People Who Waited Until Marriage To Lose Their Virginity Share How It Worked Out


I made it through the wilderness....

Sex can be a WHOOOLE lot of fun. And it's an activity that many feel should be shared only with the person you want to share your life with, and you should only engage once that ring is on that finger. Now to many of us that idea seems... a little crazy, because often you want to test drive the merchandise before you buy but... to each their own. For some waiting only made the union that much more powerful and satisfying.

Redditor u/ArtistRigsSeventeen wanted to know who made the decision to wait to get busy by asking.... People who waited until their wedding night to have sex the first time - how did that work out, and what was it like?


As a European this is totally unimaginable to me. Why would anyone marry without having sex first? Is this really a thing that happens on a (semi-)regular basis in the US? derkuhlekurt

Totally. All my religious cousins did it. All got married super young, probably cuz they wanted to have sex. The US is weird, man. Even go as far as to have abstinence-only sex education in a lot of schools. askredditisonlyok

Size Matters.


She left me a week later because my penis was too small. 100 to 0 really damn quick. Just now picking up the pieces and getting back on track financially. SeniorDiggusBickus

My grandmother once asked me "You don't buy shoes without trying them on first, do you?" 😂😂 kittycoppermine

"don't stick your penis in crazy"

My oldest son and his wife waited until marriage. Evidently she went to the bathroom to call her mom on their wedding night because she was too scared to go through with it. I've got 2 grandkids now and my oldest living with me again, as the marriage only lasted 7 years. Granted, the phrase "don't stick your penis in crazy" definitely applies here. AeroQuest1

Oh the Amish.


Wonder If the Amish have internet. drypassanger

Some do, they are allowed to have a phone in the barn too, if it's for business use. Basically they are not allowed to have the modern technology in their house but if it's in the barn and used for business it's kind of a loophole. I'm not an expert or anything just have read several books about various Amish groups. denardosbae

A Good Combo. 

Lady here and it stunk big time. Due to the repressive nature of sex education in the Bible Belt and pile on a Baptist upbringing created vaginismus. My husband was super supportive about it, bought me pads on the honeymoon cause bleeding and what not, absolutely never pushed me, and then spent nearly the next two years working with me to finally finally finally make it enjoyable. Lots of lube and a vibrator combo finally did it you guys.

Do I recommend it? Meh, if you want I guess. I do really believe for the first time you should wait for someone you really care for and are both on the same page about it. It's far easier when your body is running at "horny" rather than "expected." Hi-Guys-Im-Broken


It's rare but not unheard of in Europe. I would assume it's common among Muslims. And my best friend in primary school gradually became a conservative Christian, and she planned to wait. It was odd, her family was totally normal, but she somehow became a fundamentalist. FeathersForever



It was amazing!! owenostrander

I'm still waiting.... karar92

2 & Counting....

I knew a guy who was very religious and waited until he married his wife to have sex with her.

...they're now divorced. Each is on spouse #2. jimmypagesguitar


It was great! We didn't know what we were doing but we had fun figuring it out. The best part was knowing that I had saved my body for her and vice versa. Best wedding present ever. ScottishHeatScottishHeat

Fumbling Around.


Captain of the Jesus people here. My first time, but not hers. She was faintly amused as I was like poking around like "what happens if I doooooo this" like I was Bill Nye the Virgin Guy. not-drowning-waving

Just Jump In....

It was pretty bad. We were ready and REALLY wanting to have sex almost two years before we got married but we were essentially bullied by religious family members into waiting. By the time we could have sex we've been repressing sexuality for so long it was hard to jump into the sexual mindset. It took a few months until we had enjoyable sex and it took even longer for us to both get libidos and have a healthy sex life.

My advice, it's probably good to wait until you're committed to have sex. But don't wait until marriage if you're both ready physically and emotionally. Waiting longer then both of you want will do damage and waiting until a certain date/celebration will put WAY to much pressure on you. iht133

How was it?

It was my wife's first time. It was probably the most romantic sex I ever had. johnnylawrenceKK

I'd imagine the opposite of the it was the other way around. Your_Worship

Awkward Bonds. 

It was definitely a bit awkward because it was the first time for the both of us. My wife was too tight, so we finished each other off in other ways that night. She later went to see a gynecologist about it.

It took some time, but now we can have sex normally and it's great! It was a good bonding experience because now we are more attuned to each other's libidos. Overall, we are both glad that we waited because we we were able to learn more about each other, and it was a good bonding experience in a strange way. ecnednepedni

It was worth it.....


It was worth it. We were at a bed and breakfast in a jacuzzi sized tub in our bedroom. We are both happy we waited. hayley200734

I can see many scenario playing out with the amount of props you can use, jacuzzi, breakfast, bed, etc. Possibilities are numerous. manoa99

The 2 of Us....

Both me and my wife waited till marriage before having sex. It has mind blowing to me how good it felt and was at the time. it still was fantastic to me because I loved her and we planned on being together forever. Now sex is even better and we keep experimenting with different things as we feel comfortable. So to answer your question it wasn't good sex the first time to most people but we both enjoyed it. CarminesCarbine


It worked out fine. Had no idea what we were doing, laughed a lot, had a great time, and have been getting steadily better and more adventurous over the last decade. No regrets and more in love every single day. ShakCentral

It was glorious......

It was glorious. I was 25, I had dreamed of this day for so long. It was over briefly of course but I felt like this amazing weight had been lifted from me and I was in a trance for the longest time. Until my new wife walked in and found me with her maid of honor. Then it got ugly real fast. TheJuiceGrenade

Highly recommend!!!

It was amazing. First time for both of us. Highly recommend. I should add, we were both highly ignorant of how it was supposed to work, and simultaneously super turned-on.

Innocence, ignorance, and enthusiasm go well together, and it was a tremendous bonding experience.

For us, the commitment is marriage, not before. We didn't want the vows to be a formality, but the moment of commitment itself. custodit_custodes

"THE" Wedding Gift...

It was great! We didn't know what we were doing but we had fun figuring it out. The best part was knowing that I had saved my body for her and vice versa. Best wedding present ever. ScottishHeat


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