of my life without being able to love her through them. I can cringe and regret my younger life or hypothesize about what I could do to be rich and successful. But if I miss out on us because of it, I will have made the biggest mistake that I could possibly make.

I'm rambling and letting some emotions out. I love her, I'm proposing Friday, and I'm so nervously excited it's making me antsy.

All the best to you and him. Grab that happiness and hang on to it.

EDIT: Well we are currently in the airport to leave to the destination where said proposal will happen. I want to say thank you for all your well wishes and calming my nerves. I probably shouldn't have done this post, my soon-to-be-fiance is wondering why my phone keeps beeping. Cross your fingers for me!


But if you're single and alone, why not? Ouch.

Easy: If you have a spouse or kids, don't do it because your family will never be the same, or rather, has a super low chance to be the same.

If you are alone with no higher attachments other than your parents/friends, then it's a go.


The movie About Time handled this exact issue, and due to this, I could not take the deal.


That's the exact movie I thought of when I saw this question. There's a lot of things I wish I could do differently in my life, but once my kids were born, that was it for me. I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world. Sometimes I look at them and think, how did I end up with you? I don't believe in miracles but it's the closest thing that feels like a miracle. I realize logically that I would likely feel this way about most variation of a child I could have had. But since I know thesespecific kids and love them so much, I couldn't go back and risk losing them.


Youth is exhausting, but... Bitcoin.

No - I don't have the patience to grind those levels again.


You only lose physical stats, money, and equipment though. And with better knowledge of the map and gameplay mechanics you'd be able to get those all back way faster.




Yep, Apple and Microsoft wouldn't have started yet either. F*ck school, I would be working my young ass off and getting ready to invest.


You could make up for lost time with a parent.


I'd have another twelve years with my dad again.

If I have to go through everything else all over again to have him back, I would.


Same but with my mum.


Same boat with you. Sh*t, id give up extra 10 years of my life just to have her for 1 more.


Mistakes, or lessons?

So many mistakes to fix in the teenage years. Take me back.

Edit: didn't expect this to get big. Thanks everyone! Just a bit of advice, don't focus on your past mistakes, focus on how you improve your life from here on out.


Yeah but personnaly I don't trust myself to fix them, chances are I'm going to disappoint myself a second time.


But think of the guilt high from beating yourself up over wasting a literal genie wish!


Preventing illness or injury would be worth it. Or would it?

I ask this question because it's one I think about often. At age 12 I had a blood clot in my spinal cord. There was no apparent cause. I was a relatively healthy young boy. It's been 8 years now and I haven't walked since. I think a lot about the things I would change if I could start over and prevent it from happening. My life would be so different.


This probably doesn't help much in regards to your condition but I've indulged in fiction that has the same story. A person travelling back into their previous body and redoing things. Perhaps it could be a pastime.


Although not as sincere, I had an accident when I was 14, which caused headaches, memory loss and other problems for several years. It made me miss half of my high school & youth. So I understand the reasoning.

But in my case, I'm so clumsy, I would've had the accident probably in an other way at another time and I don't know what the outcomes would have been then.

So I'll choose not to go back, because I'm glad for all the positive things it brought me and it got me where I am now. And it could have been worse I guess, don't want to take the risk!


This is also something I think about. There are many things in my life that I'm very happy with, and I don't see myself living without. Also imagine if I did prevent it but just got in a car accident the next day and died. I guess the point is that you never know what life will throw at you. You just have to appreciate the things you have now and not dwell on lost opportunities. The past is over. Focus on now.


Being 10 sucked. But, there are things I'd like to tell myself.

I would not go back to being 10. I am in a much better and stable position right now than I was when I just 10. I used to be sick all the time, I had the worst acne problem, people at school were extremely mean to me. Also, the entire puberty period sucked for me. I was overweight, my skin was dull, and my eating habits were the worst. So, thanks, but no thanks.


Knowing what will be on the other side of that would probably make that situation a lot more bearable.


You can change most if that the second time around.


What would you redo in life given your experiences?

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