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There's some life experiences to which certain people can never relate. Giving birth, for example, is an experience more than half the world's population will never understand or go through. On the other end of that spectrum is those of us who have survived a murder...

Reddit user, u/ASDSHerao, wanted the most malicious murder stories when they asked:

(Serious) People who have survived a murder attempt (by dumb luck) whats your story?

Scream To Survive

I was 14 and outside in my garage petting my cat. It was November so it was already dark by 5pm. Someone opened the door behind me without me hearing, grabbed me by my Ponytail and starting dragging me outside. They hit me on my head with a brick and knocked me out. Pulled me halfway around my house when (I'm guessing this is when) they stabbed me on the left side of my stomach.

This must have brought me out of my daze, because my mom said she heard me scream from inside where she and my brother And sister were in the kitchen. They came out the front door and saw me bleeding out on the side walk, called 911. had 12 stitches (double layer) a severe Concussion, and whiplash. didn't eat and hardly slept for a week. They never found them.


What Did You Think Would Happen?

My sister had this one friend when we were growing up I always got a bad vibe from. She would try to pick on my little brother but I would always stop her. I was 8, she was 10. Once we were at a lake and all the kids were swimming. I swam out to the deep roped off part but I was still little and really shouldn't have. She kept acting weird and getting closer to me making this weird laugh. She pushed me off the wooden pole in the water and I got scared and started to swim back but she came up behind me and pushed me under the water.

It didn't click at first that she was trying to drown me but after she aggressively pushed me under the 3rd time I had this crazy moment of clarity. It was like the world slowed down ever so briefly. I relaxed and let myself sink, swam underneath her, and came up behind her. I grabbed her hair and shoved her face into the water, keeping my legs on her back so her body couldn't rise. I waited until her struggling slowed down and let her come up. I waited in the water saying nothing, bracing myself for her retaliation but she just looked panicked and swam back to shore.

I told my sister who had already expressed that the girl was weird. We confronted her together and she just looked really dazed. In a monotone voice she said "I'm sorry, I didn't know it would be like that."

It wasn't until I replayed those words in my mind later that I realized what she was saying was 'Sorry I tried to drown you, it wasn't until I was almost drowned myself that I realized how horrible it is to do to someone.'


A Night's Visit

My dad was a meth addict. He did lots of f-cked up things - dropping me off at trap houses to have "sleepovers" with other "coke babies", living in a house full of animal sh-t and hoarding. He sicked his pitbull on a black child. He was a real f-cking character.

One night he came looking for my mom and I at our place. Mom wasn't there. Grandma was babysitting me. I was sleeping in bed when somebody started to try and open my window. It was locked, but they kept jamming something into the bottom to try and force it open.

At the same time, I heard the living room door being tried by somebody else. My grandma snuck into my room in her nightgown, apparently woken up by the same thing, and told me say NOTHING. Don't even whisper.

We laid under my bed while a group of men shouted for my mom to come out, slammed their hands on the windows to try and break them, and jumped on my grandma's car. She called the police and barely whispered into the phone.

Eventually the cops arrived and the men scattered. Long story short, my dad and his other methhead friends came to the house with guns and knives with every intention to kill me and my mother because she was going to get custody of me. If my mom wasn't so vigilant with locks (we had three different kinds on the front and back doors), we would have died.


A Birthday To Remember

Well. My mom got mad at me when I was 20 and I didn't give her money for her birthday, which I'm assuming was to pay off drug dealers of hers, so she stabbed me between the ribs.

Ended up getting stuck in the bone and had to get it taken out in surgery.


A Headbutt To Save A Life

It's not much of a story, but it still traumatized me: I was walking home from the gym one evening when a guy grabbed me from behind and started trying to drag me into an alley. I slammed the back of my head into his face as hard as I could. He let go, and I took off running. I stopped when I got to a firehall a block up and then called 911.


Remember What They Taught You In School

When I was a kid an old man pulled up next to the our yard (me and my twin sister were playing in) and asked us to come help him look for his missing dog.

Without a thought I got up to go get in his car when my sister started crying hysterically and screaming "Youre not suppised to go with strangers" (to this day she is the do gooder of the 3 of us) which spooked the man and sent him on his way very quickly. My stomache drops when I imagine the things that may have been in store for me.


Suspension For The Save!

