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It's the day embraced with one of three different mentalities: complete excitement, complete dread, or complete ambivalence. Rarely will you find someone outside of these boundaries, but that's the way birthdays operate. Our annual reminder that time sometimes is just a strict progression of cause to effect, but it can leave us with an effect to last us for forever.


We're talking about awesome gifts. Not big on monetary scale, not always, but they hit the right spot in our minds as well as our hearts.

Reddit user, u/egiunts, wanted to crack open the cake of our memories when they asked:

What is the most thoughtful gift you've received on your birthday?

The Perfect Encapsulation Of A Loved One


This guy made a portrait of my dog and was very hesitant to give me cuz he thought it wasn't good enough. Eventually, he gave me later on and it was the best thing someone has ever done for me. Made my heart melt.


A Thousand Words

For my 20th birthday we had a HUGE party and my roommate at the time went around with a Polaroid camera and had me take photos with everyone at the party. She had them write nice things on the pictures. She framed it and it's still in my room 4 years later. Every time I look at it I smile.


51 Years of the Same, Untiring Story

My mother writes me a letter and describes the day of my birth to me each year. It has a slightly different tone every year- I am 51 this year and i treasure all of them.


Knowing Where You Came From

My husband tracked my genealogy back 7 generations. It was so cool!


That's wild! It is always cool to think of those that came before you, gives your life a whole new perspective. Inspirational gift imo


A Snow Day Well Spent

My sister paid to go snowboarding with me.

Still remember that day better than the vast majority of physical items I've received.


It Never Has To Be Anything Big

My GF made brigadeiros to me (A brazilian chocolate candy) and took the time to buy walnuts and put them in the recipe, cause one time I mentioned I like walnuts.
The fact that she noticed that little thing I said and applied it made me so happy.


They're Out There, Hidden, Waiting To Be Found

I am the middle child and I was unfortunately born at a time when my parents were going through a lot. Namely my dads mother was being an asshole to my mother so they moved out to a different house. They were strapped for money and really struggling as they abruptly moved out and they had me to look after too as a newborn. As a result, there's not many baby photos of me.

When I became a teenager I always used to get annoyed at how there's loads of photos of my older brother and my younger sister but hardly any of me.

For my 18th, my mum gave me a photo album and in it was loads of photos of young me she managed to find after months of looking through loads of old albums and asking relatives.

It was the most amazing present I've ever had and nothing will ever top it.


A Meal With People You Love

Before my 30th birthday I was depressed and didn't have the energy or the will to plan for it, invite people or even talk to people.

I was resigned to spending my birthday alone in my room, only answering my phone when people call to congratulate.

My best friend called and asked if I wanted to come visit, he had dinner ready. So, hungry as I was, I walked over to his place.

Most of my closest friends arrived there one by one, so it was a very chill evening with 10 people I'm always comfortable with, great food and great wine. He had organized everything.


Socks For Eternity


My brother and I are a year apart, and I worked really hard to get us a place to live after I graduated. Once he finally graduated, he left for the service. He asked me what I wanted for my birthday that year and I jokingly said socks cuz I can't afford to keep replacing them all the time. We usually don't exchange gifts that cost any money, but that year this mf came home with a GI duffle bag full of new socks. Like an uncountable amount of pairs. So I wore GI socks for years at work. That was like 10 years ago, and several moves across states later I found another f-cking single green sock unpacking a couple months back. Thanks bro.


You'll Never Know For Sure Until Much Later, So Love It Now

I turned 39, in the summer 2010. I wasn't taking it well, and I didn't want to celebrate. My Dad convinced me to at least let him and Mom take me out to eat. I agreed. We went to a place called Harold's NY Deli in NJ. Got the corned beef. delicious.

Dad passed away less than 2 months later. I'll always treasure that memory. Glad he talked me into it.


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