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The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Doesn't matter how nice you were trying to be to something or someone, there's still an excellent chance they'll hate you for what you've done. Because, seriously how dare you try and offer to pay for their drinks? Who do you think you are?!


Lot of awkward stories coming up.

Reddit user, u/cameronsounds, wanted to hear the awful story when they asked:

What's your "I tried to do a nice thing" (but it ended in disaster) story?

Don't Ever Try To Get To Work Early


Not as serious as some answers but the other day at work I was supposed to put this box in a storage closet, but I didn't have a key so I was just waiting for my boss to meet me. Another woman came up and asked me if I needed help, I said no, and she told me to get a key from the main office right down the hall. I went and asked for a key thinking if I could go ahead and get it done that it might make things go smoother for my boss.

Well, I tried to open the door and the key snapped in half. With half still stuck in the door. They couldn't get into the closet for about an hour and had to get special tools to get the key out of the door. So, I tried to be nice and get my work done early... ended up breaking a door and making us stay an hour later.


3 Weeks?

I offered an mint to my boss. She got offended thinking I was saying she had bad breath and got really upset with me for like 3 weeks.


Slip n' Knee Injury

Was shoveling snow from my walkway finished it and then did my neighbors as he was old. Finished it and then decided to do the next one too. As I was finishing my right foot slipped forward and I tried to keep from falling. I slid for about 8 feet trying to avoid going down. Blew out something in my knee and it hurt for the next 7 months.


That Ended Just As Bad As It Could Have. Death.

Invited my elderly mom to live with us.

She was widowed and had some emotional health problems. Short version: she got paranoid and started hating us for "controlling her". She moved out, wrote me out of her will, and I never saw her again.

After 15 months she died.


Just Tell People About Dead Birds. Seriously.

When I was a kid I went into my mum's room and found our cat looking up at a small bird chilling on the rim of one of my mum's bags hanging from a cupboard only like a meter away.

I had no idea how that bird got in the room. I panicked and went to try and shoo the bird out do the window before my cat got to it. The bird didn't move when I got close so I picked up the bag it was perched on and tipped it out of the window, at which point the poor bird dropped 2 stories onto the ground.

I stared back, confused as to why it didn't fly off. It turns out it was injured and my mum had put it in the bag for it to heal or something and neglected to tell me. That birds death will forever be on my conscience.


It's JUST Blood. Come On.

I found a guy seizing out on the side of the road in a small town once. it looked like he fell and broke his glasses, he also had some blood running down the side of his head. So I called the ambulance for him because I didn't know what to do.
the next day, a lady at one of my regular stops came up to me and said "why did you call so and so an ambulance yesterday? now he has to pay for it. he's a tough guy and would have been fine, it happens all the time"

it was mid-winter and some random guy was twitching on the street. wtf was I supposed to do? just keep driving?


WTF Is Up With That Counselor?

I was in a summer camp when I was 9 and after lunch, I decided to clean up everyone's trash for them. As I was throwing away the trash, a counselor saw me and yelled at me for throwing away his empty soda can.

He told the other counselors and the adults running the camp that I did it with the intent of just throwing his food away. I cried so much on the car ride home.


Not Your Time, Bro

On a rainy day, I gave a ride to a hitchhiker near campus that looked like a typical university student. (I normally don't pickup hitchhikers, but it was hard to ignore him standing there in the pouring rain.)

I drove beyond where I was headed to get him to his stated destination - a place off the beaten path. But then he would not get out of the car. He just kept staring and telling me that he was "lonely and needed someone to be with."

I finally told him that we were headed to the police station if he didn't get out, and that did the trick. If it hadn't worked, we probably would've come to blows, because I could see he was building up to something.


A Fox Fail

Worked at an arcade prize counter. Summer camp of kids came rolling in. They had tickets for unlimited games but they couldn't get any points for the prize counter, which the counselors failed to tell the kids so we had to keep explaining it. Some of the poor kids were super excited because they had won a jackpot! It was equal parts annoying and heart breaking.

Well, one kid showed up and was devastated. He'd been working all day to get enough points for this little clip-on fox plush. He was inconsolable. I decided to use my own points to get it for him, because I felt like that was a toy I would have liked as a little kid and I'd also probably be equally devastated if I couldn't have it and because I was well and truly annoyed with the counselors at that point. I told him to NOT TELL ANYONE.

He came back later in tears because the counselor confiscated the toy. To have the toy and have it taken away probably felt worse than not getting the toy at all. I felt awful.




A squirrel was somehow stuck in my parents' fireplace while I was in college. My mom was home by herself and was freaking out. She tried her best to get it out but it kept climbing up the chimney every time she got close. I make it home on Friday afternoon after classes to help out. I find the squirrel curled up in the ashes in the fireplace. I grab it and put it outside and since it was raining there were puddles all around.

The squirrel took two steps into a puddle, had what looked like a seizure and died immediately.


Not Quite The Video-Worthy Product We Were Promised

I stood up for an old woman on the buss and she spent the whole ride yelling at me because SHE IS NOT OLD AND DOES NOT REQUIRE A SEAT!! How dare I think that she can't stand by herself?


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