Guy brought a knife to school. Context: me and 4 friends ding dong ditched his apartment and he got mad and chased two (we split up after) of us down the stairs (made of concrete) tackled me down and punched the other then proceeded to get beat up by the guy he punched (couldn't intervene was still down).

On the Monday he brought a knife to school and I had gym with this dumbass and I saw him showing it to people and bragging about the knife and what he would do (stab the two of us). I didn't care at first but he started to inch closer at lunch and I told on him. He got suspended for the rest of the year and the first 3 months of the next. I was lucky he was that stupid tbh. And this is 100% true.


People Take Their Shows Seriously

Well, one time in DT class some autistic kid, who like an hour before I said his favourite anime character should die, came up to me as i was on the saw machine and tried pushing my head into it. But because he was autistic the school didnt care and he didnt even get a detention lol


A Break Out Of Deathly Proportions

I work as a psychiatric nurse and we had a patient one night shift who earlier in the day had been sectioned (stopped from leaving the ward under UK law).

The individual was really paranoid and quite psychotic, he thought we were trying to kill him basically.

At around 3am when we were all dozing in the office he snuck into the nurisng office and attempted to stab me and another nurse in the neck with a smashed mug.

If it hadn't of been for the noise of his trainers which made one of the healthcare assistants wake up a little then me and another nurse probably would've been stabbed to death.

The healthcare assistant managed to shout just in time for us to react and we were able to restrain him into a safe location.

Thankfully the worst injuries was a lacerated hand and thumb. Still and ungodly amount of blood and fighting for 3am though.


Jump Out Of The Way

A crazed drunk or drugged driver tried to run me off the road when I wouldn't get out of his way on the highway in Arkansas my senior year. He swerved waaaay off road, got parralell to me, then HARD swerved back towards me, clearly trying to hit me. He barely missed the first time, and then tried again.

Unlucky for him, I saw it coming. Slammed the brakes and he went flying past the front of me, across 3 Lanes of oncoming traffic, and off a 400 ft embankment.

He did not survive the crash. Police took a statement and that was it.


Poor Similarities

I was riding in a train across Eastern Europe. I was running low on money and even though I had been warned that a woman should not travel alone in second class seating I did not spring for first class. I was sitting alone in one of the compartments that seats six. This was also a mistake and a very stupid one to sit alone.

Eventually the train stopped and a man got on - he was very drunk. He came into my compartment and I guess thought I looked like his ex-wife. He attacked me. If it were not for the fact that this particular station was the border between two countries I would be dead.

Instead border patrol from both countries were on the train and while I was unable to scream, the door was open and at least a half a dozen uniformed men jumped him and saved me. I was in the hospital for a little while but recovered. At one point during the trial, one of the cops asked me if I wanted him and his buddies to hold the guy down while I hit him. I thought he was joking. So I said no, go ahead you do it. I was also joking.

But it turns out they took it seriously and were about to! I did put a stop to that at least. But they were so offended that someone from their country would attack a young female American tourist. They were furious with him. So many people there depended upon tourism


"Get the f-ck off him or I'm running your b-tch over."

My husband and I live above our place of business. Out alarm company called us at 3AM to say there was a motion detect alert, just one, in a weird place. We assumed it was a mouse but went to reset/check it out.

Husband ended up face to face with a burglar who was on his way out the window he had broken. He ran back inside, I called 911 and we heard mad chaos going on in the depths of the building. So much crashing and smashing.

Burglar monkey climbed a 10' iron gate, bodily smashed through two sets of commercial grade glass doors and was outside again. My husband was like yeah F-CK this dude, tore after him and tackled him. He got him on the ground and pinned him.

Bear in mind the whole time I'm narrating to 911, and chasing around in panties and tank top. I was a bit behind my husband, in the middle of the street about 15' away when a minivan squealed around the corner.

It was his GF/getaway driver. I luckily missed it- I was super focused on reading the license plate which was one of those cutesy font out of state ones and therefore hard to read but she yelled "Get the f-ck off him or I'm running your b-tch over."

Then she tried to. The audio and video I had to watch for the trial was horrifying. I had blocked it out nearly completely, and really didn't remember how close it was. She guns the engine at me, I throw my hands up in front of my face when I realize what she's doing and scream, and jump out of the way with inches to spare.

He jumped in and off they went. He bled all over my husband (YIKES) and eventually the DNA and the partial plate info nailed them. They're both in prison. Addendum, trials SUCK.


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