We are all full of surprises.

We have talents we hide.

And some we are completely unaware of.

Can you open any bottle of pickles?

I can.

Useless, but once and every once in a while... life-affirming.

Redditor Middle_Ad_2619 wanted everyone to share about the things they do that make no difference in the world. They asked:

"What is a useless skill that you have?"

I can tell...

driving fast and furious GIFGiphy

"Identifying cars’ make/model by their headlights at night."


"Pre 2020s Mustangs look like big spiders with all their lights. I recognize a handful of them, but not all. Tail lights at also fun."



"I can identify faces very easily even with age. People I've seen once in a film 40 years ago I'll see again in something current and say 'Oh that's the guy who played the 3rd terrorist in that film from 1980.' It's bizarre."


"This has a name and might be a very good job for you if you're interested https://www.vice.com/en/article/ep487p/how-police-are-using-super-recognizers-like-me-to-track-criminals"



"I can do a wave with my eyebrows."


"Me too, and I can move them separately of each other and separately of my ears, which I can also wiggle with."


"I used to be able to do that... was about the only interesting thing about me, until I wrecked my moped and tore a muscle or nerve or something and it took 6 months for any movement, but now it's just enough to passably get emotion across."


World's Best

"Competitive Minesweeper. Was 15th in the world at one point."


"Back in college I had a friend who played minesweeper to relax. Just clicking at a screen. She’d been doing it for a decade. The speed at which she was playing was genuinely mind blowing. Like constant clicking at about 3-5 clicks per second. And all on purpose, winning a ton of games."



Fox Tv Fire GIF by Bob's BurgersGiphy

"I do a really good impression of Teddy from Bob's Burgers."


"I can do Kermit, Bobby of Bobby’s World, and Gollum. Possibly others, I dunno."


Well that is all entertaining. Profitable? Who knows...

Shake It

awkward jim carrey GIFGiphy

"I can wiggle my ears."



"I can play a blade of grass."


"That reminds me when I was very young. I went camping and met a dude that said he could make a duck call from just 1 acorn. So i brought him one and he squeezed it and told me to get close. He took a deep breath and screamed, 'QUAAAAAACK!' Safe to say i never talk to random strangers when im out in the wilderness."



"I’ve worked in a deli most of my life. I can weigh things in grams eerily accurately with just my hands. Some customers get pretty kind blown."


"I have a, uh, similar skill, because I've done so many autopsies that I can almost always guess the weight of any human organ within about ten grams. Don't really get to perform for many people but I get a hell of a lot of satisfaction when the heart weighs EXACTLY what I knew it would."



"I can send and receive morse code at 65+ words per minute. Completely pointless skill."


"Pointless?!?! That is f**king amazing my friend!!"


"That’s amazing, I’ve never learned morse code nor have I spent the time to get so good at it."



dog show GIF by Westminster Kennel ClubGiphy

"Not me but my mum can name literally any dog breed you show her."



"I know a lot of random things about animals. Both extinct and living."


"Tapirs have four toes on each front foot and three toes on each rear foot. But every tapir I've seen makes only two-toed rear footprints because the third toe grows too far up their hamstring to touch the ground."



"I can lick elbows."


"God i remember a kid in band would lick other peoples elbows. He would do it to one person specifically and the guy would never know unless we told him."


"Same. No one believes me until I show them lol."



"Ability to sneeze with 118 decibels measured. 120 is already threshold of pain as an interesting fact."


"I have a loud sneeze too but not sure if it's this loud! My Dad's was even louder and it runs in the family. Does your loud sneeze run in the fam too?"


"Sure does, I adopted my late grandfather's technique and my sneeze can be heard all over the village where I live.
If you want to measure it get a sound meter app on the phone."



"I can always find the most in-the-way place near anyone who is busy."


"I've always had this curse. When I was like 10 we rented a dune buggy. It was one with a pull start motor and it would occasionally die. About 30 minutes in it died so my dad and I got out to start it."

"Not paying attention I stood behind my dads right side as he yanked hard to start it. His elbow smacked me square in the head (I was luckily wearing a helmet) and sent me flying. I got up and moved to the other side of my dad not knowing he had switched arms. Again, he yanked as hard as he could and his elbow launched me back again. I just stayed on the ground until it was started after that."




"I can bend my pinky down to my palm without all my other fingers coming with it."



"I'm extraordinarily good at towel whipping. Made someone bleed once."


"This is something that everyone in my family has advanced skill in. We love getting in playful towel wars. I have never found a girlfriend who wanted to do this with me despite always wishing I would. My mom and uncle will go at it until they are both bleeding and look like they were in a paintball fight."



Scared Dog GIFGiphy

"I can vibrate my eyes back and forth."


"Me too. It looks like the cheap earthquake effect from TV shows from my point of view, when I do it."


Twirl Special

"Twirling, flipping, and spinning writing utensils. Like, really intricate s**t, effortlessly. A skill built up with hours and hours of fidgeting. Seems to impress a lot of people, apparently. Gets plenty of compliments."


"Pretty much anytime I've held a pencil or pen, I've tried to twirl it like Boris in Goldeneye, ever since the movie came out. I still can't do it, so respect to you."


Well these skills may not be a career, but what great party conversation starters.

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