People Confess Which Types Of People They've Lost All Respect For

Humans fall in and out of grace with one another constantly.

At first, you can really like someone.

Enjoy their company.

Spend tons of quality time with them.

Then one day, they drop the facade of their character and show you some true colors.

Then respect goes out the window.

RedditorMissMona_69 wanted to talk about all the people we can longer be face to face with.

They asked:

"What types of people have you no respect for?"

I can't stand hypocrites. I lose all respect there.


"People who fake mental illnesses for attention."


"SO TRUE. In middle school, I had a friend who faked mental illnesses (not 100% sure but at least 99.9% of the things they said were self-inconsistent). Screwed up my perspective on mental illness and I'm still trying to change that."'



"People who don’t understand the difference between opinion & fact and assume that their opinion is a fact."


"For some reason I see a crap ton of this in a horror movie group I'm in. Horror is such a subjective genre with many various subgenres and the amount of people that just absolutely crap on movies and state their opinions as fact is annoying as hell. Of course the music groups I'm in do the same thing too."


Thanks Ma

"People who can't admit they are in the wrong and sidestep by blaming you for something that happened years ago."


"My mom does it to me too. If she screws up, she blames me, and once proven wrong, she immediately brings up how I screwed something up from like 14 years ago, and somehow uses that to make me feel like it is my fault."



"People who take advantage of old, senile people. What caliber of piece of crap must you be."


"I used to work in supportive housing for folks with various disabilities, one day a client came to be crying because he didn’t have rent for the month. The reason?"

"He was scammed by someone pretending to be from social security. They called him to say that he had to pay back money from a (fabricated) overpayment or he would go to jail. It was extremely sad. Also saw lots of lonely elderly folks get scammed by internet 'girlfriends,' F**k scammers."


Be Clean



"YES! Here is where the true rage comes in! I live in a beautiful city and the amount of litter is revolting. It makes me so angry. I never chuck anything on the damn floor as there will undoubtedly be a bin nearby. It’s just laziness and carelessness."


Why do people litter? It's so gross. Save the world.

The Real Truth

"People who speak 'truth' without trying to understand perspectives outside their own."


"Along those lines, people who describe themselves as 'brutally honest.' Nah, chances are you're just an a**hole."


Order Up

"People who are rude to wait staff and people who leave their shopping carts around the parking lot."


"I have always believed there are two types of people, those who return the cart to the corral and those who don’t. And this simple action tells me more about a person than a 2 hour long conversation."


Look In

"People who have no introspection and always play the victim."


"So I see you have met my brother. In the process of being sentenced for armed robbery but he still blames his pregnant gf with some bs about how it was to support them and regularly busts out the alligator tears to get our mom to put money on his books."



"People who crap on retail workers or lowest wages just to feel better than them with no reason, screw them all."


"I had a coworker like this, dude was brainwashed into believing the franchise license and stock when the giant corporation had very negative company health and it reflected... Most popular chains in retail encourage low wage and try to establish an odd seniority hierarchy."


Big Puffs

"People who smoke around children, especially in the same car."


"I 100000% agree with you and I’m a smoker. I don’t care if it’s cold, raining, windy, hot I’m going to stand my a** outside and have a smoke. I don’t smoke inside my house and I never have."


"I think you’d like to meet my neighbor that lives downstairs. She smokes all day long with an infant strapped to her chest."


Well this is a long list of nonsense people. Steer clear.

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