People Break Down Which Things They Learned In School That Were Later Proven Incorrect


School is supposed to be a protected place where you go to learn, grow, understand the ways of the world, hopefully guided by a teacher doing their best to pass on the skills to advance in the world. Sometimes, however, they misstep, giving you a piece of information that doesn't sit in the back of your mind. You know what they're saying is wrong, but what can you do? You're 5 years old, not yet able to write your own name yet.

Thankfully, the internet is around when you're older to tell you what you're instructors got wrong.

Reddit user, u/CatsAndPills, wanted to know what we knew is wrong:

What is something you were taught in school (any age) that is incorrect?

This One Is A Genuine Surprise

Your blood is blue until it hits oxygen then it turns red.


Kew? Quue? Caoo?

In high school my English teacher did "Word of the Day," where we learned word's spelling, pronunciation, and its definition. I was taught that the word "queue" is pronounced "QUEE." Said it incorrectly until college. Sigh.


It's All The Same Tongue

That different parts of the tongue taste different tastes


I'm finding this to be so common. Why the hell did they teach that?


It was an actual belief by scientists which was changed after a number of studies were conducted.

I think I read this somewhere but can't attest to it's correctness.


Who Could've Guessed Besides All Of Science Fiction?

"You're not going to always have a calculator with you when you grow up."

Ends up having a full-on computer connected to the internet at all times


Let's Be Honest, Does Anyone Know The Real Usage?

"_____ and I" is correct. "_____ and me" is never correct.

I still find my self accidentally, incorrectly correcting myself by switching to "...And I" when "and me" is the correct usage.


Not As Graceful As They Think

We were told that 'birds were very clever for not getting electricuted on power lines'

Why/how? We asked!

Just because they are really clever!


My dad is an electrical worker so I grew up with lots of stories about animals getting in to trouble around electricity. Yikes.


This...Makes My Head Hurt.

the sun is not a star, it's a sun. comets on the other hand are stars. (elementary school art teacher made the entire class laugh at me because my stars on the night sky I was painting were just dots and the comets were lines, while stars have to have 5 points)

still. Am. mad about. that one 18 years later, Damm you Miss Shepard, and ofc No one remembered, years later when we learned that our sun is a star...


Not Everything Works Out The Way You Want

We can be anything that we want to be if we set our minds to it.


You don't realize how much bullsh-t this really is until you are older. A company I worked at gave all new hires this book called "Strength Finders" you just had to read the first chapter but could read the rest of the book if you wanted but were not required. Then you had to go on line and take a quiz that would then show you your strengths. The point of this was to show that you really succeed in focusing in on the things your good at and not focusing in on what you suck at and that this old mantra is bullsh-t.

The book gives a perfect example using the person Daniel E. Rudemaker aka Rudy. The author quantifies both natural athletic ability and determination on a scale of 1-10. He states that while Rudy's determination was at an 8 his natural athletic ability was only a 3. Because of this is why he didn't originally make Notre Dame's football team. Really good example.


Surprise, Surprise.

In preschool, we were told that our gingerbread man snack for the day had walked off. We then went on a mini trek across the building and found their whole basket (?) on the counter of the lobby. We then ate their legs once we got back to our room to keep them from running away again. Come to find out, gingerbread men ARE NOT alive and DO NOT move as sentient beings


Yes, Yes, We All Use Social Media On Around Columbus Day.

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue and became the first person European guy from Portugal to discover land in America the West Indies to prove the world was round find a new trade route and he was a great man was a horrifying slaver, rapist, and genocidal maniac responsible for introducing the most devastating plague in history on a population of human beings which ultimately killed 90% of the Native population of the North America.


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